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How to set up your own Raspberry Pi powered VPN. Eyes are everywhere online.

How to set up your own Raspberry Pi powered VPN

The websites you visit often track where you came from and watch where you head off to next. A VPN - or virtual private network - helps you browse the internet more anonymously by routing your traffic through a server that is not your point of origin. It is a bit like switching cars to shake off someone who is tailing you. There are plenty of companies offering services with varying degrees of security and varying degrees of cost, but if you are willing to roll your sleeves up and get technical with some basic coding and a £30 Raspberry Pi computer, you can build your own VPN server at home. It won't give you the option of appearing to be from somewhere else but you can use it to connect external devices like a smartphone to browse the internet more securely through your home network, and access shared files and media on your home computer.

Make no mistake, this is not a quick and easy process. To follow this guide you will need: N.B. Change the default password . Build a Website - Create a Blog. Webscape: Best websites of 2012. Home Networking. Free Bible Software. PilotHandwriting. 4 Free Websites to Watch Full TV Episodes Online Free. Here is a list of 4 Best Free websites that let you watch TV Episodes online for Free.

4 Free Websites to Watch Full TV Episodes Online Free

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free university lectures - computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry

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Apostrofs (laacz)

Gribās to par pliku velti? Šī vieta ir domāta ikurāt tev ;) Novelc apostrofu tūlīt pat » (¼ MB ZIP arhīvs, kurš satur instalāciju) Mēmais apostrofs un tilde, decimālais atdalītājs punkts vai komats. VLC Media Player. VLC Supports Most Video Formats in HD & Blue Ray Plays most video formats/codecs with no codec packs downloaded.

VLC Media Player

MP3, MKV, WebM, MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, and WMV. Cross Platform Formats: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix. Free and Spyware Tested Safe. Windows Media Player with Comprehensive Format Support VLC Media Player is considered one of the world's best players since it can play almost any audio and video format. This media player most outstanding feature is that it brings its own codecs pack which makes it compatible with all media files you may come across. VLC Media Player Review Happens all the time, our friends tell us about a strange and fascinating film (generally old black-and-white classic) they've watched and they speak so enthusiastically about it that we decide to download and watch it, however finding such piece of multimedia is not always so easy and we end up downloading it in an uncommon format that our regular player denies to play.

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Plug-in for FireFox. Version 4.12

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Yozo OfficeStāsti par IT skolā...

, Kingsoft Office (bez maksas Kingsoft Office 2007 versija), SoftMaker Office (SoftMaker Office 2006 ir bez maksas), virkni tiešsaistes biroja komplektu - piem., MS Web Apps, Google Dokumenti, Zoho, u.c. Vai kāds zina Yozo Office? Izstrādātāju mājas lapa - Yozo Office ir izveidots uz Java bāzes un pieejams vairākās OS - piem. OS Linux un OS Windows, tiesa šis nav bezmaksas produkts, ar 1 lietotāja licenci maksā ap 41 USD jeb apmēram tikpat, cik MS Office 2007 studentiem un mājas lietotājiem (ap 20 - 25Ls).

Izvēle ir katra paša ziņā. Interesantākais Yozo Office Professional: