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Dennis Gabor, Holography Inventor, Celebrated With Google Logo (PICTURE) The Science and Art of Holograms - Professor Martin Richardson , DMU. Professor Martin Richardson, Professor from the Faculty of Art and Design at De Montfort University gives his inaugural lecture.

The Science and Art of Holograms - Professor Martin Richardson , DMU

Professor Martin Richardson believes that holography is one of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time. It reveals the true nature of vision, and more importantly, the essence of light and how it interacts with matter. Science and art attempt to uncover the truth about our universe, science through its pursuit of measurement and calculation exploring the substance of matter while art explores another universe, the inner universe of the human spirit through introspection and reaction. This lecture will trace Martin’s personal journey with both the science and art of holography detailing some of the highlights on the way. Professor Richardson achieved the world’s first PhD in display holography from the Royal College of Art, London, and has been awarded The Millennium Fellowship by the UK Millennium government commission. Comments. Van Renesse Consulting - Photography (2012-01-22-19:23) Holografija.

Manoharan Lab. Holography_Concept.png (PNG Image, 2253 × 1798 pixels) - Scaled (50%) 3D Holography. Henglei Hologram Ltd provides hologram solution and security hologram products.

3D Holography

We manufacture secure hologram sticker, hologram film, holographic hot stamping foil, scratch off hologram, hologram ID overlay and Hologram Machines. We also produce and supply 3D Art Holography which has excellent 3D hologram effects. We have around 20 designs real 3D hologram art in stock and also can make any customized hologram from sculpture, models.

These display holograms complete with parallax and depth of field. Holography, especially, the art hologram is a method of producing a three-dimensional (3-D) image of an object. 3D Holography Art Gallery 3D Holography Gallery Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Pgae 4 Page 5 Page 6 3D Art holography sample 1 3D Holograpphy. Eye-catching art hologram is recorded on to a photographic glass(photoresist). Another viewing angle of Sample1 3D Holograpphy. 3D Holography. Holography, especially, the art hologram is a method of producing a three-dimensional (3-D) image of an object.

3D Holography

The hologram is actually a recording of the objective such models as sculpture, car model etc, from difference between two beams of coherent light. To create a hologram, there're two beam is used. A laser beam is splitted in two beams: one reference beam which stays undisturbed strikes onto a photographic photoresist. H o l o q u e s t . c o m. What Is Holography and How It Works In Computer Storage?

h o l o q u e s t . c o m

Storage is seen by many in the computer industry as the critical enabling technology for many new multimedia applications. To address its rapidly increasing requirements is the key to bring forward this new technology. The increased demand for more storage capacity, coupled with the development of wide variety of applications, have considerably taxed the ability of existing storage systems namely, optical and magnetic. Whoever delivers a SOLUTION to the current storage capacity problem, will dominate the information storage market of the future... A new optical technology, called "HOLOGRAPHIC STORAGE" may offer exciting possibilities, and the promise of being the most cost-effective solution of the storage requirements of multimedia computing than any existing or projected technology.

Diffractive Wavefront Control. Setup The interferometer is used to produce a collimated light beam.

Diffractive Wavefront Control

The light beam is diffracted off the micromirror array on the DMD. The CCD camera is used without lenses to observe focused images that are diffracted off of the DMD. The translation stages allow the camera to observe different angles of diffraction and different focal lengths. The DMD used in the experiment was a Texas Instruments Discovery 1100 chipset.

Diffraction Gratings A diffraction grating consists of a repeating pattern, such as grooves or mirrors, which causes diffracted light to interfere constructively or destructively at different angles. Incident light comes in at an angle α, and diffracted light goes out at an angle β. In the above diagram, the mirrors are not parallel to the grating surface. Fresnel Zone Plates A Fresnel zone plate, as to the right, can be thought of as a diffraction grating with a variable spacing. The Fresnel zone plate acts as a diffractive focusing lens. Holographic reconstruction.