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Insideninja.tumblr. Photo by aksuperdance. Insideninja.tumblr. Photo by aksuperdance. Photo by aksuperdance. Photo by aksuperdance. SKE48 5th Generation Auditions. The search for the 5th generation members of SKE48 had just gone underway a few days ago on September 5th.

SKE48 5th Generation Auditions

The application period will span 26 days, until the 30th of this month. Females ages 11-22, with or without prior experience, are encouraged to participate. Those who pass the audition will join the current 9 research students in performing A1 periodically and serving as the full-fledged members' unders. Those interested in auditioning for SKE48 can access the application via: 1) A downloadable form on SKE48's official website; the link can be found at the bottom of this page: Contact information: Phone: 052-959-4803 (Hours of Operation: 10AM - 6PM JST) E-mail:

MUSIC JAPAN to air “Anime song special” NHK's music show, "MUSIC JAPAN", will air a special program called "Ani-song (Anime song) Special 4" on January 16th.

MUSIC JAPAN to air “Anime song special”

The "Ani-song" special has been broadcasted three times before, and many are looking forward to the fourth instalment in the series. The music show has also announced the artist line-up fot the special, so check it out below! ALI PROJECT - "Seishoujo Ryoiki" Girls Dead Monster (marina/LiSA) - "Crow Song" Kudo Mayu - "Heartcatch☆Paradise! " JAM Project - "MAXON" PIKO - "Wasurenagusa" Mizuki Nana×May'n - "ETERNAL BLAZE" Mizuki Nana - "Juujika no Spread" May'n - "Moshimo Kimi ga Negaunonara"


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