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Akshada Chavan

I am a digital marketing executive. According to my opinion working smart is way better than working hard and that is why I credit digital marketing over traditional marketing.

Great Songs by Forgotten Music Directors - One of the greatest and eternal debates of humanity has been about the role of destiny in the lives of human beings.

Great Songs by Forgotten Music Directors -

There is no one single explanations for why some people become successful, while others do not. Some people strike it rich in their endeavor with their talent; some make it big with ordinary talent, while some very talented people don’t get the credit, name and fame which they deserve. Success has its own unexplained rationale. In the Hindi film industry some of the everlasting beautiful songs were composed by some very talented composers, the songs are memorable but the composers are forgotten. Reasons could be many: may be because they lacked support from strong people from the industry, their music was ahead of times, they lacked the talent of self promotion, fund shortage, lack of access to the important music production houses. GS Kohli (Gurusharan Singh Kohli): He was an expert in playing Dholak and many instruments. Mana Mere haseen sanam Mana Mere haseen sanam. We can do anything and everything -


We can do anything and everything -

We all love to dream something and desire to attain it in our life. The time we wish, energy gets created in the form of our thoughts. Once we expose ourselves to access unlimited possibilities, we can make our dream true and manifest the imagined thoughts. This dynamic nature is the key to feel unstoppable in achieving anything in our life. Though these above lines seem to be very difficult, it is very true. I chose to quit my job after I conceived, as few more complexities were there, but an inner rich and happy feelings to become a mother after a long wait did not allow me to think about the job and my career at that time. Benefits of joining a book club - A book club is a group of people who meet to discuss a book or books that they have read and express their opinions about the book/s.

Benefits of joining a book club -

Each one has an opinion on a book; the gathering helps to understand each member’s likes, dislikes, etc. Members of the club meet frequently in libraries, book stalls, cafe’s or member’s homes. These days there are online forums also for discussing books. There are many business organizations which encourage employees to read more, therefore, allowing them to have book club and discussions. Progressive educational institutions make library reading compulsory for encouraging their students to hold book discussions regularly. How to become a writer and achieve your dreams? - In the world full of web series and Netflix movies, some people still find their solace in reading books.

How to become a writer and achieve your dreams? -

Although, books are turning into series and movies and people are loving them. The entertainment industry is growing all over the globe because of great stories. Writers put a lot of creativity and imagination in their story which readers can feel and relate to. While reading a lot of books, few readers feel like writing one. Did you know that the Indian Thali is made as per food pyramid -

The Indian Thali which is called plate in English is an ancient way to present, enjoy and digest food in a unique way.

Did you know that the Indian Thali is made as per food pyramid -

It is believed that Thali is a temple innovation; the way it is presented in a certain way as offering to God. In Maharashtrian, South Indian in temples such as Tirupati Balaji, Meenaxi temple at Madurai, in Goan temple tradition there are people who are specialized in arrangement of cooked food in particular form. But, the best example is of plating seen in the Jagannath Temple in Puri, 56 food items offered to Lord Jagannath which is referred as “Chappan Bhog”. Divorce: Is it a Problem or Solution? -

In India, marriage is still considered as a sacred institution uniting two souls.

Divorce: Is it a Problem or Solution? -

It is assumed to be one of the “must-do” customs for every Indian; especially for women. A husband is assumed to be the moral support for her life. However, with increasing rates of divorce in India, the marriage institution is at stake. With the western culture of “Live-in-relationship” taking the boom in India, even the Indian judiciary system has added the laws for the live-in-relationship. Now the question is if marriage is a lifetime commitment, why don’t people try to follow it and make their marriage work? Business Lesson: How management is both art and science? - Much of the controversy of management being art or science is based on description of the fact that the earlier leaders of industry used intuition, hunches, commonsense, and experience in managing organizations.

Business Lesson: How management is both art and science? -

They were not well educated, they were not trained professional managers, but they managed their businesses brilliantly. However, commonsense and science differ considerably in solving the problems. Thyroid Disease - Thyroid disease is said to occur when the thyroid gland, located in the neck below the thyroid cartilage or Adam`s Apple, produces either a more or lesser amount of hormone required by the body.

Thyroid Disease -

The thyroid hormone is responsible for regulating various body functions such as growth, metabolism, etc. In case the thyroid gland becomes hyperactive, it releases an excess amount of thyroid hormone into the bloodstream, resulting in Hyperthyroidism and in another case it may release a fewer amount of thyroid hormone in the bloodstream resulting in Hypothyroidism. Both the conditions affect the normal chemical activity of the cells and result in disturbed body functions such as metabolism.

Whether a person has hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland becomes enlarged in both cases. An enlarged thyroid gland can be felt in the neck as lumps under the skin. Best Treks to take this Summer - Corporate Lessons: Why companies choose vertical integration? - In business management, vertical integration is an arrangement in which the supply chain of a company is owned by that company.

Corporate Lessons: Why companies choose vertical integration? -

Usually each member of the supply chain produces a different product or (market-specific) service, and the products combine to satisfy a common need. Vertical integration has also described management styles that bring large portions of the supply chain not only under a common ownership, but also into one corporation. Vertical integration and expansion is preferred because it secures the supplies needed by the firm to produce its product and the market needed to sell the product. How to select the right PhD topic -

This article is aimed at research scholars in the area of humanity studies.

How to select the right PhD topic -

Often, when students of PhD choose fuzzy topics which they lack clarity about, it only leads getting frustrated. Therefore, keep your topic to the point. Most PhD students emerge to start their PhDs with over-ambitious projects which runs into many disciplines (subject areas). Blood Sugar - Blood sugar or blood glucose indicates the level of glucose present in the blood of human beings. Glucose is the primary source of energy for body cells and tissues, and it comes from carbohydrate foods. Blood transports glucose from the intestine to body cells. The hormone insulin helps body cells to use glucose which itself is produced in the pancreas. What makes a woman really beautiful? - The Unilever’s brand Dove has been around for 12 years, in its iconic marketing effort, in its recent campaign called “Dove Campaign for Real Beauty” which is in true sense another feel-good campaign, featuring women of different shapes and vocations talking about their looks and why the only perception of ‘their looking beautiful’ matters to the world and how it affects them.

According to the 2016 Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, which included interviews with 10,500 women across 13 countries, 54% of women said they have low body confidence, not being assertive, indecisiveness, due to low confidence in their appearance skipping job interviews, not claiming good ideas at work, or actively choosing not to pursue career promotion etc.

This ad is breaking barriers and is challenging stereotypes about looks of women. The society gives such a lot of importance to look of people, and it is time for society to start acknowledging accomplishments of women and goodness of women. Instagram, spamming and oversharing - 5 ways to get rid of acne - How NRIs can contribute to India’s development? - Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government has decided to liberalize foreign direct investment norms for NRIs and overseas citizens of India (OCI) as it aims to increase capital flows into the country. The Indian Prime Minister also reached out to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) with several incentives, including lifetime visas and he has done away with the NRI’s weekly attendance in police station which was mandatory. In short, the NRIs are welcomed with open arms by the BJP Government and some NRIs do feel the positive changes.

Perhaps all this has to do with the Indian Government’s recently announced dual citizenship law and the effusive honor accorded to the NRIs at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. It seems the NRI is finally getting the recognition he deserves from the mother country. Sushma Swaraj - On 6 August 2019 India lost one of its favorite daughter, Sushma Swaraj. The Indian media and social media was abuzz with all sorts of stories on her.

Right from the time she entered the politics as a young member of parliament, she will always be remembered for her dedication and commitment towards work and her excellent oratory skills. But I am not writing this post to talk about her political career. Your childhood decides your success in adulthood - Most of us don’t remember our first two or three years of life; but the fact is our earliest experiences may remain in our memory with us for years and continue to influence us well into adulthood. Our personalities shape on how we were treated in childhood, the order in which we are born in the family, our teachers, our childhood friends and our hobbies. From the biological angel, a lot of or behavior patterns depend on how we are nurtured, a lot of what goes on during childhood, influences how we turn out as adults.

And, there isn’t a set right and wrong formula for ensuring achievement and happiness in adulthood. A lot of research has been conducted by world famous Universities and research institutes on childhood psychology and it is found that the type of emotional support that a child receives during the first three and a half years has an effect on education, social life and romantic relationships almost 20 or 30 years later. Five outfits perfect for your bestie's wedding! -

The wedding season is right ahead and if one of the weddings is of your best friend, then be prepared to refresh your wardrobe. Your bestie will soon turn into a bride and you will accompany her on this beautiful journey. It will be the most important day of your friend's life but it will be quite an important day in your life too. Mend Your Heart - How simple your heart still in a million pieces? You aren`t able to get over your break up and move on in life, are you?

Business Lessons: What is a business integration strategy? - Business integration is a strategy which is used to synchronize information technology (IT) to achieve immediate goals and objectives aligning with business culture. Benefits of beer - Disadvantages of alcohol are known by one and all but people hardly know that there are certain advantages to it too. It will astonish one to know that beer has got quite many benefits.

The Hidden Meanings of some Famous Logos - People get stuck while designing a logo for their new enterprises and also during rebranding an existing one. Benefits of drinking warm water - Is it Fakebook or Facebook? - I wonder how everyone on Facebook seems to have a perfect life. Each one seems to be having a gala time, lots of fun and frolic, travel, food, entertainment, shopping, attending concerts etc,etc. I hesitate to log into my account because somewhere acutely it makes me feel inadequate. When I see my friends posing with their spouses fondly in romantically, partying with families in functions or on travel I feel lacking the great happening in my own personal life. Why most drugs have crazy names? - The Good and the bad effects of demonetization - Demonetization is the act of not recognizing the currency unit, in other words to remove the currency units from the money circulation system.

It means to stop recognition of currency units as legal tender. It occurs whenever the existing notes and coins (currency units) are pulled from circulation from a country’s economy and gets replaced with new notes or coins. My Life’s blessings in disguise - Why love is becoming rare? - Shakespeare has written that “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”, but in this Internet age where we boast of having friends and fans in thousands we look only with eyes, where is the mind? Castor oil and anti ageing - Homemade Nutty Healthdrink powder for Milk - Why should you invest in mutual funds? - Do you suffer from Decidophobia - Diet and Diabetes - Home At Its Best - Shape yourself with these best fitness apps 2019 -

Want to lose weight? Then eat breakfast like a King!! - Boost Your Career Prospects With These 15 Free Online Courses - How Internships can help your Build your Career - Indian Dresses - Why haircut is an important feature of our personality? - Smelling Danger -

The side effect of the perfume??? I didn't have any idea. thanks for written this article. – akshada11chavan

Bridal Mehendi -

Every girl or bride wants to look beautiful on the day of her marriage... So if you are going to be a bride soon read this article for mehndi. – akshada11chavan

Simple hacks to keep the breakouts at bay -

There are a lot of sites which say that drinking water improves the skin by removing wrinkles and keeping it supple but it isn’t true. read this article and Just follow these tricks then get young natural skin. – akshada11chavan

Liposuction - On The Way From Bald To Lustrous Shiny Black Hair & Healthy Body -

These tricks help to grow your hair But you have to be very patient for this process. Something that you need to understand is that one cannot completely stop hair fall. thank you – akshada11chavan

3 Feet Of Healthy Long Hair In Just 6 Months! Homemade Herbal Hair Oil Preparation - Her beauty was jinxed - DIY Pretty Feet - Beauty Beyond Words - Combat Oily Skin! - 5 Easy Homemade Hair Masks for Beautiful Hair - Get naturally pink lips - How to Choose Best Skin Care Products - Fight Dandruff - MILK WAX NEVER HEARD BEFORE THIS - Skin Brightening with Orange Peel powder - Skin Brightening with Orange Peel powder - Valuable tips for pet birds - Career Tips -

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