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Mobibiz, a leading mobile app development company in India offers mobile and web development services for its regional and global clients. We deliver scalable and robust mobility solutions for all business segments.

AI Apps All Set To Be The Game-Changers For Various Industries - Latest News, Trends, Updates on Mobile App development. Technology has taken over the world, with every day ushering in innovations at various levels.

AI Apps All Set To Be The Game-Changers For Various Industries - Latest News, Trends, Updates on Mobile App development

Artificial intelligence is the tech buzzword of the current times as it is poised to take machine functionality to a new level. As the name suggests, AI is the capability of machines to mimic and even improve on the human brain’s cognitive abilities. The technology capitalizes on the superior computational abilities of machines as they are well-equipped to handle huge amounts of data and use it for decision-making. In simple words, AI helps machines do the heavy thinking for human beings, with the following key areas being covered: Establishing trends, patterns, and associationsMaking predictive analysis on the basis of trendsDiscovering inefficienciesMaking fact-based decisionsExecuting plans With such extensive benefits, AI serves as a dependable technology for enterprises across industries. AI is a disruptive technology that translates into unbelievable changes for businesses at all levels. Making The Right Choice Of An App Development Company.

A business application is a long-term investment for any organization.

Making The Right Choice Of An App Development Company

Whether it is an e-commerce app or an enterprise mobility solution, each one takes a business on the growth route. Therefore, it is important to entrust the responsibility of application development only on someone who is really good at it. There are numerous options in agencies as well as freelance developers reputed for creating high-quality mobile applications. The choice is not easy as there are several factors to be considered. Benefits of Hiring iPad App Developers for your Firm. Mobibiz: Mobile Application Development Company — Benefits of Hiring iPad App Developers for your... Millennials Prefer to Use the Mobile Apps. Millennials are the most “educated generation ever,” says Nicole Sherrod, the Managing Director of Trading, TD Ameritrade.

Millennials Prefer to Use the Mobile Apps

As the mobile technology is getting ingrained into every aspect of our life activities, the millennials expect more from the technology, as they are born in the techno-era and are very much used to mobile applications. In support, Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dramatic demonetisation also have opened up opportunities for Mobile Banking App Development, as an effort towards a digital economy. Subsequently, almost all the banks have upgraded their existing digital services or taken an initiative for mobility solutions in order to serve the millennial generation. They are able to download their respective bank’s app and carry out with all the day-to-day activities. How iBeacon Technology Has Transformed Healthcare Apps. Mobile applications have become a way of life as we are becoming dependent on them for almost every single activity.

How iBeacon Technology Has Transformed Healthcare Apps

Healthcare is a field which has been greatly influenced by the smart mobility solutions. There are many ways in which specialized healthcare apps have improved the quality of patient care and services. From booking appointments to remote consultation, real-time diagnostics, patient record maintenance and more, these apps perform diverse functions. In the recent years, latest technologies have taken these applications to a new level. 3 Tech Trends That Have Taken Over App Space In 2017. 2016 had been a big year for technology enthusiasts and 2017 is looking even bigger.

3 Tech Trends That Have Taken Over App Space In 2017

People are understanding innovative technologies and adopting them with ease, embracing them as a part of their existence. The mobile app space is also being touched by the magic of these technologies and it is using them to deliver the most amazing experiences. In fact, mobile apps are leveraging these technologies to gather pace and popularity in the competitive app store scenario.Let us know all about the big tech trends of 2017 and their influence on the mobile app space: (1) Internet of Things (IoT) IoT is the technology that has changed lives, the way people live and work.

How Mobile Apps Are Digitizing The Education Industry. Mobile applications are probably the best thing that has happened to the human race.

How Mobile Apps Are Digitizing The Education Industry

There is hardly any aspect of human existence that has not experienced a positive influence of these smartapps. From business to health care, travel, fashion, and entertainment, almost every industry is using them to grow and flourish. What more, m-learning apps have totally transformed the educational landscape today, bringing quality education in your pocket. The benefits of these applications extend to students, teachers, and educational institutions. In fact, m-learning apps have changed the way teachers teach and students learn, making the experience enriching, fun, and valuable. India Grabs No 4 Slot Among The Largest Mobile App Economies. Mobile applications have become the lifeline of people today as they depend on them for almost every activity.

India Grabs No 4 Slot Among The Largest Mobile App Economies

From gaming to messaging, e-shopping, booking cabs, and more, there is a smartphone application for everything you can think of. The adoption of these apps is seen as the parameter of the technological development of a country. Features such as revenues and downloads were traditionally used to measure the app adoption rates. However, these have now been replaced by the time spent on applications. According to App Annie, a leading app analytics company, India emerged as the fourth largest app economy in 2016.

Integration of Android Pay And Banking Apps Eases Online Transactions. Google has just made online transactions more convenient and secure for the tech-savvy shoppers.

Integration of Android Pay And Banking Apps Eases Online Transactions

It now offers integration of its mobile wallet Android Pay with the mobile banking apps of Bank Of America, USAA, Discover, mBank, and Bank of New Zealand. By adding this section to their banking apps, these banks now enable the customers to add their debit/credit cards to Android Pay and use the option when required. Amazingly, users will be able to make online payments without even having to download the wallet’s app! The Aviation Industry and the Mobile Apps. The mobility solutions are sophisticated and widespread across the business verticals.

The Aviation Industry and the Mobile Apps

Its penetration is beyond one's imagination as it explores every industry with high success rates in upgrading the existing system or developing solutions. If we consider the aviation industry, the Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) have improved the operational efficiency and made the pilots' day easy and comfortable. The iPad app developers have made an incredible effort in doing so. Transform Your Organization with Role-based Mobile Apps Development. The continuous research and deployment in mobile application development have led to rethinking of IT architecture in a firm like the use of technologies, development methodologies, roles, and, etc.

Transform Your Organization with Role-based Mobile Apps Development

Convincingly, the mobile application platforms also support an agile approach for developing and deploying the enterprise mobile applications. It could be either for native apps, hybrid apps or on the web which is bound to transfer the customer, employee, and the partner engagement. As a result, more businesses are looking forward to virtualized operating models that could enable them to work and collaborate with fellowmen on real-time. Increase Your Sales Online Through Social Media Apps. One of the best plans to showcase the products or services is through social media marketing campaign. It facilitates any type of the businesses to post in real time and stay in touch with the consumers. Adapting to social media application development as a means to marketing facilitates the business to share the products, aspects of the services and get feedback during the process. The Selective Usage Pattern of the Mobile Website and the Mobile App.

A Mobile website is a website that is designed for the small screens of smartphones. When a request for the website is made from the mobile browser, the site redirects to its mobile counterpart giving a convenient surfing experience. The Most Popular Mobile Payment Apps. Mobile payment refers to transactions of money performed through the mobile device as per the financial regulations. This has helped the public to get waived-off themselves from paying cash, cheque or carry debit/credit cards wherever they go. Instead, they can use their mobile wallet to pay for a wide range of services, digital or any of the goods they intend to purchase on the go.

According to the studies, it is projected that the mobile retail payments would grow to $410.5 billion by 2020. The recent demonetization effect in India and the changing scenario of the money transfer as more people are getting adopted to mobile usage, there are several types of mobile payment systems coming up in favor of the people, devices, and systems. Get Prepared for A Successful Mobile App Launch - Mobibiz Blog.

The demand for mobile apps is increasing every day as witnessed by its downloads. The Mobile Application development company has taken this opportunity to the greater side by developing mobile apps in accordance with the growing demand and substantially meeting the expected features and user experience. And, needless to say, all the apps that are developed has to reach the App Store as it is the only distribution platform for any apps. Already, the stores are flooded with millions of apps and there are more getting on added and yet there are more to come. Mobile Banking Apps Gains Higher Market Reach Owing to Its Feasibility.

The new direction in the mobility is the result of relevant new technologies complementing the business needs. The mobile use has been made easy by the brands like Apple, Google, and Android Technology. Going mobile is not at the entrepreneurial level alone, but influences every walk of the life. When the monetary transactions got enabled through smartphones, the banking professionals and customers have turned towards mobile usage. Social Media Apps bring Integrity for an Organization. Know This Before you Hire A Mobile App Developer - Mobibiz Blog. Serve The Nation Better With Healthcare Apps. Exploring Wearable Technology for Travel and Business. Mobile Apps Development Join Hands with Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is invasive and penetrating multiple fields today. And, spare not, it is invariably becoming an indispensable tool for mobile app development, though it could seem to be a new frontier for the app developers.

M-commerce Applications Support Business Models at Global Market. Promote Your Online Sales With Social Media Apps Development. It's mobile world today. The apps were once just a kid's play for games and other adventurous activities. But today, it has turned to be the business strategy as we find billions of people are active over it. Manage your Mobile Application Development Cost Wisely. A Peek Into the Mobile Application Development at Global Market. Mobile Payment Adoption is on the Rise for Online Commerce Today. Demonetization Increase The Demand For Development of Mobile Banking Apps. Our India's honorable prime minister's brave surgical movement in curbing the use of 500 and 1000 rs currency notes, i.e., demonetization has surged the use of mobile wallets and net banking transactions.

Entertainment in Flight is now by Choice. Entertainment Industry is in very high demand with the growing stress life in corporate world. The global stress index has growing every year due to high demand from corporates and reduced work life balance among the employees. An Overview of Google’s New Mobile Management Features on Play Store. Behavioral Analysis of The User is Essential For A Successful Mobile App Development. Be The Early Adopter of Real Estate Mobile Apps in your City. The Must Have Apps on your Work PC. The Must Have Apps on your Work PC - Mobibiz Blog. Create your Enterprise App with Google's App Maker. How Cashless Economy is Impacting your Current Mobile Trends. Opt the Mobile Technology for your Hotels and Resorts. Increase your Online Sales through Mobile Commerce. Increase your Online Sales through Mobile Commerce - Mobibiz Blog.

Demonetization Promotes More Cashless Transactions via Mobile Apps. Trust on iPhone Apps for your M-Commerce. Mobibiz: Mobile Application Development Company India : Trust on iPhone Apps for your M-Commerce. A Recollective Look Back of Mobile Apps Development 2016. Stay on the Cutting Edge of Marketing with Mobile Apps. Android or iOS Apps? The Saga Continues - Mobibiz Blog. Android or iOS Apps? The Saga Continues - Mobibiz Blog. Mobile Wallet Apps Eases the M-commerce Business Way. An Effective Way to Grow Your Online Business. A Progressive Note on Progressive Web Application Development. Mobile Apps helps foodies & Family Engagement. The Future Trends of Mobile App Development.

Gaming Apps! Stress busters for the Users and A Source of Revenue for Organizations. iPad Apps to Bridge the Distance. Develop Mobile Apps as the Marketing Tool for Your Online Businesses. Mobile APPS for quick bite news. Empower your Business with iOS Apps Development. The Revolutionary Use of Mobile Apps is In. Design iPhone Apps for the Benefit of The Users. Shopping App: The Technology at its Best. Why Should You Use an iPad in A Classroom. An Investment in Developing Mobile App is the Best Move. An Investment in Developing Mobile App is the Best Move – Medium. A Peep into the Next Millennial Generation of Mobility - Mobibiz Blog. Why Java is Considered for Banking App Development. Know these Programming Languages to be A Mobile App Developer.

Gain Users For Your Newly Launched Android App. Why Is It More Beneficial to Hire An Automobile App Development Company. What Makes Real Estate Companies Adopt Mobile Apps. An Overview of Privacy Policy for Mobile App Development. Travel apps- your trusted companion in your journey to unknown places. Role of Mobile Application Development in Mobile Ecommerce for IPads. Ecommerce apps- potent combination of savings and convenience. Which are the most popular Android App categories.

Connect the Employers with the Employees via Job Portal Application. Boost your Mobile App Visibility through App Store Optimization. Contact Support. Sell your Property through Mobile App Development. Develop Mobile Apps with Low-code or No-code Development Tools. Iphone applications development company. Guidelines for Creating A Mobile Banking Application. Development of iPad Apps: An Essential Strategy for Hotel and Travel Industry.

The Predictable Features of Apple's iOS 10. Banking App Developer. Target Mobile App Metrics to Increase Mobile App Downloads by Michel Kein. Develop Shopping Apps with Exclusive Features to Win the Virtual Market by Michel Kein. Android Pay: The Mobile Payment System for the Year 2016. 5 Steps to Develop The Perfect Mobile Shopping Apps. Expect Google's New Messaging Apps- Allo this Summer. Which Framework Is Ideal to Build Hybrid Apps? Why Business Mobility Is a Growing Trend in All Industries? Important Stages of Mobile App Development. Mobile App Development in Different Industries. Why You Need A Social Media App For Your Company? Mobile Apps Bring Monetary Benefits for your Business. Secure your Apple Device by These Essential Steps.

Real Estate App Developer. The Best Three Exciting Development in Mobile Apps. Give Your Magento Customers A Secure Payment Mode - Redefine The Online Business Connectivity With BLE Mobile Apps For Your Future. Key Points To Remember When Choosing A Mobile App Development Company.