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me gusta tejer y coser y todas las manualidades

A new crochet stool cover. Ta da!

A new crochet stool cover

A new crocheticious stool cover… I love how bright and cheerful it turned out. Would you like to make one of your own? Well you have come to the right place, read on… Crochet stool cover tutorial You will need: Yarn in a variety of colours, all of a similar weight. A 4mm crochet hook. A stool ;) Round 1. Round 2. Round 3. Round 4. Round 5. Round 6. Round 7. Round 8. Round 9. Round 10. Round 11, getting there! Round 12. Round 13. Round 14. Cover sides: Chain 2 and hdc into the back loop of each stitch around. Finishing. Have a bright and beautiful weekend! Little Spring Mandala.

Pattern: Made in K-Town by Barbara Please respect my rights as designer: do not sell, share, translate, or publish any parts of my patterns (including pictures) online or elsewhere without my permission.

Little Spring Mandala

Do not claim this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell the finished items you’ve made from my pattern! Ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit. I hope you haven't forgotten me and my little space here.

ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit

In case you have, I have come with a free pattern for you to enjoy and remember me for some more time. I created this pattern long ago but due to my neck and shoulder pain I had to stay away from crochet and computers for a few days and eventually lost interest in it. Today I somehow regained my mojo and completed it. Ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit. CROCHETED ROPE BASKET. I love having little baskets and containers around to keep things tidy, and have really been wanting to experiment with different materials to crochet with recently.


This little basket is not only a perfect way to practice crocheting with rope, but also to hold little odds and ends! For this project I used a Size P crochet hook and one package of clothesline rope. This rope is nylon, but it would be fun to use cotton rope and experiment with dyeing it different colors! How cute would it be to dye the rope a few different colors and make a giant granny square rug? Now, lets get to the project pictured above... To begin, start with a slipknot and then chain five stitches. In order to close up your loop, send your hook through the center of the original slipknot and chain one. Internet Archive "Crocheting" Heidi Bears. Crochetjapon. Aveiro square, au crochet # Tuto n°1 # - La maille au doigt. Aveiro square, au crochet # Tuto n°1 # La diffusion du tutoriel de l'Aveiro Squareest INTERDITE sur vos blogs, forums, ou pages FaceBook.

Aveiro square, au crochet # Tuto n°1 # - La maille au doigt

Si vous souhaitez publier une ou deux photos, faites un lien vers le blog, ou vers Ravelry,et indiquez l'auteur : Vers Cythère pour La Maille au doigt Trop d'abus constatés, m'obligeraient à supprimer les diagrammes de l'Aveiro Square voire ses explications. Anleitung: Sunburst Flower Granny Square haekeln « Kasa Amend. Geschafft: Meine Foto-Anleitung zum Häkeln der Sunburst Flower Granny Squares für eine dieser tollen Decken, wie sie viele wahrscheinlich von Sandra Juto oder dieser Flickr Group kennen, ist fertig.

Anleitung: Sunburst Flower Granny Square haekeln « Kasa Amend

Für eine Freundin, die heute Geburtstag hat, wollte ich schon längst mal meine kleine Übersetzung dieser englischen Anleitung von MaryjoO abtippen. Nun hab ich mir etwas mehr Zeit genommen, um die Anleitung noch etwas detaillierter auszuarbeiten. Dank des tollen Fußauslösers, konnte ich die ganzen Häkel-Schritte selbst fotografieren und da die liebe MaryjoO nichts dagegen hatte, stelle ich das Ganze nun auch hier in den Blog und wünsche viel Spaß beim Häkeln. Cardigan - Home. Amigurumi Apples. © June Gilbank 2010 Here’s a realistic amigurumi apple: it’s not just a ball with a stalk attached, it’s actually the shape and size of a real apple!

Amigurumi Apples

Give one to your (or your child’s!) Favourite teacher, make a bowlful in red and green as a decorative centrepiece, or add a pair of safety eyes and an embroidered smile to make a sweet-as-apple-pie toy This pattern is Donationware – the pattern is available for free, but if you like it please consider sending me a donation to show your appreciation: Send me a donation and receive the easy-to-print PDF version of the pattern as a thank you! Donations of any size are much appreciated. The complete pattern and instructions are available below, regardless of whether or not you choose to pay for them.

My creative space... pincushion. So I was looking around blogdom, and came across these gorgeous pincushions here, and after a few little linkys found a great pattern here, and of course, I had to make one of my own straight away!!

my creative space... pincushion

Isn't it cute? Very easy to make, I am picturing an explosion of different coloured pincushions, or I might turn them into dangley decorations, I do so love hanging bits and pieces!.......... Yes, there will definitely be more of theses appearing around here. Oh!villo. Do you dare to wear a granny square? I’m not sure if I’d manage a granny square evening dress….

Do you dare to wear a granny square?

But I’m loving the cowl I made last week and have been quite excited to show you! I must apologise for the photos, I’ve cropped them right down this week, so you can’t see the whole effect, but let me tell you, it really is lovely, I tried it on my friend to see how it looked on someone and couldn’t get it off her and back around my neck fast enough! Being that we are heading into winter at what seems like a veeeeeery fast pace right now, I’m obsessed with cowls and this I have to tell you, is the first of a series of cowl posts.

Cowls are my new thing, neck warmey snuggliness without flappy ends, they are perfection. Bauble Decoration. I designed these little hanging decorations to add some colourful, homespun Hooky Goodness to my Christmas Tree this season, but there's no reason why they can't be used all year round and in all sorts of ways.

Bauble Decoration

I've had suggestions for using them as baby rattles, baby mobiles, as tags on wrapped gifts, or simply just as little decorative gifts to pass on to friends and family. These are quick and satisfying little things to work up, ideal to use up those little itty bits of stash yarn that you might have lurking somewhere. Echarpe_bleu_blc_tuto2. DIY porte-clés photo au crochet.

TAPIS DE DOUCHE AU TRICOTIN NOIRMOUTIER - TAPIS_DE_DOUCHE_AU_TRICOTIN_NOIRMOUTIER. TRICOTIN : tapis tout rond de lavabo "Bigorneau" Il ?tait une fois Anisbee. Now With Pattern! I made one of these totoro backpack clips for my daughter's anime club, and when the librarian saw them, she ordered 4 for her grand-daughters. Here they are! She asked that they all be a different color. ♥ tuto chouettes au crochet ♥ - Tournicote...à cloche-pied. DIY : Tutoriel Hibou au crochet. Petite fleur. Le tuto de Lucy +++ Tournicote...à cloche-pied. Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial. Hello Lovelies, Wooo Hooo , or should that be To-Whit to Wooo Hooo :0) It's a Happy Happy tutorial day! I simply LOVE these cute fellas and as you can see I've got rather carried away making them in lots of different colours.They are very easy to make and so jolly . I've seen a few similar cute crochet owls out there in blogland and on Etsy but they looked quite complicated to me.

So for my version I've tried to keep things as simple as possible. Tutorial conillet de pasqua. Nibble nibble, hop hop Posted on Updated on If you are a regular follower you will immediately notice that these bunnies are very closely related to some particularly cute owls made recently. You see a distant aunt on their mother’s side fell in love with a completely unsuitable (if you are an owl) rabbit… the rest, so they say, is history. Rabbits, as you well know, breed like, well, rabbits and before we knew it there were not one, but four new members to the family.

Tuto Coeur - Patty crochète. Bonsoir, Alors petit changement, je devais utiliser le coeur de chez The Royal Sisters .... mais comment dire, en vrai dans mes mains, je ne le trouve pas aussi mimi que sur ses photos.... Conclusion, je m'y colle pour ma version à moi et pour son tuto. Free crochet pattern heart ♥ Mijn excuses voor degenen die geen Engels kunnen lezen, deze post gaat over de Engelse vertaling van het hartje van Karin aan de haak.

As promissed here is the post of the English translation of the little heart, designed by: Karin aan de haak. Free crochet Pattern HEART en rosa: Espanõl Mi disculpa, yo hablar no Espanõl. Coeur. Faire un présentoir pour les bijoux - Aux Mille Pétales. Comme ma collection de bijoux s'agrandit, j'avais besoin de présentoirs.Je vous partage mon petit bricolage du jour. Avec des cadres pour photos achetés dans un magasin d'aubaine et des feuilles métalliques voici ce que j'ai réalisé.

Jardinière. Créations recyclage artistique - Cicia Hartmann, Upcycling, Recyclage artistique, Bouchon plastique, Plasticienne, Eco design, fleurs en bouchons plastique recyclés, le plastique, plastic caps, cité des sciences. Cliquer sur les photos pour les agrandir. Recycler les sacs plastiques - Oxhydryle. Je ne sais pas où vous faites vos courses, mais moi je reviens du marché chaque semaine avec un bon stock de sacs en plastique. Vous savez, les petits sacs tout fins, roses, verts ou blancs.Je les stocke quand il ne sont pas déchirés, ça peut toujours servir ...

Mais pas tant que ça en fait.La dernière fois, faisant des pompons avec ma fille, j'ai eu une idée lumineuse : et pourquoi pas des pompons en plastique ? Un pompon avec un t shirt. Tapis. Tapis. Tapis. Le crochet géant! Circular Crochet Rag Rug – Instructions. Tuto Coeur - Patty crochète. Coeur. Free crochet pattern heart ♥ Du tricot pour mes fesses: un (mini) pouf. Pouf / Coussin DROPS au point mousse, tricoté avec 4 fils « Eskimo » ou 2 fils « Polaris » Coussin-fleur. Couronne. Couronne de noel. Aperçu du fichier Alphabet.pdf - Page 1/8. Pompons - borlas - clothogancho2. Cadre.

Colorful crochet par ATERGcrochet. Tuto pour faire des perles crochetées. Une sourie verte. DIY porte-clés photo au crochet. Sous verre. P´tit zoziau. Tuto petite fleurette au crochet. Adding a Crochet Edge to Paper – Valentines & Frames. Marie's making: Crochet Butterfly Pattern. Sweet girl applique. Etoile. Ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit. Ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit. Boite-de-sardines. The return of the mojo. Galet en dentelle. Lady Crochet. Les galets au crochet de Margaret Oomen - ...AVALINA... Des cailloux plein de poésie - tissu rouge écru. ROSACE_DE_FENETRE_ROUGE_AU_CROCHET. OLWBERTA Owl Crochet Pattern Applique PDF par CAROcreated. Easy Halloween Pumpkin. Easy Halloween Pumpkin.

Rose Pattern. Olavas Verden: Flower pattern – in english… :O) Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?: Sharing the tea cosy love! May Roses. Happy Flower Decoration. Teeny Tiny Hearts. Posy Blossoms. Crocheting African Flowers. CROCHET PATTERNS (Flower Pattern #81 Forsythia) -Crochet & Knit Design Heaven. Pink Rose Bouquet Crochet Pattern. April Flowers Wreath Crochet Pattern. 10 Beautiful (and Free) Crochet Flower Patterns. Листочки – вязание крючком из кольца. Flower pattern – in english… :O) Japanese flower tutorial. picture by picture. you can do this! - REVolution. Reel Steel: 24~7 Crochet Flower Series: 8 Petal Crochet Flower Tutorial.

9 Petal Summer Flower Motif: Free Pattern. Motifs & points fantaisies - Points fantaisies… - Motifs et leurs… - Motifs et leurs… Facebook. Crochet & Knitting. Pattern for Crochet Acorns and Fantastic Ways to Use Them. How to Crochet Autumn Leaves to Decorate Your Table. Annaboo's house: Why did the Toadstool leave the party? Knitted, Crocheted. Felted Christmas Mushroom Tree Ornaments!