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8 More Design Mistakes with Account Sign-in By Jared M. Spool Originally published: Jan 14, 2008 (Editor's note: In Part I of this article, Jared talked about the first eight of the design mistakes with account sign-in. In this article, he shares eight more mistakes. Designing an account registration and sign-in process that doesn't frustrate users turns out to be very difficult to achieve. 8 More Design Mistakes with Account Sign-in
The Go ActionScript Animation Platform The Go ActionScript Animation Platform It’s a versatile, generic base library for building animation tools in ActionScript 3.0. What’s in it? Some concrete building-block classes & interfaces; a few key architectural concepts; and a very fast pulse engine. GoEngine
As you may know, for the last 5 years or so, the PureMVC project has been hosted in SVN repositories and documented by Trac wikis, all hosted gratis by CVSDude, which then became Codesion, which has now become CloudForge. The project has gone through growth spurts from ports to various languages, and a great many contributors have worked hard to provide ports, utilities, and demos. However there has always been a giant bottleneck, and that's me. Because the setup and security of the repositories and wikis via the Codesion interface has always been cumbersome, I have managed the creation of the wikis and the initial checkin of projects. The overhead associated with that (as well as verifying the project contents) has always been at least a half-day of effort, sometimes more than a day's worth. PureMVC - Home

PureMVC - Home