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iPad mini Support is Now Available! « Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Team Blog. “Электронный университет” - Interactive Lab. Feathers - Open Source UI Controls for Starling Framework. Helps Zynga Move to a New Farm. Hey farmer, how are your crops?

Helps Zynga Move to a New Farm

Since FarmVille first debuted in 2009, it has grown to one of the most popular and well known social games on Facebook reaching more than 3 million daily active users. Thanks to the success of FarmVille and other games, Zynga has quickly become a leader in the social gaming space and a constant source for hit social games on mobile and Web including Words with Friends, CityVille, CastleVille, Ruby Blast and Zynga Poker, among others. Today marks a new milestone with the launch of FarmVille 2. Windows 8 will integrate, include Adobe Flash. Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 will include a bundled, integrated version of Adobe Flash, and the Metro-style browser will support the use of Flash on a limited number of sites.

Windows 8 will integrate, include Adobe Flash

This news and corroborating screenshots come from Within Windows and In Windows 8, Microsoft's browser will come in two guises. There will be the traditional desktop browser, with its full support of plugins and extensions, and there will be the new Metro-style browser that will be plugin free. But that's not quite the whole story. Download Flashplayer and many other games, wallpaper, ringtones and mobile apps on your Nokia phone.

ADC Presents - Building Android Applications with Flash Professional CS5.5. Community Translation Episode available in 2 languages Available Translations: Join the Community Translation Project Thanks for your interest in translating this episode!

ADC Presents - Building Android Applications with Flash Professional CS5.5

To get started, please join the Community Translation Project. AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator. Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player are ubiquitous runtimes of Adobe Flash that enable developers to consistently deliver expressive content, applications, and video to the widest possible audience across browsers, desktops, and devices.

AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator

Adobe Labs provides early access to the latest beta releases and previews of the Flash runtimes. This is your opportunity to influence the future development of AIR and Adobe Flash Player. Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool. Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool Where there’s pain, there’s opportunity.

Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool

Pre-Adobe, I made my living building rich, Flash-intensive sites for Gucci, Coca-Cola, Nike, and other big brands. Doing that job today, I’d be in a jam: How could I create rich experiences that run on desktops (where Flash is the obvious, consistent (cross-browser/-platform) choice) and on iOS devices where Flash isn’t allowed? I’d have to create two versions of a everything–one Flash, and one HTML5*. Good luck getting clients to double their budgets, though, and yet they don’t want richness cut in half.

Box2D Test on iPhone, Created with Adobe Flash CS5. Be - Box2D Test on iPhone, Created with Adobe Flash CS5. Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to like calculatorboyqwe's video.

be - Box2D Test on iPhone, Created with Adobe Flash CS5

Getting Started with Phidgets and ActionScript 3 at Mike Chambers. Phidgets are a set of devices and sensors that provide a simple way for developers to create applications that both send and receiving information from external sensors, motors and pretty much anything else you can hook up via electronics.

Getting Started with Phidgets and ActionScript 3 at Mike Chambers

They are similar to the open source Arduino electronic platform. Im not going to do a big comparison between Arduino and Phidgets in this post. I plan to do that in another post (along with an Arduino / Flash hello world article). Suffice it to say though, that one of the major benefits of Phidgets, is that the Phidgets devices are a bit higher level, both on the hardware, and software side and thus can be a little easier for a developer new to electronics to get started with. <!


Swx. Json. Multiplayer. Wallop. FlashLite. Cheatsheet. Lifaros experimental flash gallery. Semanticflash. Mr.doob&#039;s blog. » The coming RIA wars: A roundup of the Web’s new face. A host of powerful new methods for rapidly creating compelling browser-based software (aka Rich Internet Applications) have recently come to market, or are rapidly heading there.

» The coming RIA wars: A roundup of the Web’s new face

While the technique getting the most press by far these days is still Ajax, there are a number of new approaches that are intent on dislocating this often finicky and hard to work with -- though very powerful -- browser software model. The goal? To help us more easily develop the next generation of Web applications that are every bit as good as or better than desktop PC applications. The motivation for all this is simple; most of the world of software is moving to the browser and SaaS -- and therefore the Web and your local Intranet -- despite the browser lacking an innate capability for hosting sophisticated applications.

Mario Klingemann&#039;s Flash Blog: Flash Font Encoding. Flash Font Encoding I recently enjoyed the pleasures and pains of making a multilingual Flash site work.

Mario Klingemann&#039;s Flash Blog: Flash Font Encoding

Not really unknown territory for me - I've been through this before, but that was in good old Flash 5 times. Back then it was an almost hopless venture to have a site not only in english or german, but also in greek, russian, polish, czech or hebrew. So I knew it would be a rough road. But that's the past - now we are living in MX times where only the sky's the limit isn't it? But little did I know about the perils and hardships that lay before me. Read the small print. Make this test: Take Arial Unicode MS which contains almost every available Unicode char and therefore has a size of ~23MB and embed it into an swf. Don't trust the small print. Actionscript Classes. Intoxo poxed. Apache Flex 4.12.0 released!

intoxo poxed

March 11th, 2014 The Apache Flex folks have released version 4.12.0! Installed mine this morn. You can grab it here. And here’s the release notes. Motion-Twin. Ryan Stewart – Rich Internet Application M. The Apple-Adobe War Escalates: Using Flash to Build iPhone Apps. Today, Apple revised its iPhone Developer Program License Agreement to effectively ban the use of the Flash-to-iPhone converter. Throughout 2010, Steve Jobs and Apple made it very clear that they do not like Adobe. At all. They prominently left Flash off the iPad, instead promoting HTML5 at every opportunity.

For some time now, though, Adobe's had a tool to circumvent Apple's ban on Flash for the iPhone and iPad: the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Flash-to-iPhone converter, which would have allowed developers to create apps in Flash and then port them over into iPhone. QR Codes mit Flex und der Google Chart API erzeugen. QR Codes dürften mittlerweile fast jedem ein Begriff sein. Es handelt sich um eine Art zweidimensionaler Barcode, der Textinformationen enthält.

Der Text kann beispielsweise die Webadresse einer Promoaktion sein (z.B. auf einem Plakat oder einer Anzeige). Ausgelesen werden können die Information prinzipiell von jedem Gerät mit einer Kamera, das eine entsprechende Software enthält. In der Abbildung oben ist das kostenlos Programm „Barcodes” auf dem iPhone zu sehen. Generieren der QR Codes In diesem Beispiel wird gezeigt, wie man diese auf sehr einfache Weise mithilfe der Google Chart API erstellen kann. Beispiel Dies sieht dann so aus: Quellcode. Chaîne de GoogleDevelopers. This morning we welcomed 6,000 developers to our 7th annual Google I/O developer conference. The crowd in San Francisco was joined by millions more watching on the livestream and 597 I/O Extended events, in 90+ countries on six continents. We're meeting at an exciting time for Google, and for our developer community.

There are now one billion of you around the world who use an Android device. Comic Creating Community.