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Desuade - Create Flash Particle Effects With Partigen. TweenLite (AS3) - A Lightweight (3K) and FAST Tweening Engine. WikiStart/en. Kairos3 - Google Code. Visualcondition playground. Google Code Visit Twease on Google Code svn checkout twease-read-only. TweenFilterLite (AS3 Version) - Easily Tween Filters & Image. Tweener - Google Code. Tweener (caurina.transitions.Tweener) is a Class used to create tweenings and other transitions via ActionScript code for projects built on the Flash platform.

tweener - Google Code

Three different official versions of Tweener are available for download: ActionScript 2.0, for Flash 7+ and Flash Lite 2.0+ ActionScript 2.0, for Flash 8+ ActionSctipt 3.0, for Flash 9+ Tweener was maintained from june 2005 to june 2009. While it still works, it's not being maintained anymore, so no more updates will be released. AnimationPackage. Movie Clip Tweening prototypes - download.