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Rosemary and Lavender Softening Hair Rinse. Ah, summer.

Rosemary and Lavender Softening Hair Rinse

Barbecues and cold beers with friends, butterflies and flowers, long afternoons spent poolside … and oily hair. If you’re like me, your scalp starts working overtime during the summer, and your hair ends up looking a little like chunky strands of muck. Want a super-easy, homemade solution to the oily hair blues? Use a hair rinse. The one I made recently uses rosemary, lavender, and apple cider vinegar, but honestly, straight-up ACV (Bragg’s brand is my fave) diluted in water works as well as anything. How To Use a Homemade Hair Rinse You can use a hair rinse one of two ways: It can be your only “hair product” in your bath or shower – just simply rinse through right before you get out (perfect for days when you’re in a rush); or you can use it as a final rinse after shampooing (or not, if you go ‘pooless) and conditioning.

Lovely lavender. Now a little about the ingredients (and why you want them in your hair): Rosemary. The infamous apple cider vinegar (ACV). Hair Growth Remedies for Long Natural Hair. Through out time people of various cultures used various natural hair growth remedies.

Hair Growth Remedies for Long Natural Hair

Several herbs and oils are known to stimulate growth, strengthen hair, and prevent breakage. Hair growth remedies alone are NOT enough to grow long hair. You still have to apply proper natural hair care techniques but they can definitely help create an environment in your body and on your scalp to produce maximum growth. I believe that these remedies can be integrated into a hair care routine based on an individuals needs. Amla Amla Oil for Hair Growth Amla also called Indian Gooseberry is known for it’s many health properties.

Amla is used in hair products because it adds luster and shine to hair. I use Dabur Amla Oil primarily and occasionally I use Hesh Amla Powder. I have used other Indian herbs including henna. In the video below I explain how I use amla in my prepoo. Grape Seed Oil Grape Seed oil is one of my favorite natural hair growth remedies. Grape Seed Oil. Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipes. Laura asks: What's your favorite homemade deep conditioner?

Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipes

CN's Response: I don't recall ever making a DT totally from scratch... I'm not much of a mixtress. I usually start with a rinse out or deep conditioner of some sort and add oils (grapeseed, coconut, or olive), and lots of honey. I'm very curious to hear about those of you experimenting with yogurt, mayo, eggs, avocado, teas, and coconut milk! Homemade Spritz Recipe. I love to sample commercial products, but I really like making my own too.

Homemade Spritz Recipe

I have a lovely wholefoods grocery story in my town that provides me with a lot of natural products both for hair and body. Here is a spritz I like to use on twists or fingercoils to keep them moisturized. I also spray this on my scalp if it’s feeling dry. Kcurly’s homemade spritz: 1 part aloe vera gel (100 percent!) Aloe Vera Gel- try to only use 100 percent food grade AVG. Water- Water, the ultimate moisturizer. Vegetable Glycerin- A natural, serum like, clear ingredient often found in hygiene products.

Essential oils- Use a few drops of whatever you like. This just my recipe. I like to take a small spray bottle of it with me to work sometimes, as well as keeping one at home. Homemade hot oil treatments. There are lots of pre-made hot oil treatments out there.

Homemade hot oil treatments.

However, I like to make my own because it’s cheaper in the long run, I can control what goes into it and pure/raw ingredients give better results. Hot oil treatments have several benefits to your hair. The most pressing is the restoration of moisture balance. Every day our hair is subjected to lots of external elements such as smog, the headrest in the car, random strangers’ hands…not to mention the styling, dying and other things we do that can dry it out or make it brittle. In addition to restoring moisture, hot oil treatments help with dry scalp and frizz while adding body and shine. You should consider doing a hot oil treatment at least once every 4-6 weeks, or more often, especially in the winter months, if you feel your hair is often dry to the touch.

Here’s how I make and process hot oil treatments! Gather your oils:* *Note: Oils can be purchased from any whole food retailer or online vendors. How to: DIY Moisturizing Braid Spray & After Workout Refresher.