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Bath & Body Recipes. Homemade Lotion Bars (2 Recipes!) and Lip Balm. UPDATE 12/27/12: I’ve been using an alternate recipe since my second batch of lotion bars.

Homemade Lotion Bars (2 Recipes!) and Lip Balm

See the alternate recipe below! Hello, friends! The good news is we survived Monday. The bad news is we have four days to go (unless you love your job, in which case you’re probably peachy right about now). How To Make A Herbal Sleep Aid Spray. Herbs & Oils Things To Make & Do With Herbs & Essential Oils How To Make A Herbal Sleep Aid Spray August 12, 2013 by admin Leave a Comment Make sure you like Herbs & Oils World on Facebook to be updated every time we find a fantastic tutorial for exciting and innovative ways you can use herbs and essential oils.

How To Make A Herbal Sleep Aid Spray

This homemade sleep aid spray comes from Andrea at – the creator of the very popular herbal sleep aid recipe. This is yet another natural way to help you get to sleep faster and experience more peaceful, restful sleep. Petite kitchen: honey, beeswax and almond oil moisturizing creme. Homemade Body Wash That Is Moisturizing and Natural. Burt's Bees Lip Balm Homemade DIY Copycat Recipe.

I absolutely LOVE Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and I recreated the perfect copycat recipe from scratch!

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Homemade DIY Copycat Recipe

History of Lip Balms Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of owning many beauty products. From what I have researched it looks like when they got chapped lips they used goose or duck fat, vaseline, and in a pioneer memoir there was even mention of someone using ear wax (ewww!). Homemade Moisturizers - Step3. Making Homemade Lip Gloss. Soapwort Cleanser. A Homemade Cleanser and Moisturizer. Simply Natural Lotions.

Homemade Body Butter Bar. Homemade Body Lotion Recipes. Homemade Body Scrub. Homemade Foot Cream. Homemade Solid Perfume. Homemade Moisturizer Bars. Whipped Body Butter Recipe. Herbal Bath Tea. Tea Tree Foot Spray. Super Easy Hard Lotion Bar. These have been wonderful for my winter dry skin.

Super Easy Hard Lotion Bar

I used to coat my hands at night with petroleum jelly, because it was the only thing that helped with the dryness. Normal lotion didn’t help much at all, plus I don’t like the fragrance of most lotions, and many have questionable ingredients. Fresh Picked Beauty. Two Layered Bath Oil. No-Nonsense Daily Scrub for Any Skin Type. Ground oats and almonds - all you really need.

No-Nonsense Daily Scrub for Any Skin Type

Let’s talk about soap, and how you shouldn’t use it on your face. Don’t use soap on your face. Okay. 27 Home Remedies for Pimples. Mannequin heads don't have pimples.

27 Home Remedies for Pimples

Luckies. There are a few things you can absolutely count on happening in your life: You’ll scrape your knee, you’ll fall in love, you’ll drink too many margaritas and end up sobbing hysterically in a back alley about a boy you thought you loved, you’ll complain about taxes. Not-Just-For-Gardeners Salve. Until about five days ago, if you’d have said “have some gardener’s salve,” I would have been all “Pssht, what do I need gardener’s salve for?

Not-Just-For-Gardeners Salve

How To Make Your Own Lotion Bars. With all the “experimenting” I do on a daily basis trying out new homemade solutions….my hands are in and out of hot, soapy water a LOT!

How To Make Your Own Lotion Bars

It seems like I’ve never used more moisturizers on my person than I have this past winter. I am CONSTANTLY slathering some greasy goo on my hands, feet, etc in an effort to alleviate the extreme dryness! DIY Vaseline. Cold weather is tough on hands, so soothe dry skin with this DIY nonpetroleum-oil jelly that is wonderfully nurturing without being sticky.

DIY Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is a derivative of oil refining, most have been triple-purified and regarded as noncarcinogenic, but making a helpful ointment from basic ingredients is a big win. Slather this lotion all over dry, cracked hands, and you'll love how they stay nice and soft even after lots of hand washing. And it's ready in minutes. What You'll Need: 6 teaspoons beeswax1/4 cup coconut oil1/4 cup olive oilSmall metal or glass bowlSmall saucepanHand towelHand mixerSmall sealable container Directions: Measure and add the beeswax, coconut oil, and olive oil in a small heat-safe bowl.

The natural jelly lasts for up to a year. How to Make Non-Toxic Long Lasting Organic Deodorant. Coconut Lime Body Scrub. Coconut…Lime….two of my favorite aromas come together to make the ultimate coconut lime body scrub!

Coconut Lime Body Scrub

Dorm Room Spa: 3 Easy DIY Beauty Recipes to Try. Photo Credit It’s that taxing in-between time of the semester again – spring break is over, papers and projects are coming due, and finals are looming ahead. It’s clear that college students are stressed right now, and with that stress comes the need for relaxation. And what better way to unwind than by pampering yourself and indulging in some me-time?

Of course, as college students, we can’t all afford to shell out for a trip to a high-end spa. Natural Healing Balms. Jeremiah 8:22 "Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered? " The Balm has been around since ancient times. Since the beginning of time as we know it, a poultice or slave or balm have been made with nature's ingredients to sooth wounds, pain, and infection. Dream-y Sleep Salve. Make Your Own Sleep Salve For “Sweet Dreams” and Soft Feet! About a month ago I started having trouble sleeping. It was getting pretty bad and nothing I did seemed to help. My sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) came to the rescue with her Dream-y Sleep Salve and ever since then sleep has again become my friend. As a matter of fact, I will not leave home without it! Herbal Miracle Salve. Earlier this week I shared with you a few of my favorite herbs for the Spring.

Today I want to give you a recipe so we can all put those herbs into action…and build our herbal medicine chests for the coming season! This Herbal Miracle Salve is a must have for my house Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It’s packed full of antimicrobial, antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-fungal goodness and I created it out of my desire to treat a broad-spectrum of skin ailments. Based on the properties of the oils and herbs used in this balm, it has the power to heal: Marshmallow Root Herbal Shampoo & Body Bar Soap. Lackluster. Dry. Brittle. Curly. This shampoo & body bar was created to smooth and rehydrate dry, lackluster, and/or curly, hard-to-manage hair.

Marshmallow Root… …is great for the hair because it: according to Practical Herbalism: Ordinary Plants with Extraordinary Powers, contain approximately “18-35% mucilaginous compounds.”has a very slippery texture when made into an infusion.softens the hair naturally.promotes hair growth (due to it’s high content of plant proteins).provides natural shine to dull hair follicles.soothes dry scalp.reduces itchy scalp. Essential oils… …of sweet orange, ylang ylang, rosemary, patchouli, lavender, and eucalyptus together help with a multitude of hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff.

Homemade Soap In A Crockpot. Crockpot Castile Soap. When I started making soap, I learned from the book Handcrafted Soap, by Dolores Boone. It is well worn – though I don’t follow the recipes, I follow the technique. Coconut and olive oil moisturizer. Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer. (Update on a post originally written on December 31, 2011) Since we are smack dab in the middle of flu season…I think we are all more mindful of how important it is to wash our hands….OFTEN!

Cracked Heels Healer. Peppermint Oil Foot Rub. Aspirin face mask. Soft As A Baby's Butt Salt Scrub. Non-Petroleum Vaseline. Make Your Own Lotion Bars and Stay Moisturized On the Go.