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Top 11 DIY Fashion Blogs

Top 11 DIY Fashion Blogs

Update 7/23/12: Hey guys! I wrote this post in February of 2011 and since then I’ve discovered lots more awesome DIY blogs! Either there are tons of new ones popping up or I didn’t even know how much great stuff was out there.
Kendin Yap - Do It Yourself (DIY) - TurkeyForum Community
DIY Chainmail Necklace

DIY Chainmail Necklace

You’ll need: Start by separating the jump rings into two halves: 175 open and 175 closed. Thread three closed jump rings onto an open jump ring.

DIY Chindi Reindeer

DIY Chindi Reindeer The moment I spotted these colorfully wrapped reindeer and moose at Anthropologie last December, I knew I had to DIY it for HonestlyWTF this holiday season. Created in the style of vibrant Chindi rugs from Jaipur, India, these wrapped reindeer are incredibly fun to make, are a clever way to repurpose old t-shirts, and make fabulous gifts! You’ll need:paper mache reindeer or any other animal1 yard total of various colors of cotton or wool jersey2 small brown pom pomshot glue gunlots of glue sticksscissorsjingle bells (optional)string (optional) Start by cutting the fabric, along the width, into 1″ strips. For a medium sized paper mache object, 26-30 strips should suffice.
Make your own: Designer clothes and accessories
The DIY Clothes Pool
When you make your own clothing and accessories, your style is truly like no other. DIY fashion is often quite easy to accomplish, and the satisfaction of saying 'I made it!' is priceless. Start with some easy projects and advice. DIY style can happen in a matter of minutes. Shirts and Tops

Make Clothes and Accessories

Make Clothes and Accessories
Beauty Bites post + photography + graphic design by Norah Curlee Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but let’s face it, in the mornings we’d rather spend what little time we have getting the perfect lash curl or tousled wave. Sorry beauties, but lack of time is no excuse to reach for Tony the Tiger or Toucan Sam…not when we have this super easy cereal swap that you can make in advance and crunch on all week! Most importantly, it’s not what you can do for this cereal, but what this cereal can do for YOU, aka tons of benefits! Made with crunchy quinoa + coconut and sweetened with a bit o’ honey and dash of spicy cinnamon, you won’t miss the cartoon cardboard box…trust! obsessions obsessions
Kırık Güzellik Ürünleri düzeltmek için 4 alışkanlıklar! Kırık Güzellik Ürünleri düzeltmek için 4 alışkanlıklar! Our sweet friend Brittainy Hall from BrittsBeautyBag is here again today to share more beauty secrets and tips with us. Make Up and beauty products can really help us get through our day sometimes, especially when we're having a bad morning! But what do you do when you open your make up or you try to spray your hair and the make up splatters on the floor and the bottle won't spray? Don't worry because Brittainy has the perfect solutions for those problems with these 4 Ways to Fix Your Broken Beauty Products...
7 Steps for a Home-Made Lip Balm … Finding a good lip balm is something that I personally struggle with. If you’re prone to dry lips you might be able to relate; a lot of the products on the market purport to be nourishing, but in reality they feel good for about five minutes before evaporating and leaving you with skin that’s even more parched than before. If you do battle to find a good lip maintenance salve, you might be keen to try concocting your own. 7 Steps for a Home-Made Lip Balm …
Did you know you can transfer photos to fabric without using iron-on sheets? I love this technique. It's simple to execute and the end results are really pretty. It's another method for hand printing! I made some fabrics the other day and used them to add pockets to one of my wool skirts. Do you want to learn to transfer photos to fabric? how to transfer a photo to fabric

how to transfer a photo to fabric

Kinsey and I came up with a super sweet idea for restyling a vintage cardigan! You can make it into a cute jumper. This piece is great for winter layering with ruffle blouses, tights, boots and scarves! Enjoy... Step 1. We took a cardigan and cut it off right under the sleeves. ReStyle a vintage cardigan!

ReStyle a vintage cardigan!