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Philip-Lorca diCorcia - Bruno, 1993. James Rawson. Des photos de bulles de savon. Superbe série réalisée par la photographe Thomas Jane Thomas Jane.

Des photos de bulles de savon

NICK VEASEY. Hans Lucas - Timeline. Matthieu Rondel Etudiants syriens Dix bacheliers syriens ont bénéficié d'une bourse pour quitter leur pays et venir étudier en France (...)

Hans Lucas - Timeline

Dix bacheliers syriens ont bénéficié d'une bourse pour quitter leur pays et venir étudier en France à Poitiers. + Lien vers la série Clara Chichin Sténopé - Séquence - Pellicules photographiques marquées par le hasard, prises de vues, temps de pause aléatoires. Pellicules photographiques marquées par le hasard, prises de vues, temps de pause aléatoires. . + Lien vers la série Kalel Koven De feux et de glaces, Islande. Une série qui présente des photographies prisent sur la route en faisant le tour de l'ile. + Lien vers la série Jérémy Saint-Peyre Hors Syrie, hors camps Depuis le début de la révolution Syrienne il y a maintenant presque trois ans, les syriens fuient le (...) Erik Johansson. Fragonard. ADAMS Jamie. Danny galieote. Merkley??? James Pawlish talks to San Francisco photographer Merkley???


About his influences, nudity, Mormons and new book entitled ZZZ??? Zebras, Zeppelins & Zucchinis. JP:Who is Merkley??? Tells us a little bit about your personal life and upbringing. Kit King. Hyperrealistic Eyes Paintings – Fubiz Media. Kerby Rosanes. Photographer hal. PHOTOGRAPHER HAL. Shan Qiao. Brendon burton.

Wangechi mutu art. Archivearchive. Merkley??? Wang-chien-yang. Steve McCurry. BLU. Philippe baudelocque. Hirotoshi Ito. ArcaneSchool_Studying by BRAT_777 - Christine MacTernan. Vera Donskaya-Khilko. Howard j morris and jenny lee. Banksy. Philip-lorca dicorcia. STUDIO ERWIN OLAF. Le Pictographe. Giovanna Casotto. Urban art sur Tumblr. Galerie de Tomasito.! Photographer Aung Aung Myo. Eric Lafforgue. Momoyama. Spencer Tunick. Araki nobuyoshi. More Indie Nudes. 25 Beautiful Portraits.

Everyone of us expresses theirself in a different way in front of a camera, a good portrait contains in one image a piece of personality and life of the subject. 25 inspiring portraits selected for you. © Tomasito! © Michael Chandler © Eric Lafforgue © Kausthub Desikachar © Miss Hearts. “Tutti frutti” by Cristina Otero. Cristina Otero (born Cristina Otero Pascual; November 29, 1995) is a Spanish photographer and artist. Born in Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain, to Noemi and Luis, Cristina is the youngest of three children. Otero found the love for photography at a young age.

At 13, while watching America’s Next Top Model, she found herself intrigued by the makeup, styling and poses that go into creating a major fashion photo shoot. She got into the business of photography, self-taught and has been doing it ever since. Giovanna Casotto. Giovanna Casotto. Esther Barend Paintings. 20 More Interpretations Of The Last Supper. New For Easter 2011. ShareThis above: beautiful photographic depiction of just the hands from The Last Supper Since Jesus came back from the dead (according to some), so shall my post on interpretations of one of the world's most famous paintings, The Last Supper: In 2008, I wrote a post called "The Last Supper.

20 More Interpretations Of The Last Supper. New For Easter 2011.

And the one after that. And after that. And then, even more. " in which I introduced you to the most well known Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci as well as many other versions created by famous artists and photographers, like Andy Warhol and David LaChapelle.Then, in 2010 I shared with you "The LOST Supper & Other TV Casts As The Famous Painting" which featured images from MASH to The Simpsons posed as the famous painting.Below is a whole new slew to add to the growing collection of Last Supper homages by various photographers and artists.Sailor Moon Last Supper by Paolo Cellammare: detail: Christophe Huet, professionnel de la retouche photo - professional retouching. Creations et montages d'images - 1er site de retouche d'image avec zoom et making of.

Dilkabear. Jan Kriwol Photography. Fab ciraolo. Emma Hack Takes Body Art To A New Level With Her Latest Collection. ShareThis We've seen body painting before.

Emma Hack Takes Body Art To A New Level With Her Latest Collection

I've posted about well-known hand painter, Guido Daniele and the body painting of shoes on feet by Temptu. And how could I forget Veruschka? * But it wasn't until I saw her work on the cover of India's Platform magazine, that I was introduced to Australian artist and body illustrator Emma Hack. Above: The image used on cover of Platform magazine from last year that piqued my interest in the work of Emma Hack. An artist with several skills; sculpture, multimedia, photographer and more, I'm sharing images of her body painting for this post because it's simply amazing. About this stunning collection: Emma’s Wallpaper 2005, 2007 and 2008 collections feature Florence Broadhurst wallpaper designs mixed with her body illustration. Emma’s recent 2008 collection, featured during the Adelaide Fringe Festival, features exotic Australian animals, nude landscapes and a continued collection of Florence Broadhurst wallpapers. Natee utarit. Yue Minjun.

Jean michel basquiat peinture. Spunky Zoe. Prateep kochabua. Fred einaudi. Christophe huet. Terry Rodgers. Olivier de sagazan. David Mach. Sergei Chernenko. Sergei Chernenko works are compelling reflections of misticism that enter a realm of vibrant abstraction,intricate depiction,and incandescence.His canvases are filled with extraordinary figures and fantastic landscapes , illuminating a rich inner vision they characterise the unknown mysteries of existence and memorable vivid new worldsHis meticulous brushwork and brilliant use of light show an intimacy with Goya , Breugal,and Rembrandt, while the imaginative panorama of subject matter suggest the strong influenceof the more mystic surrealists , Bosch , Dali , and De Chirico.

Sergei Chernenko

Ausra Osipaviciute. Navin Rawanchaikul. Sylvia Ji. Matt Brown. Banksy. Rocco Normanno. Arina sergei. Erik mark sandberg. Paul Kuczynsk. Edgar Jerins. Lucian Freud. Kent williams. Korehiko Hino. Jose legaspi. Michael reedy. Ren hang. Dimitri Tsykalov. Jim Fiscus. Shuichi nakano. Hubert De Lartigue.