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Blackberry Passport: Can it resurrect Blackberry (Part 1) - Tequs. BlackBerry, the Canada-based manufacturer of smartphones, just came out with a rather odd-looking phablet, the BlackBerry Passport. The phone’s odd looks stem from the fact that it possess a square screen.

Yes, not just a squarish-screen, but an exact 4.7-inch square display. The BlackBerry Passport, like most of the company’s devices, is targeted at professionals and business executives. It provides users access to not only BlackBerry’s set of native software and apps via its own store, but also Amazon’s Android Application Store. Design, Display, and Form Factor The BlackBerry Passport gets its name from its passport-like dimensions of 128X 90.3 X9.3 mm. The phone, as mentioned above, sports a 4.7-inch square IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1440X1440 pixels, calculating to a pixel density of 453PPI. Hardware and Battery The Blackberry Passport manages to (almost) justify its $699 price tag when it comes to hardware.