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G+ Wiki. Like vs Plus. Google+ Search. People Search. G+ Top 100. Recommended Users. People by Interest. Where to Hangout. Hangout Party Events. Google Plus - Survival guide. With the announcement of Google+ started the mission to streamline and align users across Google products.

Google Plus - Survival guide

What Google wanted was to identify you as a single person across all the products Google has to offer. Definitely better for Google without the slightest of doubt, but bad for users, who wanted to have different identities. Keep track of private posts. I’ve been in Google+ since last week and so far it’s been a blast.

Keep track of private posts

I’ve sent a few feedback messages to the guys at Google on some nifty features that I wish were in both the mobile and web app. I’ve also discovered a hack to be able to keep track of private messages and notes-to-self. The thing with Google+ is that there isn’t any way to keep track of the messages you share to specific people. In fact, it doesn’t even show up on your profile stream. What to do? Save draft posts and save copies of your favorite posts for later. Reorder your circles. Notes/Bookmarking. Google Plus Nick. Create your G+ profile pic.