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Quora. Make International Roaming Free By Using Ajura App. The Cheapest International Roaming App - Ajura. Use Ajura To Make Cheap Calls to India - The Mobile App. International Real Estate Brokers - IrexIndia. Best Place For Buying Property In Exhibition At Abroad - IREX. Call India using Ajura Mobile App. Are you a NRI whose family lives in India?

Call India using Ajura Mobile App

If that’s the case with you then your calling pattern (making calls to India) would range between daily to once in a week. As the numbers of NRI’s are increasing, so is the need for them to make cheap calls to India. The challenge lies in finding the best solution which is not only low cost but also good in quality. GSM calling is a costly option to call India India calling using this method is highly expensive. Use International Calling Plans from Ajura. GSM call rates are expensive and hence mobile users often try to go for international calling plans with their service providers.

Use International Calling Plans from Ajura

However, international calling plans don’t prove must affordable for users, who shell hefty amount on international calling. The alternative is to use Ajura the smart mobile app and make unlimited calls. International Calling App-Ajura Calling abroad is now no longer a costly affair as Ajura offers the best rate for calling. This international calling app is available in both Android & iOS platforms and users can sign up using their mobile number. Roaming international-Ajura. Avoid International Roaming Charges. International roaming charges are quite high and thereby, results in causing major inconvenience issues for an Indian traveller going abroad.

Avoid International Roaming Charges

Whether it's a summer vacation you are heading for or an official meeting, going abroad excites everyone. One of the essential things, however, becomes staying well-connected with your loved ones back at home. Turn Aside From International Roaming - Ajura. Install Best International Roaming Free App - Ajura. International Roaming Free With Ajura. Negatives of taking a global roaming SIM card As the saying goes ‘there are two sides to every coin’, the same is the case with these international travel SIM card.

International Roaming Free With Ajura

Until now, the pros of these SIM cards have been stated, now let’s take a look at the disadvantages of these SIM card for international travel. The negatives of taking an international travel SIM card are: Friends and family who call you, will pay an international call charge. Avoid International Roaming Charges. Best Way To Avoid Roaming Charges With Ajura. Avoid International Roaming Charges - Ajura. How To Pick The Right International SIM Card - Ajura. Long endless mobile phone bills are a result when you travel to a foreign destination without carefully looking at the different options by which you will be able to make cheaper calls when abroad or lower data surfing rates when constantly being on the move.

How To Pick The Right International SIM Card - Ajura

Traveling abroad whether for work or for leisure requires systematic and meticulous planning of every small thing. Hence, it is very important that you spend some time getting the perfect mobile carrier for yourself. This post will help provide you with some useful and helpful points on how to get the best international SIM card while traveling.

It has become essential for everyone traveling overseas to get either a local SIM of the carrier company which is operative in the country to which he or she is traveling or to go for a roaming international SIM card which works in multiple countries. Let us take a look at some of the parameters which you must take into consideration while buying one roaming international SIM card. Like this: Download Ajura App For International Roaming Free. Avoid Huge Roaming Charges With Ajura. Make Your Trip Hassle Free With Ajura. International Roaming Free App - Ajura. How to Avoid Roaming Charges - Ajura. Looking for a permanent solution to avoid international roaming charges ?

How to Avoid Roaming Charges - Ajura

Is there a way by which you can finally put an end to your never ending and taxing mobile phone and data roaming bills? If you are a frequent flyer then doesn’t it bother you when every time you fly you get surprised by those never ending mobile phone bills? No matter what you do, your mobile phone bills just don’t seem to go down. If this is something which bothers you, then we have some good news for you. International Travel SIM Card - Ajura. Forget International Roaming Charges - Ajura. Forget Roaming Charges - Ajura. Best Ways to Avoid Roaming and Data Charges While Travelling - Ajura. Summary Avoiding unnecessary and extreme data and roaming charges while traveling becomes a big headache for many but not anymore.

Best Ways to Avoid Roaming and Data Charges While Travelling - Ajura

This article will help you get in touch with some of the best tricks that will help you get a great plan with the cheapest international roaming charge for your convenience. Best Ways to Avoid Roaming and Data Charges While Travelling - Answer Champs. Download International Roaming App - Ajura. International Roaming Free with Ajura. Avoid International Roming Charges - Ajura. Advantages of international SIM Cards. Travelling has a lot of planning that goes into it.

Advantages of international SIM Cards

Apart from figuring out where you are planning to stay and how you want to travel, the biggest thing you need to look out for is how you are planning to stay in touch with the people back at home while you are off exploring new places. This can cause a bit of an hassle because using your local number is extremely expensive when you are in another country and sometimes you might not even have the international services to do the same. To make this easier, there are many international SIMs available that can easily be used for a particular amount of time. International SIMs ensure that you are in touch with your family and friends back home at all times and are always handy in case of an emergency. Here are some benefits of the same: Availability Many wrongly assume that you need to be physically present in a particular country in order to have access to their SIM cards.

Incoming All in one. Avoid Global Roaming Rates - Ajura. Download Best Roaming App - Ajura. Avoid International Roaming Charges - Ajura. How to Plan a Perfect First International Trip? Though a trip whether short or long is always exciting, but when it is an overseas vacation plan, the excitement automatically reaches a new level.

How to Plan a Perfect First International Trip?

Even the thought of visiting a new place, exploring their culture and trying a whole lot of new things make us fly in a dream world. With the excitement, there comes a tension of planning the whole trip. Every traveler wants to ensure that the entire vacation goes smoothly. This is possible only with the careful and timely planning of each and everything. From hotel booking to packing, passport, medical claim and international roaming solution, there should be clear preparation for everything. International Roaming Free with Ajura. Get International Roaming Free - Ajura. 10 Travel Hacks To Make Your International Trip Easier. Traveling to a foreign country is equally problematic for the first time travelers as well as for the ones who regularly go for international trips.

10 Travel Hacks To Make Your International Trip Easier

Visiting a strange country can be invigorating, but only when you are well prepared. If you just pick your passport, pack the bags and leave for the trip, the vacations might convert into a bunch of problems. To ensure that you enjoy your international trip to the fullest, here are some travel hacks. Whether you are going for a business trip or for the family vacation, the international travel tips, given here will help you in every case. Health and Security Keep copies of your passport: If you lose your passport in a strange country, the trip might convert into a mess. Consult with your doctor: Visiting your doctor before leaving for the trip is a right idea to ensure that you have got all the vaccinations. Meet the insurance carrier: Don’t forget to meet your insurance provider before leaving for the trip. Money. How does international roaming work? - Quora. Avoid International Roaming Charges - Ajura. 5 Essential Tips to Consider Before Traveling Internationally.

Good traveling experience is a result of good planning. It is especially true when you are planning to travel to a foreign country. A lot of works need to be done before you decide to move. Keep reading to find about the little things for a memorable trip. Check your Passport Before making any plans to travel internationally, check your passport and apply for necessary visas to avoid any kind of last minute rush. Check your Finances Enquire for the all the expenses and overall charges before you plan to visit any foreign country. International Roaming Free - Ajura. International Travel SIM Card - Ajura. What are the best mobile apps for traveling?- Quora Answer. Do travel apps help in saving on international roaming charges while touring overseas? 5 International Travel Safety Tips You Must Know – Ajura. When it’s about international travel, one must go miles to ensure safety.

While travelling to other countries must be exciting, it also comes with a baggage to be safe and alert all the time. That said, here are a few international travel safety tips you must know: Research local emergency centres If you are in a strange land, you must know whom to contact in case of emergency. Research on local emergency centres and be assured to get help if anything goes out of place. Leave a copy of itinerary at home This goes without saying that someone back home must know even the minutest of details of your travel. Pack whatever is needed Here we are talking about the safety of your luggage. Clear out personal information from your smartphone. How to Purchase a Local SIM in Singapore? – Ajura. International Roaming- Ajura. If you are hitting the road solo, make sure you visit the best of places across the globe. And with many unexplored places being preferred by travellers, it is neither difficult nor boring to travel all by yourself.

Whatever your reason to travel alone is, here are the best 5 places to make you plan better: Paris, France Cafes, bistros, and monuments, all it takes is a joyful mood to visit Paris and the city invites you with open arms. It is here that you tend to rejuvenate by visiting great places and observing art at its best form. Bali, Indonesia If it is serenity that you are looking for, Bali is the place you should consider travelling to. How to Prevent Data Roaming Mobile Bill Shock – Ajura. We all want our mobile phones to be loaded with data even on an international trip. While that’s possible but it may cost you a fortune as there would be a hefty amount that you have to play and that could kill all the fun.

That said, how you propose to avoid mobile bill shock that could arise due to heavy consumption of data during a trip abroad. Here’s the answer: Travel SIM Card- Ajura. Traveling is an important part of our life. Some travel for business while others love to travel just to explore the world. Whatever is the reason behind the trip, everyone wishes to have a relaxed time. And this can be possible only when you have everything from hotel booking and location knowledge to itinerary and solution for high global roaming plans under your control. In this tech savvy world where we have all access to advanced smart phones, internet connection, and so many apps, life has got much easier. All you need to enjoy a relaxed and memorable foreign trip is to have some apps on your mobile phone. Expedia: This is an amazing app for the people who are into the habit of last minute hotel booking.

So next time when you plan an international trip, make sure your Smartphone has all these apps. Top 5 things to do in Australia. If it’s about finding things to do in Australia, time would never be enough. Connect with Your Global Clients through International Phone Number. The world would be a chaos without any sort of communication. How would you express your feeling and desires to others if there would be no means to communicate? You wouldn’t like the sound of that. On the contrary, wouldn’t it be exciting if you can reach out to a global audience with just a virtual international phone number. And the exciting part is you will have no efforts put in to ensure that it just appear like another local number. The call forwarding feature does all the work for international phone number. How To Ensure Perfect Health While Traveling Abroad? Checklist To Ensure A Safe And Happy Journey Abroad.

How To Explore The World With Your Smartphones​? The smartphone is not the key essential while traveling abroad but certainly makes life much easier and handy if you have one. Smartphones confers various advantages provided one is well aware of its applications and usage. Traveling across the globe with your smartphones might be expensive, but these few steps will surely help your travel hassle free. Analyze if Your Phone will Work. Do you ensure security of your device when traveling abroad? Mobile phones today have become an essential part of everyone's life. Leaving them even for a moment creates lots of anxiety; forget about traveling abroad leaving the mobile phone back at home. There are lots of reasons people prefer to carry their devices with them while traveling abroad and the biggest reason is to keep in touch with the family, friends and colleagues. Though these devices make the journey convenient by helping you get all the information from the internet, these are highly prone to many types of risks like getting missed or getting attacked by the malware.

Avoid extra cost as roaming charges - Ajura. CUT DOWN THE DATA ROAMING CHARGES WHILE TRAVELLING. People make friends and acquaintances around the globe with whom they want to stay in touch for long or while travelling to various places, need to stay connected with family and friends. This might result into hefty mobile balance that adds a little disappointment in our enjoyment. Another problem that has rooted up in recent times is the huge data bills which arise during international or national tours. These increase in charges occurs unintentionally. But there are certain measures that can be taken up to stay connected while travelling places and lower down the data roaming charges, without considering about the heavy international roaming charges.

Have A Hassle Free Traveling Experience | Ajura

StumbleUpon. Avoid Buying Prepaid Local SIM Cards With International SIMs. Avoid International Roaming Charges With Ajura. How to Avoid Extortionate International Roaming Charges. Talk Global With Local At Lowest International Roaming Charges. Ajura - Mobile Roaming AppOffers International Roaming at 90 Per Cent Less Cost. SINGAPORE & HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ajura Pte Ltd from Reve Group has launched a mobile app that allows global travellers to make and receive international calls at 5 to 10 per cent of what a roaming call would normally cost.

International Roaming. Avoid international roaming charges-Ajura. International roaming app-Ajura. Cheapest international roaming charge-Ajura. Avoid International Roaming Charges — What are International SIM’s? Get International Roaming Free with Ajura. Top of the Line Cheapest International Roaming- How to avoid international roaming charge- Ajura Free International Roaming. Cheapest international roaming charges- Ajura. Best App to avoid international roaming charges-Ajura.