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Technical preparation and implementation - European Data Portal. « How to build an Open Data strategy Contents Putting in place an Open Data lifecycle » From a technical point of view, publishing data can have a large impact.

Technical preparation and implementation - European Data Portal

Publishing data involves several processes. Search.bioPreprint. Jump to navigation search.bioPreprint Comprehensively search preprint databases to discover cutting edge,yet-to-be published or reviewed biomedical research articles.


Search Examples: keyword (CRISPR); phrase ("Zika virus")Use quotation marks for searches with 2 words or more. Resources searched: arXiv (Quantitative Biology), bioRxiv, F1000Research, PeerJ Preprints Install the bioPreprint bookmarklet to integrate seamlessly any text from any web page with the bioPreprint search engine!

"Funding research data management and related infrastructures" - a Science Europe & Knowledge Exchange report. The Science Europe Working Group on Research Data and the Knowledge Exchange Research Data expert group joined forces to explore how RDM/RDI are, or can be, funded.

"Funding research data management and related infrastructures" - a Science Europe & Knowledge Exchange report

This briefing paper presents the results of the joint activity, detailing the approach and main outcomes of the study. Responsible Research Data Management (RDM) is a pillar of quality research. In practice good RDM requires the support of a well-functioning Research Data Infrastructure (RDI). One of the challenges the research community is facing is how to fund the management of research data and the required infrastructure. Knowledge Exchange and Science Europe have both defined activities to explore how RDM/RDI are, or can be, funded. Foodie - Farm-Oriented Open Data In Europe. Open Harvest 2016 : Release of the Chania declaration. Open Harvest 2016 was held on the 18th to the 21st of May 2016 in the City of Chania, Greece.

Open Harvest 2016 : Release of the Chania declaration

This blog provides a summary of this event. The major aim of this first meeting was to reach an agreement, define the process, and specifying the different components of a 10 year roadmap for an open, shared, distributed data infrastructure for agriculture and food. The development of this roadmap was critical for this meeting as it will be linked to opportunities to finance its development ( and eventually, its implementation) by major funding agencies and donors. Structure of the Open Harvest 2016 . The meeting was comprised of invited selected participants who were organized into three working groups. Search results.

.@NASA's @spaceapps challenge resulted in 1200 open data projects from 15,000 citizens- @bethbeck #MobileGov16 Winners announced this week! Data is out of beta. Starting today, Mendeley Data is out of beta.

Data is out of beta

We’re extremely happy with all the great datasets people have been submitting, and we now think that the product has reached the level of maturity where it has all the features people need to publish their research data online. If you haven’t heard of Mendeley Data before, it’s a new product that allows anyone who has data from experiments to publish it online and get a DOI for it so that it is citable.

We launched the beta version 6 months ago. We’ve released many new features over those months, in fact we’ve had 80 releases. DCMI Home: Dublin Core® Metadata Initiative (DCMI)