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Free Shipping Silver Grey Slippers Mothers Day Gift par denizgunes. Art Inspired Outfits III. "Chambord" Hb_C.I.53.40.5a-e_av1.jpg (JPEG Image, 450x637 pixels) Customizable Clothing: Unique 120-Zipper Dress Design. This convertible dress design by Sebastian Errazuriz is nothing short of stunning in any of its possible stylistic configurations.

Customizable Clothing: Unique 120-Zipper Dress Design

The wearer can simply zip and unzip along any of the horizontal zipper lines to convert their clothing in a matter of seconds. What might be most remarkable about this design is how quickly it can shift from elegant to sexy, a full-length, single-piece dress one could potentially wear to work into a skimpy, short-cut, two-piece number that could put some bikinis to shame.