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American Revolution Center : Collections Timeline. Faultline. A Slinky makes a handy model of earthquake waves.


See for yourself which waves may send you rocking and rolling, and which ones may bounce you out of your chair. Before this activity, you may want to read about waves in the earth. You can also see illustrations of the motion of P and S waves and the motion of Rayleigh and Love waves. What do I need? • A Slinky (two if you have them) • A partner Assembly Stretch the Slinky 6 feet (2 meters) or more between your partner and yourself.

What do I do? The vibrating parts of the Slinky move back and forth in the same direction as the wave is traveling. 2. This time, sections of the Slinky move up and down, perpendicular to the direction in which the wave is traveling. You can also shake the Slinky from side to side. S waves and P waves are known as body waves. 3. This circular-motion wave models an earthquake wave called a Rayleigh wave. 4. What's going on? Surface waves are long, slow waves. - True Story by Bob Sprankle. 0 Comments April 28, 2012 By: Bob Sprankle Apr 27 Written by: 4/27/2012 4:33 PM ShareThis Five hundred years ago, Gutenberg presses did not immediately enable people to overthrow monarchies, drive the Protestant Reformation, and invent science as a collective enterprise.

- True Story by Bob Sprankle

Rheingold, Howard; Weeks, Anthony (2012-02-24). A few months ago, my friend took her car to the dealership to get an oil change. My friend is a teacher and so she appreciated the free WiFi as she was able to work on grading her report cards as she waited on the oil change. The good folks who changed her oil, also took a look at her battery. "How much? " Answer: $249.99 --- including labor and disposal of the old one. She thought $249.99 sounded a bit high as she remembered her husband recently buying one for less than $100 and she knew how to install the battery herself. A few minutes later, the service man returned and said that he could give her the battery for $199 (install and disposal of old battery still included).

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