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Ajay Dubedi

Ajay is known to his colleagues by AJ. Being one of the several Salesforce experts trying to help the community, AJ has an exceptional understanding of Salesforce concepts and implementation experience of several salesforce projects. Having in-depth knowledge of Java and PHP as well make him a multi-platform expert. The rest can be easily discovered if you have already worked with him.

How to Optimize Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect - 5 Ways? Salesforce Marketing Cloud Capabilities for Sync with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics. Automating Salesforce CPQ Testing - AkshayDhiman .Com. How Enabling Communities in Salesforce. Benefit of using chatbots in Fintech. Today, banking bots are capable of assisting customers to check the recent transactions, the amount transferred, and the available balance without even visiting the ATM or the bank by helping customers do these and many more operations using their mobile.

The best thing about chatbots used in the financial and banking sector is that modern chatbots can comprehend the customer needs as well as the context. After that, smart suggestions are offered to the customers, courtesy predictive analysis. Staying Ahead Of The Competition And Complying With Regulations In today’s tech-savvy world that is taking a giant leap into the world of digitization, traditional banks are almost standing at the bleeding-edge of intense competition where the concept of chatbots must be implemented to stay relevant and progressive. Banking and financial institutions that have refused or delayed embracing innovation have gone extinct from the world. Maintaining Good Terms And Pace With Next-Gen Customers. How to Setup Live Agent in Salesforce? A Brief Overview On Customizing Calendar In Salesforce Lightning. How Is IoT Changing Web Development? Collecting High Volumes of Data IoT systems collect real-time data from sensors.

How Is IoT Changing Web Development?

They work with huge amounts of data. IoT filters and processes the data and transmits them to and from the cloud. However, processing such large volumes of data can cause delays in networks. The data can be lost or misplaced over the network, which is unacceptable. Conventional Development Communications in IoT networks need to be designed with minimization of power use in mind because it requires a lot of energy. high-bandwidth interconnects and Advanced messaging protocols can help make pages load faster. Dynamic User Interfaces Since an IoT system collects large amounts of different kinds of data, it has to display its data in an infographic and analytic value. Advanced Security Security issues are far more crucial in IoT. Trending Languages In IoT Web Development There are 3 languages that are leaders in IoT solution development, although the language of IoT is to be multilingual. Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Automation services.

Conga Composer Integration with Salesforce blog. Project requirement The client is a financial company. The requirement had to aspects to be addressed. They wanted, To generate the documents dynamically and,Send those documents to the specific opportunities The client gave the criteria, the required fields and the template of the documents that would be sent to the opportunity. Solution To begin with, we created an “Opportunity” button listing all the opportunities. For demo purpose, we pick a specific opportunity. When the specific opportunity is clicked open, you will find two customer documents – Loan Document 1 and Loan Document 2.

Opportunities where there is only one nominee and requires a single signature, Loan Document 1 would be sent by the client to the customer. Further, on choosing a specific document – Loan Document 1 or 2, would lead to multiple templates which were created by us based on client requirements. Select a particular document and click on the Preview button.

Salesforce™ Google Map Integration. We are Salesforce™ Experts and we channelize our energy by documenting all the industry-specific technical problems we solve in Salesforce™ CRM world.

Salesforce™ Google Map Integration

Here I am about to explain one of the Google Maps API with custom development projects. I was closely involved as a Salesforce™ Developer. At, below I will provide you a brief description of the project what basically it is and how we helped our end client. Requirements:- Salesforce For A Graduate. Learning Salesforce in India. Salesforce Ant Migration.

What’s new in Angular 8

Territory Management In Salesforce. Salesforce Journey Builder. Journey Builder. SALESFORCE LIGHTNING COMMUNITIES. What if you can connect your customers directly to their business process?


What if you can interact with your favorite vendors? What if you can get all the information needed even through your mobile devices? What if…What if……these if’s are never-ending. Let’s tighten our belts and dive into what exactly LIGHTNING communities are all about. LIGHTNING Communities are generally an online platform,which is promoted on social media networks with real likes and views, provided by the professionals from the trusted social media company, that can connect members directly with each other.

“It focuses on deep understanding just for people’s sake.” Communities deepen customer relationships and very well understand the rapidly changing needs of customers. To gain deeper relationships with customers you can create communities. Since it uses Salesforce so you can easily connect any 3rd party system directly to your community. Customer Communities Partner Communities. Salesforce™ Health Care Domain Project. Introduction to Salesforce DX. Developers are always source-driven people.

Introduction to Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX (developer experience) enables the developer to work with any externalized source – even incorporating version control. “What is Salesforce DX ? It is an open standard developer experience, letting you build with the tools you love including Git, Selenium, Eclipse, Sublime, and more. Salesforce DX includes an updated Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) that significantly expands the value of the toolset to developers. However, the development process is source-driven. Moreover DX not only allows them to collaborate with other members of team. Salesforce™ Android Attendance Management App. We are Salesforce™ Experts and we channelize our energy by documenting all the industry-specific technical problems we solve in Salesforce™ CRM world.

Here I am going to explain Salesforce™ Android Attendance Management App. I was closely involved as a Salesforce™ Developer. Salesforce Blog. Shopify Integration with Salesforce I have worked in Salesforce space for the past ten years and is the proud founder of the Salesforce Consulting company named Cloud Analogy.

Salesforce Blog

I have worked with our global clients to render Salesforce Consulting services in data migration, data integration and customized Salesforce solutions. Today, I am here to share my experiences about our client who wanted us to integrate Shopify with Salesforce. First, let us understand “What is Shopify?”. Salesforce Certified Consultant and Developer In USA.