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Digital Literacy

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Socrative. Making Learning Awesome! - Kahoot! Video Maker & Photo Slideshow Maker. Digital Literacy Overview. Basic Curriculum The Basic curriculum features a course called A First Course Toward Digital Literacy.

Digital Literacy Overview

This course teaches the value of computers in society and introduces you to using a mouse and the keyboard. Standard Curriculum. Can you DIG/IT? - Enhancing Digital Literacy. Digital literacy is more than knowing how to send a text or watch a music video.

Can you DIG/IT? - Enhancing Digital Literacy

It means having the knowledge and ability to use a range of technology tools for varied purposes. A digitally literate person can use technology strategically to find and evaluate information, connect and collaborate with others, produce and share original content, and use the Internet and technology tools to achieve many academic, professional, and personal goals. Each strand of the DIG/IT curriculum requires that students research, collaborate and present, as do extensive reading and writing.

LIVE – digital citizenship, skills and safety LEARN – college and career explorations EARN – personal financial literacy PLAY – arts, culture, and fun in the city. Flowchart Maker & Online Diagram Software. Annotate images and videos — ThingLink. Free online word cloud generator and tag cloud creator - Learning tools & flashcards, for free.

Digital Literacy. TEDxWarwick - Doug Belshaw - The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design – Canva. Storybird - Artful Storytelling. Create Animated Videos for your Business. Free Infographic Maker. Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations. ABC Life Literacy Canada launches new program to improve digital literacy for adult learners. TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - October 31, 2016) - ABC Life Literacy Canada is pleased to announce a new program supporting digital literacy for adult learners from in-need communities.

ABC Life Literacy Canada launches new program to improve digital literacy for adult learners

The pilot program, beginning in November, will feature an introductory series of 3-hour facilitated learning sessions. Learning topics will include why the internet matters, how to use the internet safely, basic skills needed, and how to access and grow skills to support life moments (ie. job search, community engagement). People who don't have access to tools of 'Digital literacy' are at a disadvantage: Adobe CEO.

If someone does not have access to “digital literacy” at this age despite the increasing affordability of tools, he/she is at a loss, Shantanu Narayan, President and CEO of Adobe, said at an annual creativity conference here.

People who don't have access to tools of 'Digital literacy' are at a disadvantage: Adobe CEO

When asked about the adoption of Adobe’s creative tools updates in India, especially at a time when India is riding on a Digital India wave, Narayan told IANS: “Specifically with respect to India, we had issues like piracy. Now with the affordability of creative loud, the tools are more accessible to customers and I believe those who do not have access to ‘digital literacy’ at this age, they are at a disadvantage for the rest of their lives.” Talking to reporters on the first day of the Adobe Max 2016 creativity conference here, he noted that the company believes everyone has a story and our tools make it easy for them tell a story by making them more accessible. Teens learn new digital skills for making and creating at Media Literacy Week launch. OTTAWA, Oct. 31, 2016 /CNW/ - The 11th annual Media Literacy Week kicked off today in Ottawa with students from across Canada coming together to learn new digital media production skills.

Teens learn new digital skills for making and creating at Media Literacy Week launch

The event, held at the Canadian Museum of Nature, was hosted by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF), with opening comments by the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Status of Women. Media Literacy Week, which runs from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, celebrates the theme of "Makers and Creators" this year: parents and teachers are encouraged to help kids become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial by embracing media production, remixing, maker and do-it-yourself culture and coding.

Students from the Historica Encounters with Canada program attending the launch had the opportunity to do just that during hands-on workshops presented by Instagram, Twitter, Actua, and Ladies Learning Code. For her part, CTF President Heather Smith underscores the importance of creativity in media literacy. Digital literacy the most sought after competency by employers. KUCHING: At 3.5 percent in July, unemployment in Malaysia is at its highest since 2013 and continues to rise.

Digital literacy the most sought after competency by employers

This issue coupled with weak wages and job-growth has given cause for concern among Malaysians who placed the mounting cost of living as the No.1 priority for Budget 2017. These rising concerns coupled with the fact that almost 200,000 fresh graduates are unemployed, INTI commissioned a landmark survey between 316 employers and new graduates in Malaysia to better understand the demands of the increasingly competitive job market. Survey findings revealed several gaps in expectations between employers and new graduates in terms of the competency deemed essential to excel at a job. The most pressing dichotomy in expectation concerned digital literacy, where 30 per cent of employers regarded it as the most essential competency needed for job performance while most graduates rated it as the least important competency at only four per cent.