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I am a learner in Investment & Trading in NSE / BSE market Blogger & Admin of Quest-O-Quora Business Analyst & IT consultant ( freelancer ) for ITES projects Business consultant & Market Analyst ( free lancer ) Movie buff , Tech geek , Couch Potato , Ai researcher & comic fan Socio- Political critic and Interested in Law & Judiciary

Why the upcoming Economic Collapse is inevitable. I've always been wondering what actually is the market and why is there a surplus at one side and deficit at another side.

Why the upcoming Economic Collapse is inevitable

Government is taking hot weather measures to reduce the national debts and even most experienced economists could not able to prevent the crisis which is going to tremendously big. Why does USA debt matters to the world? And why we get global crisis starting from USA economic fall?. An even slighter economic downturn can slice the people away with heavy taxes and tons of pay loans. What causes 2008 financial crisis. There were long-term regulatory responses to the crisis which involved; in the United States, major legislation such as Dodd-Frank; in China, reforms of the shadow banking sector; and in Europe, new thinking about banking unions (to say nothing of the reform efforts made in other countries).

What causes 2008 financial crisis

Additionally, there were short-run “firefighting” measures undertaken by both governments and central banks. In the United States, the Federal Reserve employed a veritable alphabet soup of lending programs to inject liquidity into the markets and the US Congress used the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to help repair bank balance sheets. Additionally, governments around the world reacted with stimulus packages of varying magnitudes and many central banks also engaged in "quantitative easing.

" The reader will find the government & central bank response to the crisis in this write-up. Section 1: The supershort version Section 2: Weaknesses in the financial system Section 2-1: The Asset bubble. Basics of Mutual funding about other schemes. Gilt schemes are those schemes that invest their assets into only government securities.

Basics of Mutual funding about other schemes

The gilt schemes can be short term or long term schemes depending upon the composition of the portfolio of the scheme. These schemes have no credit risk, which means that there is no possibility of the investments of the scheme turning out to be worthless because the issuer has gone bankrupt as in this case the issuing authority is the government itself. This does not mean that there is no risk for the investor in such schemes because there is interest rate risk which means that in case interest rate rises there will be a fall in the value of the holdings and a consequent fall in NAV for the investors because the value of the holdings will depend upon the conditions in the debt markets and the movements therein.

Monthly income schemes are debt oriented schemes with a small dose of equity holdings. Fund of funds is another type of scheme available in the market. Risks and Guidelines to trade in stock market to earn money consistently. Money is always a myth in stock marketing and Investing.

Risks and Guidelines to trade in stock market to earn money consistently

Learn to code using Code with Google for your school and college kids. You want to land up a programming or coding job with good experience in handling multi projects with the knowledge you have got.

Learn to code using Code with Google for your school and college kids.

But still not having any idea bout where to study or to learn code, then you're in the right track. Many fortune 500 companies are looking to hire top expertized professionals who could jargon and handle problems more effectively than the regular college degree professionals who lack in real time experience. In many parts of the world , School kids whoever does their elementary standards or secondary school level they might get an opportunity to use computers when they have lab , but do they expose to real time wants like coding , programming or debugging?. Nah!.. It is like a heavenly feel for kids whoever doesn't own computers at home.. The Pentagon now testifies the person through heart beats. Heart beat is like rhythm to every human beings lively existence but does it has got anything to do with the disguising ?.

The Pentagon now testifies the person through heart beats

It is seemingly surpriseful that biometric identification is becoming a part of our life and it will keep expanding it in future. Today in some of the airports , Facial recognition has become the recognizable identification that works on technology through facial identification mapping algorithm which u can unlock your automobile or car or truck by looking at them like we use finger prints for everything to unlock laptops , smartphones and also for ticketing. Facial recognition is mostly known these days but have you ever heard that our heart beat could be the next identification unlocking factor?. The Pentagon in USA has recently developed a peculiar type of laser emission that actually does the very specific task that can identify the person's heartbeat through distance from upto 200 metres. Imagine with this AmalGAN AI to create art. In the world of today, anything could be possible in the world of technological era.

Imagine with this AmalGAN AI to create art

An art is a creative stuff illustrated by artists to perform drawings and paintings to cover audience. It is not like logical ability to solve tasks but rather it needs far more creative interest to sculpture it. We could see no. of great artists even making up wonderful art these days. Now a machine generated imagery with the aide of human collaboration these tasks are now becoming so easier for artists. BODY GUARD ( 2018 ) : BBC's tele series is beefed up with more darkish and nerve racking political action thriller. I am a couch potato and i love watching interesting tele series which has some uniqueness and twists in the plot .

BODY GUARD ( 2018 ) : BBC's tele series is beefed up with more darkish and nerve racking political action thriller

When it comes to British Broadcasting Corporation tele series like Sherlock , there will always be a quality work you could expect from the team to make audience feel so thrilled and also edge of the seat moments sometimes which you cannot able to predict the twist that burns in our minds . I have talked about few teleserials earlier like Black Mirror , Legion you would have noticed those has interesting elements either visually or psychological implication. We would have seen so many spy thrillers or secret service investigative thrillers but sometimes we could able to predict the twist that comes in between who could it be ?

. New Photo Voltaic Solar cells can distinguish Hydrogen and Electricity concurrently. Invest in Indian economy for better future sustainability. India : the seventh largest nation in size wise and ranks third in terms of preferred destination for investment in economic scale and it has emerged one of the most successive destinations that your investment will never go waste and also govt has eased the steps for business regulation for any foreigners to do business when compared with earlier stage and also better sustainable growth and also witnessed a paradigm shift for one decade nearly and achieved a strong robust growth today.

Invest in Indian economy for better future sustainability

Intel and Rolls Royce allied on hands to build autonomous cargo ships. The class of any quality comes with the brand and when it comes to luxury or pride only some cars are seemed to be extremely premium and those automakers create a brand for decades with their remarkable experience .

Intel and Rolls Royce allied on hands to build autonomous cargo ships

Top Killer sites for best online education to develop your Inter personal and professional skills. Learning is quintessential to our existence and continuous learning will help us to improve our knowledge and skills to support our traits to build for organization and also for professional use.Whether you are teenager , working professional or aged person the learning never stops and it is not only affect you to enrich for official necessity but also for to combat to update what is really happening around us.

Internet of today has lots to offer where we only access some information only when we want. As we all know Online Courses may not be appealing to everyone but still it is a booming industry where many people of today loves to utilize the net by learning online and some even getting certified to utilize the skills for professional use. First of all, Many of the quality sites which has good accreditation are completely free of cost or less cost of charge per course. The Tesla Files : 5 part series of History Channel's provocative show is an engaging documentary but incomplete. Nikolas Tesla : Serbian - American Inventor and Engineer with this contribution of Alternating Current to the world could not be forgotten so easily.

In 1800's it was not so easy for inventors to shatter their nutshells into pure product to use. This man eventually withdrew from polytechnic school and he worked for Continental Edison Company , where he mainly focused on electric current and motors. He set up an laboratory in Manhattan and developed the Alternating Current Induction Motor in late 1800's and earlier 1900's was truly a tag-mark. Why this man is so important in modern day too. Because this great inventor was very ambitious and thoughts were " Out of the Box " those days talked of electric car and wireless transmission. Coming Straight to the point , I have already mentioned about few TV series few months back which were all regular tv series but i did not mention much about documentary based tele series. Rosetta AI filters the impertinent memes screening task in Facebook. Facebook needs no introduction to the public as it is the most used social network all over the world and most successful tech giant in US is now making step further to detect the offensive sprays against public to combat such kiddish actions to keep it clean and polite.

As the social network has its more no. of fresh users getting signed up but also there are hasty things among-st users when it comes to comment or share on certain topics brings heat and raging between them causing a deep distress. Countless no. of texts, videos and images are been uploaded in social media network like Facebook everyday but not all the media that is been uploaded by user are seemed to be found polite or decent . That is not manly possible for human to check out billions of pics uploaded at the same time. Robots in Japan are now training English to boost linguistic skills. Japan is a well developed and market oriented economy and in Asian countries, it has its ace in the field of advanced robotics for a decade till date.

Japanese education system is distinctive in all accords with their traditional approach but never ending updation in automation from them has spurred a lot which enhances not only education but also technology and also it's well known for the international conglomerates such as Sony, Panasonic, Fuji , NEC , Nintendo , Epson , Fujitsu , Hitachi, Sharp and Toshiba.

As we know the education system has impounded technological presence in day to day activities with the help of STEM ( Science , Technology , Engineering , Maths ). AI now predicts the audience from its movie trailers using NVIDIA GPU. Who doesn't love films ? . Films are motion pictures or series of still images shown on the screen to create illusion. Tips to access Android Phones at emergency situation using lockscreen tapping method via. emergency call. When we miss out the process of opening smartphones or when we forgotten our pattern or password in our android phones . Steps to Remove Pattern lock on Android without resetting using Aroma File Manager. You must be little tired to de-crypt the pattern when you are totally stucked with no idea of your password or if you have forgotten your pin which are completely password protected to open your android phone and sometimes you may lost the patience and we may even feel like pushing some weight lifting work that time.

How to secure your PC easily and safely. Remapping the Squeeze feature on Pixel to do whatever you want. It is most likely one of the Pixel 2's most interesting features is Active Edge , which lets you launch Google Assistant by simply squeezing your smartphone. Books that are recommended by top entrepreneurs before starting a business. Snapdragon 1000 chips got ready to do its service in Windows 10 laptops. Proven ways to make money so quickly from home without any investment. Budget , Save & Invest your money into brighter family future. Enable new gmail web interface features in single click with these tips. Ubisoft's SAM is ready to be available for personal gaming assistance in service. Quora Gaffer: 10 Most Popular and in-demand programming languages in 2018. Quora Gaffer: Tips to download and save the disabled by author files from Slideshare website.

Quora Gaffer: Some of the best interesting and favorite useful websites to look of. Quora Gaffer: Corti :The real-time ai co-pilot that helps to analyze symptoms and alerts emergency in fast pace. Quora Gaffer: Search the files inside gmail like a pro with these tricks. Quora Gaffer: Black Mirror TV Series : An Anthology that tells sarcastically about the dark side of technological human mentality. Quora Gaffer: Some of the best foreign movies around the world that are worth watching for ( Part 2 lists ) Quora Gaffer: The Prisoner ( 1967 ) Tv series is an unique mystery/thriller metaphor of modern cult that exposes our society with cat and mouse escapism of individual. Quora Gaffer: SKETCHAR : this AI deep learning conceptual tutor directs the users to draw the pictures easily with help of AR & NN.

Quora Gaffer: IBM's Watson powered voice assisted home's and car's will soon be in action. Quora Gaffer: ONNX : a combined team work initiative for ai developers to hover around framework easily. Quora Gaffer: Some of the best foreign movies around the world that are worth watching for. Quora Gaffer: Piccolo ai tech will now automate and also sense your every move through its gesture recognition technique. Quora Gaffer: Moleskine's smart writing set is a modern day tech light pen and digital pad that connects paper and gizmo. Quora Gaffer: Amazon's Sense making sensible to home users automated with alerts. Quora Gaffer: Ai is helping out to spot out pre diabetic patients with help of cardiogram app from wearables. Quora Gaffer: Vuzix blade glass is an AR smart glass that seems to be functioning more of Google glass rivalry. Quora Gaffer: Tobii's eye tracking is going to be next virtual experience future headset.

Quora Gaffer: Robomart Bodegas is just another robot that delivers veggies to your home with just a tap. Quora Gaffer: Snowden's app Haven is just a smooth smart security home safeguarding system that alerts. Quora Gaffer: Snowden's app Haven is just a smooth smart security home safeguarding system that alerts. Quora Gaffer: Teach codes to the kids with this interactive and fun Makeblock Codey Rocky Robot.