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AIVID Techvision

AIVID empowers businesses to mitigate the risk of non-compliance and strive towards a safe & high-quality workplace by automating human observation-based process inspection using computer vision. Our Platform leverages AI and Deep learning to automate mundane, repetitive, yet critical manual processes Inspections across locations with central control. The platform aggregates camera feed data for automated inspection, alerting, reports and drives process improvement based on real-time visual insights. The technology has the boundless potential of application across Banks, hospitality, retail, and smart infrastructure industries to generate more value with video-data.

How to Count People With Computer Vision and Deep Learning? People counting or crowd counting is used across various industries with floating customer traffic such as - Banks, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail Spaces, Smart Cities, Schools, Museums – Places where people queue to get services or they enter or pass through a specific region and require tracking as an important tool for several purposes such as Statistical Purpose - Visitors Footfall, Visitor Demographic profileMarketing Research - Measuring Customer Experience, Customer Wait Time, Time spent in Layout AreasOperational insight for decisions – Arrival pattern, People count v/s Capacity managementSecurity - Increased surveillance, Fast response, and Control Types of People Counting Systems.

How to Count People With Computer Vision and Deep Learning?

Understanding of AI Based Video Analytics and Its Uses - AIVID. Video analytics refer to use of video surveillance data for real-time analysis of video data as the use of video surveillance both for security purposes and to increase business efficiency continues to grow.

Understanding of AI Based Video Analytics and Its Uses - AIVID

However Legacy solutions can be really inefficient -with complexities and the false alerts they generate. In this scenario, the technology is not effective and gets in the way of security efforts. Importance of AI based Central monitoring for Banks. Video Surveillance has been adopted by almost all banks to ensure safety and security of branches & assets however the number of bank robberies and thefts in the country went up 65% during 2013-2018.

Importance of AI based Central monitoring for Banks

Banks suffered a loss of more than 180 crores Rs between 2015-2018 due to robberies. RBI has continuously advised banks to strengthen their security features with central monitoring. Intelligent Video Surveillance for National Highway Monitoring. Highways are changing with hi-tech Cameras and ICT systems.

Intelligent Video Surveillance for National Highway Monitoring

While Cameras can be “eyes”, regulators are demanding “Intelligent patrolling eyes” for surveillance, regulating traffic, and automated decision making to accommodate the high growth of traffic flows, compliances, and better governance. Challenges faced while monitoring highways Traffic flows have grown exponentially over the past decade. Over 10 million new vehicles will be added to our roads every year for the next 5 years, which means traffic volumes on our highways are expected to double in five years' time, with an increase in the number of vehicles there is also an increased frequency of accidents happening at intersections. Intelligent Video Surveillance and Its Benefits - AIVID TechVision. Video surveillance has been a part of public discussion for a considerable time now.

Intelligent Video Surveillance and Its Benefits - AIVID TechVision

While there are people on both sides of the argument with plausible takes on how it can help or damage the system, the actual narrative has shifted to intelligent video surveillance. Take, for instance, in India Tamil Nadu, in a recent event two people with one wearing helmet stole 48 lacs from SBI ATM, the CCTV cameras were very helpful to the investigating team, in the post-incident analysis of the event but were not useful for proactive action by the banks. Image Reference - TOI News 17/06/21 Crime and emergency incidents precede the recording.

This leaves the camera feeds to serve as records, it does not help in proactive decision-making or immediate responses for damage control. 5 Visual AI use cases that can enable hospitals with proactive safety. Hospitals have well-set policies and procedures such as NABH, the standard provides a framework for quality assurance for hospitals. focusing on patient safety and quality of care.

5 Visual AI use cases that can enable hospitals with proactive safety

The standards call for continuous monitoring of events and a comprehensive corrective action plan leading to the building of quality culture at all levels and across all the functions. Currently, all such inspections are done manually. However, Covid 19 pushed the need to automate meticulous daily checks with detailed monitoring of the hospital's infrastructure, equipment, patient care, and safety compliance. As per the Supreme court of India order in 2020, it directed all states to install CCTV monitoring in all wards of covid hospitals to ensure proper care of patients is taken, while many healthcare institutions use video surveillance to monitor their facilities, but we still hear of incidents at hospitals 1- Monitors Fire-Prone Zones/Thermal temperature.

AI Based Video Analytics for Retail Stores. Digital technology is evolving and becoming progressively intelligent with each passing day.

AI Based Video Analytics for Retail Stores

Businesses now are relying more on technology and leveraging it to find ways to increase their business efficiency. Retail AI Inspection automation platform and video analytics plays a key role in this aspect and opens new doors for retail businesses to maximize their store output. Retailers are facing a growing problem of online shoppers using in-store visits as a showroom for products that will be purchased online.

AI-Driven Video Intelligence for Bank Security and Operations - AIVID. Data has become central to banks, unlocking new avenues for efficiencies for Banks.

AI-Driven Video Intelligence for Bank Security and Operations - AIVID

A highly regulated sector with strict norms from RBI for SOP compliances. Banks have come a long way in providing digital transaction experiences across the board and adoption of new technologies thereby enabling a better customer experience. Unfortunately, when it comes to security and protocols, banks have adopted video surveillance across branches and ATMs with a manual, checklist-driven approach. Video Machine Learning, Deep learning and AI in Visual Inspection. Artificial Intelligence has been around for ages.

Video Machine Learning, Deep learning and AI in Visual Inspection

There are several narratives, theories, and fantasies around how AI will be a neat replication of the human brain. The fantastical approach to forecasting the evolution of AI has reached a point where we are often debating how AI will react when it passes beyond the highest benchmarks of human cognition. In the field of computer vision, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning have created some of the biggest advances. SOP Inspection Automation Using CCTv Surveillance for Compliance. SOP Inspections are crucial for the operations of every organization.

SOP Inspection Automation Using CCTv Surveillance for Compliance

Conducting regular inspections helps ensure reliable performance, worker safety, efficiency, quality, and deter threats. With the pandemic still looming on enterprise operations, physical inspections have become trickier than ever. Organizations across industries have hence switched to remote inspections. Remote inspection rests on three key elements: 1.