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AIS Glass

AIS Glass is India's leading integrated glass company that offer end to end glass solutions. AIS Glass offers comprehensive range of products and solutions ranging from Clear & Tinted, to Reflective, Mirror, Frosted and Lacquered Glass to Glass Consultation, Installation and Service.

What is Frosted Glass? Where Can You Use Frosted Glass? - AIS GLASS. Have you ever come across an appealing type of glass whose surface is not all clear but is instead translucent; you’re almost tempted to wipe it clean in the hope of restoring its clarity?

What is Frosted Glass? Where Can You Use Frosted Glass? - AIS GLASS

Frosted glass looks a little different from the typical clear glass and finds applications in various areas, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space. Let’s take a look. What is Frosted Glass? In technical terms, frosted glass is a clear sheet of glass that is turned opaque through the process of sandblasting or acid etching. Because of light scattering during transmission, the glass comes out as translucent, obscuring visibility even as it transmits light. Frosting for Every Occasion Different kinds of frostings are available to suit different purposes 1. 2. 3.

Importance of Sound Proof Glass Solutions in Offices. Noise-free interiors are a priority for offices since they are usually located on busy streets bustling with activities.

Importance of Sound Proof Glass Solutions in Offices

Loud noises seep into the office space through doors and windows causing disturbances. This results in low productivity and efficiency of the employees and disrupts the daily operations of the business. Hence, cutting out noise pollution in office space is crucial. Besides dampening the outside noise, ensuring sound insulation indoors is also essential. It is very important to keep the confidentiality of cabin discussions and conference room decisions. AIS for Road Safety and Pollution Prevention. - AIS GLASS. Following road safety rules while driving in India can make driving less stressed out.

AIS for Road Safety and Pollution Prevention. - AIS GLASS

But often people break rules just to reach their destination quickly. Putting their lives at risk, people indulge in rash driving that sometimes lead to accidents. Besides glass, there are numerous other things that can be done to reduce the car traffic and pollution issues. Some of the rules are listed below: Educate your loved ones: Making your children and your loved ones aware of road safety can bring about a great impact to their lives.

Drive/ride at economical pace: Driving or riding the vehicle at a constant speed will increase the overall fuel efficiency by at least 30%. Avoid peak hours: Peak hours is the worst time to commute as the street is crowded with people heading to work, school and other venues. Glass- a versatile material for construction and architecture - AIS GLASS. Glass facades for commercial exteriors - AIS GLASS. Why Fire-Resistant Glass is Knocking Down Walls - AIS GLASS. When it comes to construction and design, brick walls have traditionally been the go-to option.

Why Fire-Resistant Glass is Knocking Down Walls - AIS GLASS

The high heat resistance of a brick wall was the most desired feature. It also came with certain disadvantages such as lack of transparency, obstruction of light and design flow, and certainly a lack of aesthetic appeal. The one element of design and construction that is often stressed upon is the aesthetics. Beauty, after all, is priceless. The lesser contemplated but more important element that was typically ignored until now was ‘safety’. The introduction of fire resistant glass seems to have come up as the perfect solution to this problem. The AIS Pyrobel, a high integrity fire resistant glass, and one of our premium offerings are now, quite literally, knocking down non-transparent wall/partition. Innovation in the world of glass – AIS GLASS. Revamp your interiors with innovative glass solutions Modern innovations in architecture and design have changed the entire functionality of glass as a building material.

Innovation in the world of glass – AIS GLASS

Earlier considered to be quite plain and fragile, architectural glass has come a long way in becoming one of the premier materials preferred by architects and designers alike. This modern solution can offer numerous advantages while being extremely sturdy and durable. Read on for some of the leading innovations that have revamped this material. Privacy – Every space has once section or the other that is completely personal and requires privacy from outsiders. Modernise and upgrade your current structure with AIS Retro-fitting solutions – AIS GLASS. Innovative glass solutions that offer energy efficiency and sound insulation are a primary choice for many individuals.

Modernise and upgrade your current structure with AIS Retro-fitting solutions – AIS GLASS

In addition, the widespread focus on sustainable architecture has led to modern materials like glass playing a major role in current construction. However, a lot of buildings that currently exist were made before these innovative solutions came into play. Replacing and re-building the entire structure to incorporate these solutions may not be feasible for everyone. However, with AIS Renew, architects can now upgrade their construction to receive all these benefits without replacement.

This unique retro-fitting solution is attached on top of the existing buildings to transform them into insulation solutions. These glass solutions comprise of a built-in Low-E interlayer, thus keeping the interiors cooler. This makes the glass reflect the sun’s heat away from the building and keep the interiors cool. The major benefit received with this solution is ease of installation. Experience the World of Innovative Glass with AIS World of Glass Mobile App – AIS GLASS.

Glass is a stunning material which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any place.

Experience the World of Innovative Glass with AIS World of Glass Mobile App – AIS GLASS

With modern innovations, however, this exquisite material is no longer restricted to décor pieces and interior applications but can replace any traditional construction material. Whether one is looking to conserve energy with naturally comfortable interiors, revel in peaceful interiors, minimize the harsh glare and optimize daylight, or relax and be comfortable with complete privacy and security – AIS has a solution for you. In addition, with unique customizable options, one no longer needs to be a mirror image of everyone but can stand out with their personal style statement. However, for most people before investing in something new, a personal experience of the solutions is a must. Taking this concern into account, AIS has launched its very own mobile app – World of Glass, which allows consumers to experience these innovative solutions while also remaining informed on the latest products and trends.

Add style and glamour to your interiors with AIS Décor – AIS GLASS. This innovative solution by AIS combines the elegance of glass with the brilliance of colour for the perfect décor product for your interiors.

Add style and glamour to your interiors with AIS Décor – AIS GLASS

Adding an element of style and freshness to your interiors, lacquered glass is a highly durable and material adaptable to any space. Created by fusing a special high-quality paint to one side of the glass, this opaque coloured solution can be customised to fit any shape and size required. Modern interiors, be it in a residence or commercial setting, can add a lot of style and charm to their space with colour. AIS Décor offer lacquered glass solutions in ten striking shades including – Venetian Red, Black Pearl, Sterling Silver, Snow White, Sparkling Beige, Sparkling Snow White, Chrome Yellow, Turquoise Green, Stone Grey and Hazel Brown. These solutions can be customised for a variety of sizes and thickness based on the purpose and space of the installation. Maruti Nexa Showroom, Jaipur. Why green buildings have become the need of the hour – AIS GLASS. The environmental impact during construction of spaces like buildings can be quite massive.

Why green buildings have become the need of the hour – AIS GLASS

In most cases, they account for extensive debris, disturbance of the soil and topography of the area, as well as severe energy consumption along with toxic waste. Green buildings, however, are revolutionising this concept by emerging as eco-friendly, energy saving and low waste generating solutions. Google Headquarters, Gurgaon AIS Ecosense Exceed – Green Radiance See More A green building has been defined as one which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.

The increasing concerns over global warming and environmental pollution have mandated the need for eco-friendly practices from everyone.