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Indoor Playground Milton. Trampoline Park Mississauga. Perfect place for Birthday/Corporate Party! Air Riderz Reviews Air Riderz exists to bring friends, families and colleagues together to have an amazing time and create lifelong memories.

Perfect place for Birthday/Corporate Party!

We are so proud of the Air Riderz reviews that visitors have shared with us! It is an honour to be part of your special occasions, family fun, and fitness efforts. See what others are saying about Air Riderz: · “Amazing place to take the family or in some people’s case feel like a kid again. Just Relax in our Lounge and Watch Your Kids Having Fun at the Trampoline. Wanna Jump? Visit our Jump Zone at AirRiderz in Mississiauga. Air Riderz Jump Zone Air Riderz Jump includes 15,000 sq. ft. of wall-to-wall trampolines with long lanes for Open Jump, Cube Jumping, Dodge Ball, Slam Dunk Basketball, as well as a Foam Pit area.

Wanna Jump? Visit our Jump Zone at AirRiderz in Mississiauga

Open Jump The best way to burn calories while having fun! Jump for half hour, one hour or two hours in our 7,000 sq. ft. Open Jump area. Professionally designed with trampolines in vibrant colours, our Open Jump area also features a two-foot Cube Jump and long lanes on the trampoline.Dodge Ball Dodge incoming balls by soaring high and bouncing off the walls to be the last team standing! We have two Dodge Ball courts that you can book for your party’s exclusive use.Four-Lane Foam Pit Go as high as you can and then flip, twist or turn into the Foam Pit.

***Toddlers 4 years and younger are restricted to the toddler area*** Organize Thrilling, Fun-Filled Kids Birthday Party in Mississauga with Air Riderz. Click for Birthday Packages Do you have your kids birthday coming up?

Organize Thrilling, Fun-Filled Kids Birthday Party in Mississauga with Air Riderz

You don’t have to struggle with the idea of having ten of their friends in your living room, jumping on the couch or climbing on the kitchen cupboards. Kids birthday parties don’t have to be a headache for parents, at least not in the Mississauga area. Now you can take them to Air Riderz to do exactly the same activities, but in a safe, contained area full of trampolines, vertical challenges and rock climbing walls (24 ft tall with safety harnesses), where they can play with each other while our staff ensure safety. Teen Events Mississauga: Party Hard Every Friday and Saturday @ AirRiderz. ClubRIDERZ Friday Nights, 9PM – 11PM (NOW ALL AGES) The only club in Mississauga that lets you jump off the walls!

Teen Events Mississauga: Party Hard Every Friday and Saturday @ AirRiderz

Turn the lights off & the music UP! Air Riderz is launching our ClubRIDERZ event – every Friday night from 9PM to 11PM featuring jumping, rock climbing, laser lights and a live DJ. Arrive at 8:45 for check-in1.5 hours of jumping & climbing from 9PM to 10:30PMLive DJ taking requests & spinning all the latest hits all night2 slices of pizza & a soft drink at 10:30PM. The ideal workout program for adults and teens - Airobix at Air Riderz. Bring The Wee Ones Into Trampoline Park During Toddler Time - Air Riderz. Bring the wee ones into Air Riderz during toddler time for a new, enjoyable experience for you & your child!

Bring The Wee Ones Into Trampoline Park During Toddler Time - Air Riderz

Jumping on a trampoline helps improve motor skills during this key developmental period in your child’s life. Our fun and friendly staff will spend time interacting with toddlers while tuckering them out before nap time. Take a break while they jump and relax on our couches – Air Riderz offers complimentary WiFi. Hours Saturday 9AM – 10AMSunday 9AM – 10AMTuesday 10AM – 12PM Thursday 10AM – 12PM For safety purposes, jumpers under the age of 4 must jump in the private court during regular operational hours. Place to Have Fitness & Fun Together. Has your kid been exhibiting moody behavior lately?

Place to Have Fitness & Fun Together

Have you tried talking to them with no avail? If so, welcome to the world of parenting. By the age of four, kids have already developed their own system of thought, making it more difficult for you to alter their thought process. Luckily, psychologists now say that regular play can improve your kid’s behavior tremendously. At Air Riderz, we have the most exquisite indoor playground to allow your child’s emotions to flow freely in the company of their peers. 1. 2.

Seeking fun and fitness under one shed?? Trampoline Park Mississauga -‪ AirRiderz‬ ‪ClubRIDERZ‬ launch party this Friday. Keeping Together is Progress. Trampoline Park Mississauga-Where Jumping Fun & Fitness Hooked up!! Trampoline Park Mississauga- Place where Competitors Play and Enjoy. Trampoline Park Gallery Mississauga: Air Riderz Burlington & Oakville.

Kids Birthday Party Mississauga: Air Riderz. Team Building Air Riderz. Team Building Air Riderz. Birthday Party Mississauga: Organize Thrilling, Fun-Filled Party. Online Waiver - AirRiderz. Birthday Party MI, Milton, Oakville: Jump, Climb & Celebrate With us AirRiderz. Book your party online now!

Birthday Party MI, Milton, Oakville: Jump, Climb & Celebrate With us AirRiderz

Get some serious AIR at your next party with an Air Riderz party package! You’ll never hear “we’re bored” at a party here! Not only will jumpers experience our wall-to-wall trampolines, trampoline dodgeball, Slam Dunk basketball and 4 lane foam pit, they’ll also have access to our one-of-a-kind climb zone! Our packages include everything from invitations to pizza to plates and candles. Corporate Party Packages Mississauga. Best Corporate Parties Packages In Mississauga: Air Riderz. Indoor Playgrounds Activities: Safety At Air Riderz. Safety is Air Riderz Number One Priority!

Indoor Playgrounds Activities: Safety At Air Riderz

General Rules All participants must have a signed waiver before jumping.All participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a legal guardian or a parent.Participants under the age of 7 must not be left unattended.Jumpers must wear Air Riderz trampoline socks only when jumping.Jumpers must remove, sharp objects, and jewelry that might cause injury or tear trampoline mats (Pockets must be free from sharp objects as well)No belt buckles, beads, or studs on clothingNo lying down or sitting on trampolines.Do not grab any safety pads or safety netting.Do not jump close to others. Pay attention to your surroundings to avoid any collisions.Always one Jumper per trampoline. Air Riderz Trampoline Park In Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington. Trampoline Park Mississauga, Burlington & Oakville. Rock Climbing Birthday Parties: Climb & Celebrate With Us AirRiderz. Air Riderz Climb Zone First of its kind in the Greater Toronto Area, try our innovative wall climbing and unique slide area.

Rock Climbing Birthday Parties: Climb & Celebrate With Us AirRiderz

Our climbing area is an excellent place to learn problem-solving skills, focus, concentration and fitness at any age. If you are planning for rock climbing birthday party, Air Riderz has an exciting & large indoor rock climbing facility, perfect to celebrate with friends, providing a unique and exciting experience! We host birthday parties & events where kids enjoy climbing, jumping etc. Rock Climbing- An adventurous activity for kids to have fun. Climb and Slide Our innovative climbing walls are designed to increase your child’s focus, strength and persistence to reach the top at 24 feet, and then float safely down with the safety harness. Corporate Party Packages in Mississauga- Air Riderz. Let Toodler Enjoy Jumping at Trampoline Park Mississauga. You have probably noticed the wonderful time your kids have when bouncing on a trampoline.

Let Toodler Enjoy Jumping at Trampoline Park Mississauga

They bubble with excitement and seem completely caught up in the rapture of the exercise. You may remember feeling the same way when you were a kid. Indeed, the thrill and exhilaration of jumping on a trampoline really never goes away. Even as an adult, you may have experienced the delight of the activity. Many of us won’t admit it; but there is something quite attractive and engrossing about watching kids on a trampoline, so much so that after a while we’re pulled into it ourselves. When you get on the trampoline and start bouncing, you will feel thrilled and amazed. This is a completely serious and proven statement. 1. 2. 3. 5 Reasons WHY Corporate Parties or Team Building Events are Important - AirRiderz AirRiderz. Some employers choose to ditch the idea of corporate parties because it’s not the easiest task to pull off. Corporate parties can also be such a hassle for the employees themselves because it has become a drudgery for them (the previous years’ parties were boring, or they felt more like extra work).

However, companies who see these parties as an event for coming together as a team benefit from the positive effects of it. Below are 5 reasons why you should not give up on that festive corporate party just yet. Reason #1 It’s a time to celebrate! It’s been a pretty stressful year. Reason #2 It allows employers to thank hard workers personally. Reason #3 It allows employees to interact with the bosses. Reason #4 It fosters camaraderie.

Reason #5 It boosts employees morale. Want more information? Airobix Mississauga: Enjoy FitFam Night & Fitness Class at $11. School Field Trip Ideas in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington. Air Riderz Trampoline Park Mississauga: Customer Reviews. Trampoline Park Mississauga: A Fun Element For Kids & Families. Trampoline Park For Family & Kids - Home. Airobix Mississauga: Ideal Workout Program For Adults And Teens. Teen Events Mississauga: Enjoy Partying Every Friday/Saturday AirRiderz. Above 13? We know what you like? There is one thing that can never be left out of a party or event held for tweens and teens: music! In Air Riderz we love what you love, and even if other people don’t share our musical tastes, we feel that there is nothing more fun and more enjoyable than jumping to the rhythm of your favorite bands.

That’s why we organize events for your age group every Friday/Saturday, from 9.00 to 10.30. Come and jump with us following the music of our guest DJ, have a slice of pizza and share unforgettable times with your pals. Having a birthday or graduating? Teen and Tween Nights Starting Soon… Organize Teen events and parties with Air Riderz. Indoor Playgrounds For All Ages@ Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga AirRiderz. Jump into fun (regardless of the weather!) With Air Riderz. We get any Party Jumpin’ Having fun indoors is possible all the year round, in a safe, clean, spacious and nurtured environment, where every member of your clan will find the activity that best suits them.

Indoor playgrounds were created to allow you to have tremendous fun in a safe environment, probably safer than outdoors and, with a little bit of imagination and enthusiasm, to turn every day into an extraordinary experience. A family indoor centre usually has diverse activities for people of different ages, but Air Riderz is a trampoline park with rock climbing, innovative climb walls and slides, where all the fun is based on jumping and climbing and playing competitive dodgeball. And talking of adults, have you thought of taking your coworkers to an indoor playground?

Summer Camps Mississauga: Opportunities For Kids to Learn & Play AirRiderz. Air Riderz Summer Camps Air Riderz Summer Camps are offered Monday to Friday (with the exception of Monday, August 3rd, 2015) from July 6th to August 28th. Full day and half day camps are available, with the option of daily or weekly registration. Space is limited! To register, visit our facility Email: Call: 905-820-7500 ext. 5 Click Here to download the registration form.

Birthday Party Places & Packages: Jump, Climb & Celebrate With Us AirRiderz. Book your party online now! Book your Birthday Parties Online in Hamilton, Burlington, TO, MI AirRiderz. Trampoline Birthday Party Center MI: Adventorous ClimZone, FREE WIFI AirRiderz. Air Riderz is an indoor trampoline recreation center with 26,000 square feet of exciting and adventurous fun.

Our goal at Air Riderz is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere where you can experience entertainment and fitness in a whole new way. Experience 15,000 square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines with Air Riderz Jump, including a Main Court, two Dodge Ball courts, three lanes of Basketball Slam Dunk, and a four-lane Foam Pit. Trampoline Park For Family & Kids: MI, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington AirRiderz.