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Airmid Solutions is a national healthcare staffing company that works with both retained and contingent clients. We specialize in placing Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, and Assistants. Our clients include Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Private Practices, Rehab Companies, and Urgent Care Centers. Our goal is to meet all expectations of our clients in a timely fashion. The team at Airmid Solutions has years of experience in placements and has the proven talent needed to assist your practice with the highest quality candidates for your position. Whether you are seeking a Dermatologist or a Physical Therapist we can help! Allow Airmid Solutions' experienced recruiters fill your practice's needs.

Airmid Solutions: Shortage of Healthcare staff is heading for an impending crisis. As the New York post duly points out, patient safety is suffering an all time low with the nurses being allotted to them in hospitals being spread too thin thanks to an unforseen crisis- shortage of staff.

Airmid Solutions: Shortage of Healthcare staff is heading for an impending crisis

The folks who do muster the courage to speak up about the shortage crisis are often faced with harsh reprisals from the hospital authorities should they go ahead. Hospitals are under fire as the number of patients with insured health plans are on the rise while the staff to look after them continue to dwindle by the day. With physical burnout being a leading factor what can be considered the logical way to handle the crux of this crisis?

With these simple steps, you can recruit newer members and retain your existing medical staff: An efficient way to retain your staff- primarily, your doctors, would be to invest and participate in their educational training and encouraging them to upgrade their knowledge and skills. “Hey, What about the nurses?” About the author: Marc A. How to retain your depleting Healthcare Employees? – airmidsolutions. Studies show that one in five employees in the healthcare industry quit every year.

How to retain your depleting Healthcare Employees? – airmidsolutions

That’s 200 out of 1000 employees in your firm, who are about to walk out your door. If that’s not terrifying enough, picture the effort and finances which need to be funneled in to recruit and train new employees only to redo it all over again every year’s “migratory season”. How do you ensure your employees are in it for the long haul? Retention conversations are important to any industry that hopes to plug this gaping hole of losing its employees. Patients score with experienced specialists at their side, employers win with saving money and time over training and recruitment, while employees tend to be more satisfied with engaging with their patients and taking care of their patients.

Here’s what you can do to retain your staff: Initial impressions are vital: If you treat your employees with the same respect and dignity that you intend to receive, they’ll return the favour. About the author:Marc A. Airmid Solutions: The two challenges facing Healthcare staff recruitments. The rapid rise of technological advancements in mobility, medical fitness applications and electronic data management has revolutionised the healthcare sector.

Airmid Solutions: The two challenges facing Healthcare staff recruitments

With an estimated rise of 19% in newer healthcare staff by 2024, the employment rate is at a steady increase with numerous opportunities opening up to healthcare practitioners by the day. That's about 2.3 million jobs! But as the industry is tilting towards a candidate-centric economy, human resource agencies have to work twice as hard to prevent their recruitment efforts from falling apart due to the lack of team building and cultural fits. Below are a couple of daunting challenges facing Healthcare staff recruitment: 1- Exodus of the Baby boomers The current healthcare industry is dominated by the baby boomer generation. So how is this going to impact the healthcare industry?

With a growing size of retires, they’ll require more healthcare staff to take care of them. How should Recruitment agencies handle this issue? How to get more done: 4 Tips for busy nurses – airmidsolutions. Unlike other jobs, priorities of nurses can change rapidly.

How to get more done: 4 Tips for busy nurses – airmidsolutions

As a demanding job, it may feel as if you don’t have enough hours to complete all your tasks. Patients require attention in all manner of hours which further lead to a state of desperation culminating in exhaustion and burnout. Here are some time management tips to help nurses to get stuff done more effectively and yet remain fresh: 1- Pick up the art of delegation You can’t do it all. And when some showers you with more tasks when you are preoccupied, don’t be afraid to decline. Remember, time management is the key to turn your life around and stay productive. 2- Plan out your day ahead Yeah, we know what we are talking about. Make a detailed sketch (or “plan” as you call it) about the tasks required to performed for the day as soon as your shift starts. As soon as you are free of your immediate duties to your patients (the window might be narrow), take the list out and perform tasks which are considered appropriate to you.

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