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Airmeet is an all-in-one platform for community managers to host interactive online events which feel as real and authentic as in-person events.

Effective Icebreaker Ideas for Virtual Meetups & Networking. Snapchat Reveals its Deepfake based Cameos - Techtalk Planet. Snapchat is preparing to launch a big brand-new function that utilizes your selfies to replace faces in videos you can then share.

Snapchat Reveals its Deepfake based Cameos - Techtalk Planet

It’s basically a simplified means to deep-fake you into GIFs. Snapchat Cameos are an alternative to Bitmoji for swiftly conveying a feeling, response or ridiculous circumstance in Snapchat messages. Some users from France received a beta version of the feature today, as spotted by Snapchat enthusiast @Mtatsis. TechCrunch reached out to Snapchat, which confirmed Cameos. the feature is currently is being tested for limited period in some worldwide markets. The firm revealed in a statement: “Cameos aren’t ready to take the stage yet, yet stay tuned for their worldwide debut soon” [Update 12/9/19: Snapchat announced today that “SnapchaCameos” will be launched globally on December 18th on iOS and Android.

Why Nvidia Shield TV is Best Android TV Experience - Techtalk Planet. In stock 4 new from $143.50 Free shipping 7 new from $283.31 Last updated on August 15, 2020 4:23 pm.

Why Nvidia Shield TV is Best Android TV Experience - Techtalk Planet

FIIL Personal Hearing Aid with Noise Cancelling Review - Techtalk Planet. Personal sound amplifying products, or PSAPs, are designed to boost environmental hearing for people without hearing loss.

FIIL Personal Hearing Aid with Noise Cancelling Review - Techtalk Planet

They aren’t selective in what sounds they amplify and are commonly used to “keep an ear” on children or babies in another room. They’ve also been advertised to improve sound quality during recreational activities like birdwatching and theatre. FIIL-G2090 picks up sounds and amplifies the audio. It filters the distortion and static before amplifying the sound. Anti Theft Travel Laptop Backpack Review - Techtalk Planet. Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port, Water Resistant College School Computer Bag Gifts for Women & Men Fits 15.6 Inch Notebook, Grey as of August 15, 2020 4:01 pm When you list options to gift your family or friends one thing that always makes it to your top picks is the backpack.

Anti Theft Travel Laptop Backpack Review - Techtalk Planet

These backpacks are used for multiple primary uses. It can be for office or college, travel along, and even casual sleepovers. Touch Control Hexagonal Wall Light Review - Techtalk Planet. Your room lights just got better.

Touch Control Hexagonal Wall Light Review - Techtalk Planet

You can now replace tube lights or even elegant bulbs with these lights which are not just brighter but also modular. Yes, now it is possible to arrange lights in the shape and position that you like. This can be changed easily and it’s worth the effort. Alovewe hexagonal lights have given the room a new spark and decorated them to look futuristic. Not just the looks but switching them or arranging them is very simple and modern. Alovewe Touch Control Hexagonal Wall Light Highlights: Modular Design: Alovewe has designed the wall lights by considering a lot of things. What is Bluetooth Range? Extend range?? Myths & Facts about bluetooth - Techtalk Planet. Every one of us uses Bluetooth and knows exactly what it is (well unless you’ve been living under a rock) but do you know that different Bluetooth devices have different operating range.

What is Bluetooth Range? Extend range?? Myths & Facts about bluetooth - Techtalk Planet

If not then keep on reading as today I’ll talk about different range of various Bluetooth devices. Do you remember that back in early 2000s, the smartphones of that generation used to have an option to share files via Infrared technology where you had keep two phones side by side almost stuck to each other to successfully transmit data as the infrared waves work only in direct line of sight and that is the reason why your T.V Remote control works only when it facing right towards your television.

Then soon enough Bluetooth technology which was invented in 1994 by telecom vendor Ericsson became more preferable way to easily & quickly transfer files between mobile devices after release of Bluetooth 2.0 in 2004. YOOTECH Wireless Charger Review - Techtalk Planet. Yootech Wireless Charger, [2 Pack] Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Pad Stand Bundle as of August 15, 2020 3:26 pm A gift doesn’t only have to be pretty looking.

YOOTECH Wireless Charger Review - Techtalk Planet

It can be extremely useful too. Here we are with another valentines day suggestion in the face of Yootech Wireless charger. Spytech GPS Tracker Device GL300 Review - Techtalk Planet. GPS is among the most useful inventions of the modern era.

Spytech GPS Tracker Device GL300 Review - Techtalk Planet

While there have been several routing and mapping improvements in smartphones, one tough thing is tracking someone without actually letting them know. It is not unethical, sometimes it is because of serious security reasons. Spytech GPS Tracker Device GL300 has come up with a powerful tracking device that just needs to be fixed on the vehicle that you want to track. The device is capable enough to detect and visualize the location.

It uses data from google maps to track the live location of the person or vehicle. Airmeet vs Zoom: Best Virtual Events Platform for Professionals. At a time when people are looking for safer and better technology, a comparison between Airmeet and Zoom is obvious.

Airmeet vs Zoom: Best Virtual Events Platform for Professionals

While Zoom has been in the market for a longer time and is definitely a great product, it has had some glaring concerns with regards to security and privacy. How to Plan Budget & Expenses for a Virtual Event? Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Vibrant Online Community. Now, you are ready.

Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Vibrant Online Community

You have a fully functional platform, engaging purpose, stakeholders, and visionary goal. However, before launching your community to a broader audience, make sure that you have the layout, the content, your core team to engage new members so that the community springs up that first big impression. The launch is crucial as this lays the foundation for the community to build. You may hold back certain vital features of the community and add them as it grows so that the community stays exciting and focused in the long run.

Once you have been successful with the soft launch, promote the community’s launch online with emails, websites, and other social media platforms. We wish you a Very Happy Community! Now, you are ready. Airmeet vs ON24. Social Media Marketing Tips to Make Your Virtual Event Viral. How to Define Goals & Objectives for a Successful Online Event. Airmeet vs Hopin - Which is the Best Virtual Event Platform in 2020? Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 dollars. 2020 is all about power. Companies have realized value for money is an important factor for laptop users and that is why we now have fast, graphically capable, powerful laptops for $1000 or less. Let us have a thorough look at the best gaming laptop under 1000 dollars in 2020 with all the necessary specifications.

Choosing the Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 1000 Dollars The best way to ensure that you get the best gaming laptop under 1000 dollars with all essential requirements & proper cooling hardware which is also in budget is by purchasing a gaming laptop. A Gaming laptop has a dedicated graphics card which is otherwise referred to as GPU. Sometimes the latest notebook that is rocking Intel’s 8th or 9th gen processor can work just as good as a gaming laptop even without an NVIDIA GTX GPU. A good GPU – makes all the difference: If you are owner of some latest AAA titles and love gaming at a professional level, then you might want to an edge above.

X Box Series X versus PlayStation 5. The Xbox One and also PlayStation 4 have reached the last stretch of their lifespans. Soon, Microsoft and Sony will launch the next-generation of gaming consoles loaded with brand-new functions, in addition to increased processing power to run the most latest computer gaming titles. Neither consoles will be launched until late 2020, yet now we do have ideas on what to expect.

From equipment to games, we’ve contrasted the Xbox Series X vs. Best Cameras for YouTube Video Recording. YouTubers have started to make a career out of their video-making skills and a few have started their daily vlogs successfully. Vlogs have gained a lot of popularity in the last 3-4 years. To begin is always tough, one of the first questions that come in mind is how will I shoot videos for YouTube? After considering different factors we have come up with a list of 15 best cameras for YouTube video that work ideally well for YouTubers.

When you buy or rent a camera or the entire setup to shoot YouTube videos it is very important that you consider the feature that you would want in it. The camera should have good video quality and stabilization, budget, portability, recording capacity, battery life, etc. YouTubers shoot with different perceptions and objectives. Here, we will discuss the best cameras for capturing anything as video content for YouTube. Rockstar drops HUGE hint. The GTA game series has been inconceivable over the years. Just this july, Rockstar introduces a new GTA Online Casino update, which saw the game enjoy a huge rise in active players. Airmeet vs Hopin - Which is the Best Virtual Event Platform in 2020? How to Plan a Large Scale Online Conference in 2020. 10 Ways To Win And Retain Sponsors For Your Virtual Event. Marketing Tips for a Successful Virtual Conference. Virtual Events and Conferences: The Ultimate 2020 Guide.

Events have always been an amazing source of networking. Since the inception of the ideology of the virtual events has emerged, it has changed the future of the events industry phenomenally. If you’re imagining and comparing virtual events with the not-so-interesting long webinars with almost zero interaction, then you’re going all wrong! Because nowadays, virtual events have gained immense popularity as they offer you no less than what you get in an in-person event that too without flying from one corner to the other.

But our point here is to determine how virtual events and offline events lack resemblance to each other. While we’re talking about the differentiation between the in-person and virtual events, there are several factors that we can base their differentiation on. We can kick it off with the most basic and common one. If we generalize the concept of networking, it is believed that offline events have a wide scope of networking. 10 Smart Hacks to Boost Engagement at Your Virtual Event. Airmeet vs Remo - The Better Virtual Networking Platform. Quality: Remo offers HD video and audio with faultless delivery. Fulllight Tech Beard Kit For Men Review - Techtalk Planet.

Best Android TV Box Review - Techtalk Planet. TV boxes have gained immense market value since the launch of applications that have original TV series or movies. From YouTube to amazon videos and Google home, everything has become functional with android TV boxes in the market. The Best Slide Scanners and Media Converter of 2020. Documentation is immensely important. Even in this digital era, scanners play an important role. Smartshow Smart Temperature Control Mug Review - Techtalk Planet. Smartshow Temperature Control Ceramic Mug as of August 11, 2020 11:04 pm.

Best Android TV Box Review - Techtalk Planet. Airpods Problem : How to Fix Common Flaws, Tips & Trcks. Earphones or headphones have been an important part of our daily life. Especially the fully wireless earbuds have been flooding the consumer market with improvement every half year. This trend was set by apple AirPods or AirPods that emerged truly as one of the most beautiful pieces of tech in this decade.

But even after them being designed so perfectly that too by apple they can have their fair share of flaws, but that doesn’t make them a bad product. 6 Types of Events You can Host on Airmeet. Whether it is an academic conference, a business conference, or a trade conference, Airmeet’s intuitive platform, and features make hosting it a breeze. You can easily attract delegates and speakers for your virtual conference in no time and fulfil the purpose of generating leads through your conference. Use case: Big Community on Airmeet.

Challenge: Budgeting is a primary step in event planning and can be significant in evaluating the success of an event. However, given the number of variables in expense, it is easy to miss factoring in certain costs or make estimation mistakes or pay a bomb for unexpected expenses. But what if, we could do away with some of these factors altogether. Use Case: Educators on Airmeet. How to leverage virtual events to improve your community’s experience. How to nurture and engage your virtual community. Community management: How to moderate your online community. 11 Proven Strategies to Grow & Scale your Virtual Community Rapidly. Every business has realized the importance of social media outreach and engagement. The social media platform used for reaching out may vary based on the styles and interests of the community of people.

Having a real-time forum connects people, where they participate in the group by sharing content and having discussions with members at a global scale. You can send personalized or tailor-made messages, discussions, and engagement to match their expectations. Established platforms are great, but don’t miss the chance to build on the latest and rapidly growing social networks too. At its core, a community is essentially a gathering of like-minded people who would like to discuss and share ideas.

Hosting a Successful Online Event: Best Practices for 2020. Virtual Event Trend Guide: Top 7 Trends in 2020. AI Chatbots and Machine Learning are anticipated as the new technology that can take over the existing technology we are moving along with. This trend is turning up across the B2C sectors, especially for the e-commerce industry. This technology will help captivate audiences, improve logistics, and gather more positive attention. AI-powered programs are based on activity, preferences, and behavioural data of attendees, as collected live at the event.

Real-time data collected is most appropriate, and with agile technology, you can quickly modify and alter content based on the attendee’s interest. It helps businesses to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation efforts. Step-by-Step Guide to Use Airmeet Online Event Tool: For Speakers.

Use case: Big Enterprise on Airmeet. Step-by-Step Guide to Use Airmeet Online Event Tool: For Attendees. [Case Study] Aspire Media pivots to Online Events, Uses Airmeet to Provide a Rich Networking Experience. [Case Study] EngineerBabu Amplifies Event Outreach and Engagement Securely via Airmeet. How to Plan Budget & Expenses for a Virtual Event? Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Vibrant Online Community. Virtual Events vs In-Person Events: How to Choose? Looking for a Virtual Events Platform? Here’s What Airmeet Offers. How to Promote Your Virtual Event. Effective Icebreaker Ideas for Virtual Meetups & Networking. Airmeet vs Zoom: Best Virtual Events Platform for Professionals. Airmeet.