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PRESENTATION of the LIFE Natur'Adapt project

METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE to developing a vulnerability and opportunities assessment and an adaptation plan for a protected area. ADAPTATION processes summaries of the 21 Natur'Adapt pilot protected areas. ARTICLES. INTERVIEWS. CONFERENCES & WORKSHOPS. WEBINARS. REPORTS. TUTORIAL - How to view Natur'Adapt platform in English ? Dear colleagues from across Europe and further, You can view and contribute to all the contents (news, pages, discussions, etc.) of the Natur'Adapt platform in English with two tools : 1. You can just right click on the page and choose “translate” (see image below) but you will have to do it for every page.

That works with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome but not with Mozilla Firefox. 2. You can install a little add-on on your favorite web-browser. It takes 5 minutes and you only have to do it once! Please find below the steps to follow to install a translation add-on (for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) : For Google Chrome 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Example with the extension “Google Translate” : you can use the extension by clicking on the “puzzle” the right side of your url bar (see image below) A small window opens (see image below) to ask you which extension you want to use : click on “Google Trad” and then “Translate this page” (see image below) . For Mozilla Firefox: 1. 2. GET INVOLVED! Pledge For Climate - EUROPARC Federation. The document highlights the role of Protected Areas to tackle climate change and pledges to support, encourage and contribute to working together. Together for Climate, Nature and People A pledge for Climate Change Adaptation in and around Protected Areas We are pleased to launch here the EUROPARC “Pledge for Climate”.

This is a valuable legacy of the work we undertook in the framework of the LIFE Natur’Adapt project. It is a call for action to ensure biodiversity and climate are taken in due consideration as parts of the same picture. The pledge originates from the work of our Task Force on Climate Change and takes into account inputs and recommendations that were received from Park managing authorities, through constructive dialogue with EU institutions, the CoE and other partners in the project. Read it now The Pledge for Climate is undersigned by Agencies for nature conservation, Protected Area Managing authorities, organisations and networks of Protected Areas from across Europe. WEBSITE - Climate Change Adaptation & Protected Areas - EUROPARC Federation. Why consider climate change in PA management practice? Field experience and research tell us that it is urgent to tackle nature and climate breakdown.

It is also widely accepted that human societies’ behaviours are exerting an overwhelming destructive force on the natural world. Although bleak, this acknowledgement holds reasons for optimism as solutions to both crises overlap. They call for better integrated land management, well implemented protection and more restoration to develop large and well-connected natural ecosystems.

Protected areas have a central role to play in tackling climate change How is the EUROPARC helping managers adapt to climate change? As an active partner of LIFE Natur’Adapt, EUROPARC is engaging its community of members into integrating climate change adaptation in their management practices. With the help of a dedicated task force, EUROPARC is: Developing a policy brief for decision makers;Organising exchanges among peers;Sharing existing knowledge and experience.