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Web-GUI for OS Routing Machine : Neis One! Exploring PhoneGap / Cordova for Mobile App Development - Application Development Blog - Dunn Solutions Group. This workflow centers around the cordova utility, otherwise known as the Cordova CLI(Command-Line-Interface),introduced with Cordova 3.0.The CLI copies a common set of web assets into subdirectories for each mobile platform, makes any necessary configuration changes for each, runs build scripts to generate application binaries.

Exploring PhoneGap / Cordova for Mobile App Development - Application Development Blog - Dunn Solutions Group

Platform-centered workflow: Use this if you want to build an app for a specific platform with lower level modifications. You need to use this approach for example, if you want your app to mix custom native components with web-based Cordova components. Platforms supported(for CLI): IOS (Mac) Amazon Fire OS (Mac, Linux, Windows) Android (Mac, Linux, Windows) BlackBerry 10 (Mac, Linux, Windows) Windows Phone 7 (Windows) Windows Phone 8 (Windows) Windows 8 (Windows) Firefox OS (Mac, Linux, Windows) On theMac, the command-line is available via the Terminal application.

Dossier : L'information dynamique des voyageurs. Borne d'information voyageurs À la demande des usagers, de plus en plus de réseaux font des efforts en matière d'information des voyageurs.

Dossier : L'information dynamique des voyageurs

Ces systèmes sont la partie visible des SAEIV (Système d'Aide à l'Exploitation et à l'Information Voyageurs) des réseaux qui permettent l'exploitation et la régulation des bus d'un réseau. Certains réseaux proposent aux usagers des innovations très intéressantes : affichage du temps d'attente sur téléphone mobile, envoi de SMS en cas de perturbation sur le réseau… La géolocalisation des véhicules permet d'offrir des informations en temps réel. Equipements pour les voyageurs. Datasets : New-York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Netherlands... Batch Analyst · opentripplanner/OpenTripPlanner Wiki.

MTA Bus Time. Projects. OpenTripPlanner. OpenTripPlanner (OTP) [1] is a collaborative effort among TriMet [2] (the public transportation agency serving Portland, OR, USA), OpenPlans [3], and the developers of Five Points [4], OneBusAway [5], and Graphserver [6], as well as several independent developers, to develop an open-source multimodal trip planning software system.


Features Data OpenTripPlanner relies on General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data to describe public transportation schedules and routes. It can use OpenStreetMap (or commercial data sources) for data on sidewalks, bicycling infrastructure, and streets. The two sources of data are linked through transit stops, which are parts of both sets of data. Detailed descriptions of the different types of data that OpenTripPlanner can use to build a network for routing, or graph, are available on the OpenTripPlanner GraphBuilder page. Design The core of OpenTripPlanner consists of three basic software components: a graph builder, a routing engine, and a user interface. OneBusAway Privacy Policy. We value your privacy, so we want to be explicit about what kind of personal information is involved when you interact with OneBusAway.

OneBusAway Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know. We're first going to describe some general principles behind the privacy policy, and then describe the specific details of what information is used and collected, how long it is kept, and provisions for opting out. OneBusAway is both a research project at the Georgia Tech Urban Transportation Information Lab (UTIL) and a service provided to transit users throughout the Atlanta region. Here are the general principles that guide our privacy policy.

Access Statistics This pertains to OneBusAway as a research project. Specific research projects. Tutorials · opentripplanner/OpenTripPlanner Wiki. Brandon Martin-Anderson. In 2004, web-based public transit trip planners were expensive and rare.

Brandon Martin-Anderson

Whereas there are nearly 700 public transit systems in the US, only a handful of large cities had online trip planners. Graphserver, an open source multimodal trip planner, was created to put a trip planner on the site of every transit agency in the country, eliminating,for people with access to the web, unfamiliarity as a barrier to entry to using public transit. Graphserver implements a novel modification of Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm to enable truly multimodal trip planning.

Your Open Source Compass. CloudMade. Available languages — CloudMade ( formerly provided a platform for software developers to build geo-enabled applications.


CloudMad made extensive use of OpenStreetMap data to provide mapping services. CloudMade was founded in 2007 by OSM founder Steve Coast and long-term OSM contributor, Nick Black. Nick remains with CloudMade. There is more information on key staff below. Download. View Changelog Note that the master version can contain incompatible changes, so please read the changelog carefully when upgrading to it.


Using a Hosted Version of Leaflet The latest stable Leaflet release is hosted on a CDN — to start using it straight away, place this in the head of your HTML code: Using a Downloaded Version of Leaflet Inside the archives downloaded from the above links, you will see four things: leaflet.js - This is the minified Leaflet JavaScript code. leaflet-src.js - This is the readable, unminified Leaflet JavaScript, which is sometimes helpful for debugging. leaflet.css - This is the stylesheet for Leaflet. images - This is a folder that contains images referenced by leaflet.css. About GeoTools — GeoTools.

GeoTools is an open source (LGPL) Java code library which provides standards compliant methods for the manipulation of geospatial data, for example to implement Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

About GeoTools — GeoTools

The GeoTools library implements Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications as they are developed. For an overview of the capabilities of GeoTools please check the User Guide feature list. Current version information: 8.0: Development2.7: Stable GeoTools is used by a number of projects including Web Feature Servers, Web Map Servers, and desktop applications. Open Source GeoTools is proud to be one of the original founding projects for the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. Open Development If your organization is making use of GeoTools we invite you to help set the release schedule. Graphserver - The Open-Source Multi-Modal Trip Planner. The open-source multi-modal trip planner.

Graphserver - The Open-Source Multi-Modal Trip Planner

Code Repository Mailing List Direct questions and comments to the Graphserver Google Group. Download $ wget Or, for the stout of heart, get a copy of the current working branch $ git clone Install Cold Start You'll need a computer running linux. Specification. 1.


Introduction. Détour du côté de CityMapper « Labs – Le blog de Canal TP. Retour sur une application mobile de Transport Public qui a récemment buzzé et que j’ai testée sur Paris. Verdict… Détour du côté de CityMapper « Labs – Le blog de Canal TP.