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Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS) is among the leading United Kingdom based institutions for professional education and it is accredited globally. AIMS have upheld a commitment to grow individuals’ career paths, and has earned its strong academic reputation worldwide, since it was established in 2005. The academic programs includes online MBA, diploma and certificate courses, and they are delivered through a flexible e-learning system.

MBA Project Management Degree. Supply Chain Certification Cour… Bitcoin Fatwa - Is Bitcoin Halal Or Haram in Islam by AIMS Education Online. MBA Project Management - Online Project Management Degree. Reverse Logistics - System, Process & Management. What is Reverse Logistics?

Reverse Logistics - System, Process & Management

Reverse logistics makes reference to all the operations meant to minimize loss by reusing or repurposing materials and products. For example, refurbishing or remanufacturing can be seen as processes of reverse logistics. This type of logistics is meant to reduce costs regarding the flow of raw materials by controlling them in a more effective manner, to make better use of available inventory, and to recapture the value of used goods and materials or dispose of them in an adequate manner.

In the traditional logistics system, the goods move from the manufacturer or supplier to the customer. In the case of reverse logistics, the products make a step backward at least once, going back to the distributor, for instance, from the customer. Reverse Logistics System: The reverse logistics system encompasses all the operations connected to the reuse of materials and products from the logistics flow. Online Logistics Certification and Logistics Courses. AIMS’ Institute of Islamic Banki…

Project Management Academy - Online Project Management Qualifications by AIMS Education Online. Institute of Supply Chain Management - Best Academy for Online Programs. Understanding 3PL Logistics and 4PL Logistics. When you are looking for logistics services, some people would say that you should go with 3PL or Third Party Logistics while others state that 4PL or Fourth Party Logistics is the best option.

Understanding 3PL Logistics and 4PL Logistics

It’s important to keep in mind that they are different and they offer different levels of logistical services. In what concerns to logistics, many businesses choose to rely on an outside provider. If this is your case, then you’ll need to choose between a 3PL and a 4PL service. What Is 3PL Or Third Party Logistics? Simply put, the 3PL service involves having the manufacturer maintaining oversight of their supply chain but outsources both the transportation and logistics to a 3PL provider. MBA Islamic Finance Degree. Diploma in Supply Chain Management. What is Project Management Definition by AIMS Education Online. CIFE - Online Islamic banking courses & Islamic finance courses. Scrum Project Management & Sprint Project Management. The ultimate success or failure of a project depends on the way they are managed and led.

Scrum Project Management & Sprint Project Management

However, success requires more than just good leadership. It requires leadership that not only maximizes efficiency as one that has the right tools to get the most out of the team. So, to ensure that your project is a success, you need to find the right tool or, in other words, the right project management method. To do so, you need to consider not only the size of your team but also their experience, and what worked and didn’t work in the past. Project Management Certification. Diploma in Islamic Banking and Fin… Islamic Finance Training by AIMS Education Online. Project Management Academy - Best Institute for project management qualifications. Maysir (Gambling) and Games of Chances in Islam. Maysir is an Arabic terminology and it means gambling, and it literally means ‘getting something too easily’, or ‘getting a profit without working for it’.

Maysir (Gambling) and Games of Chances in Islam

Maysir is a game of chance by which, a person either win or lose. Earnings through maysir and games of chance have been strictly declared as Haraam. Originally, the word maysir stood for a game or play with unfeather or headless arrows. Gambling can briefly be defined as wagering money or other valuable things upon the outcome of an event or making money upon some chance. Thus it is a game of chance by which you either win or lose. The extent to which gambling prevails in the modern world is difficult to assess. Supply Chain Management Diploma. Certified-project-manager-cpm. Project Management Certification Courses by AIMS Education Online. Diploma in Supply Chain Management - Recognized Supply Chain Diploma. Top 5 Supply Chain Innovation - Its Types and Implementation. When most people think about innovation, they immediately think about creating new business models or designing new products.

Top 5 Supply Chain Innovation - Its Types and Implementation

However, innovation is not just that. It is also the continuous improvement of your business operations and processes. Based on this, it is easy to assume that a supply chain innovation is superior to a simple supply chain management. Innovation in Supply Chain Management and Logistics Innovation are based on getting the best suppliers and materials. Instead, companies should try to work with suppliers to innovate in safer and better ways so that they can continue to develop and deliver services and products. Online Project Management Diploma. Logistics courses in Certified Supply an… Supply Chain Management Courses by AIMS Education Online. What is Shariah, Sharia Law, and Sources of Sharia?

How to Become a Project Manager in 5 Simple Steps. It seems that becoming a project manager is many people's dream.

How to Become a Project Manager in 5 Simple Steps

The reality is that this is a job that is increasing its popularity. So, before we show you how to become a project manager, it is important that you understand what a project manager is. Ultimately, a project manager is someone who leads teams, plans, and keeps projects not only in budget but also delivered in time. A project manager is the one responsible for the success or failure of each project he works on. As you can imagine, it is not easy to be a project manager. Step-1: Getting Started: If you are looking to become a project manager, you probably already know that you have natural leadership abilities as well as strong organizational skills.

In case you're still in school, this is the time to work hard and get good grades. Step-2: How to Become a Project Manager Without Experience:

Supply Chain Management

Project Management. Islamic Banking and Finance. Project-Based MBA Supply Chain Management Degree Offers Better Learning Opportunities. 6 Popular Project Management Framework. The project management framework makes reference to the stages of a project’s cycle and the tools required to execute the created project.

6 Popular Project Management Framework

Thus, with the help a project framework, you will be able to see each stage of the project in details, plus the tools and strategies needed to complete each stage successfully. These frameworks differ from company to company, according to their goals and desired projects. But, regardless of how the stages of a project look like, it is important to go through each one adequately, in order to ensure the success of the project. CIFE - Islamic Finance Certification Best Islamic. Methods for Project Development. Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM) Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance - 100% Online.…

Project Management Academy - Best Online Qualifications. Blockchain Supply Chain Management Explained. If you ever heard the term “blockchain”, you’re probably thinking about bitcoin or any other type of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Supply Chain Management Explained

While it is true that this is how the blockchain appeared, it is a rather versatile solution for a wide range of problems. For example, it could solve issues in supply chain management and make the involved processes run smoother. So, let us understand how blockchain supply chain can contribute to the improvement of the supply chain management. What is Blockchain Supply Chain Management? With the blockchain supply chain, the potential of supply chains grows exponentially. How blockchain will transform the Supply Chain Industry? There are many things that can be significantly improved in the supply chain industry with the help of the blockchain. Online Project Management Certification. Top 5 Best Supply Chain Practices that Improve Organizations.

In the current highly competitive economic environment it is necessary to transform and improve your supply chain management practices so that you can produce great results while containing costs.

Top 5 Best Supply Chain Practices that Improve Organizations

One of the best ways to go about this is to adopt the processes, methods, and philosophies of the best supply chain practices. With a wide range of supply chain management courses available today, there is no excuse in failing to prepare your organization adequately to be as efficient as possible. 1. Online-project-management-courses[1] Certified Project Manager (CPM) with PMP Training. CSLP - Online Supply & Logistics Certification. How Valuable is PhD Islamic Finance and Why Do Professionals Opt for It? Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram? Bitcoin Fatwa in Islam. After the introduction of bitcoin, the biggest debate that has been going on in the Islamic banks and financial institutes is that whether bitcoin Halal or Haram.

Is Bitcoin Halal or Haram? Bitcoin Fatwa in Islam

There are many Muslims around the world who are interested in knowing the true status of bitcoin so they can consider using it. Here we have a complete concept to help you out in the process. Concepts of Cryptocurrency and Money in Islam Bitcoin and comparative digital forms of money satisfy the monetary jobs of cash - going about as medium of trade, unit of record, and store of significant worth - and furthermore gain status as Islamic cash by being "standard cash". Shariah perceives standard cash as being anything that additions money related status through wide acknowledgement in the public eye or by government command. In Germany, digital currency is perceived as lawful cash and in this manner qualifies as bitcoin Islam cash in Germany.

Supply Chain Management Degree Online. Understanding Green Supply Chains. Logistics Certification and Training Courses. Certified Takaful Professional (CTP) Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance - Globally Recognized Program. Project Management Skills are Hot, and Master Diploma in Project Management (MDPM) Meets the Quality Criteria. Blockchain Project Management – Concept, Effects & Benefits. Background and Overview While blockchains are most associated with Bitcoin, more companies are looking at the project management capabilities that this type of management offers.

What’s interesting is that banks, such as the Russian-owned VEB bank, are looking into blockchain project management in how they run their financial services to their customers. When Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, it was demonstrated that the cryptocurrency used a blockchain management system that allows for a decentralized system while still controlling the spread of information. However, traditional blockchain procedures as developed by Bitcoin for example will actually disrupt the flow of information that most companies have spent years building up.

Fast Forward MBA Islamic Finance of AIMS-UK is Very Flexible for Working Professionals. In today’s competitive world economy, working professionals are looking for flexible and convenient online courses that can take them to the next level of career growth. The MBA Islamic Finance offered by the reputed AIMS offers a tailor-made course that has gained in popularity around the world. Top 5 Best Supply Chain Practices that Improve Organizations. Importance of Supply Chain Management in Retail & FMCG. All of us can enjoy a wide variety of products due to the advancement of technology and supply chains. But, even so, a supply cannot be effective and deliver up to the expectancies of end consumers without a proper management system. The importance of supply chain management is larger than usually seen, as it makes sure that people get their favorite products when they need it, taking care of the elementary steps that begin with obtaining the raw matter and ending with taking the finished product to store shelves or client’s front door.

PhD Islamic finance is a research-base… Islamic Banking Courses - Certified Islamic Banker (CIB) Certified Project Manager (CPM) with PMP Training. MBA Project Management Degree - Accredited & Online Masters in Project Management. PhD in Islamic finance is accredite… International Logistics or Global Logistics: Ways to Increase Efficie… Certified Project Manager (CPM) with PMP Training. CLAP 4: Eric Paquette. What is Islamic Mortgage & How is it Different from Conventional. There are many people who think that halal mortgage is better as compared to conventional mortgage because there is no interest rate.

That is why even Non-Muslims are interested in the system. However, before you can apply for Islamic mortgage or Muslim mortgage here, we have a little insight that will help you understand what it actually is and how is it different from conventional loans. A home loan made by the sharia, or Islamic law, which precludes the instalment or receipt of intrigue. An Islamic home loan might be an intrigue free credit, however frequently it is a more unpredictable exchange. For instance, a bank could purchase a house for money and after that re-pitch it to the "borrower" for a benefit through amortized instalments to such an extent that the benefit is the equivalent as the bank would have made had it expanded a general credit. Sign In. CSLP - Online Supply & Logistics Certification. Supply Chain Management Certification - Online Supply Chain Courses.

AIMS Project Management Diploma Graduates Efficiently Manage Projects, Programs, and Project Portfolios. PressReleasePing - October 28, 2018 - E-learning or online education has become widely popular recently – and many finally understand the potential that this type of learning possesses. Completely freeing students from 678learning possesses. Completely freeing students from hectic scheduling problems and strict deadlines, e-learning has made learning a simpler, more effective process. 5 Basic Project Management Phases & Activities. Getting a project done, especially one that involves considerable resources and personnel requires effective planning and oversight.

This logistics certification is de… Sign In. PhD Islamic Finance and Banking - Research Based. AIMS' Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance - Best Islamic Finance Training. Ways to Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs in International Logistics. There are two basic methods to improving the cash flow of a business, increasing revenues and cutting costs. When it comes to curtailing the cost of how you do business, addressing your international logistics may provide healthy savings for the company. Shipping products, materials, and equipment around the world in global logistics is complex and for larger companies must be run by someone who hold a recognized supply chain management degree.

Project management certification. Sign In. CPME- Online Project Management Certification. Project Management Academy - Online Project Management Qualifications. AIMS' MBA Supply Chain Management Students Get International Experience & Expertise. The job market in supply chain management is booming, but employers are showing preference for accredited degrees in the field earned specially in the US or the US. Understanding Blockchain in Islamic Finance and Banking. The blockchain technology is rapidly gaining the attention of Organizations of Islamic Cooperation. There are various Islamic financial institutes which are planning to use the blockchain system to bring the benefits that come with it.

AIMS' MBA Islamic Finance gives Islamic bankers and finance professional flexibility to earn online degree. PressReleasePing - October 28, 2018 - Certified Project Manager. Supply Chain Management Courses Online. Institute of Supply Chain Management. AIMS' MBA Supply Chain Management Students Get International Experience & Expertise. MBA Project Management Degree. Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance. Diploma in Supply Chain Management. MBA Islamic Finance Degree Is More Career Oriented Qualification. PressReleasePing - August 14, 2018 - Islamic finance is attracting students from the world over due to its strong emphasis on transparency and sharing of profits and losses. MBA Islamic finance degree programs, offered by recognized institutions, are designed to product top executives for this growing market.

Recent shows that students who hold Islamic finance degree are preferred over the graduates who study conventional banking. This research was made by AIMS UK, which is a leading educational institute in Islamic banking and finance, has earned a reputation for advancing the careers of finance professionals with its accredited MBA Islamic Finance degree.

With a yearly job growth of 7 percent, the Islamic banking and finance degrees have gained popularity for their ethical financial practices. Islamic Finance Course. Financial Crisis and Islamic Finance. The global financial crisis affected all major banking and financial institutions, but some countries were obviously affected more than others. In both terms of initial impact and speed of recovery, the Islamic banking and finance industry has surpassed all Western, conventional numbers. Just why is the Islamic banking industry so success and what makes them so different from conventional banks? Diploma in Islamic Finance. Models and Methods for Supply Chain Analysis. These days, supply chains evolved in a great manner, as goods are being sent all over the globe from various locations.

As a business manager, it is important to know how to properly the supply chain analysis is done. So you can adjust and change it according to the needs of your business. While a supply chain may appear in an ideal shape at first, it may turn out to be not that effective when it starts working. This is why you need to make efficient chain analysis, to spot any leaks or problems before they trigger any issues for your company. You may also need to perform periodic analysis. Diploma of Supply Chain Management. If you are willing to become a manager and an expert, who can design, implement and manage competitive supply chains? Supply Chain Management Certification Online. Online Project Management Certification.