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Aimless Travels - Travel Tips and Hacks

Travel offers you not only the experience of seeing new places, it's also fun and educational. You'll meet new friends and make lifetime memories. Of course, you want your adventures to go smoothly to make the most of your trips. Here are some ideas to help keep everything enjoyable and stress-free.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Baltimore National Aquarium. Baltimore, Maryland is a fantastic city filled with great restaurants, hotels, and easily accessible transportation. What’s even more great is Baltimore’s National Aquarium that offers it’s visitors a great experience with its beautiful design and educational exhibits. We decided to take a trip to Baltimore, Maryland to celebrate my birthday and Valentine’s Day. We are beginning to get into the habit that, for every year around this time, we try to visit a new aquarium around the country. Since the Baltimore National Aquarium was only about two and half hours away from us in New Jersey, we thought it’d be the perfect destination for our mini vacation!

1. The Hotels Baltimore has so many beautiful hotels for you to choose from, even if you’re on a tight budget. Quick Tip: If you sign up for the Kimpton Karma/IHG Rewards Club, they’ll give you a discount on your booking. Memorable Moments: Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to have a giant adult bubble bath? 2. 3. Quick Tip: 4. 5. 6. 53 Remarkable Pictures Of The California Coast. We were able to capture so many beautiful images of the California coast during our road trip from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, California. These were some of our favorite places to visit while on our road trip. We hope these pictures are just as jaw-dropping for you! Looking for some awesome spots to sight-see on your way to Santa Cruz? Check out our previous article to discover all of the best areas that not everyone knows about! Muir Beach Devil’s Slide Fitzgerald Marine Reserve San Gregorio State Beach Pescadero State Beach Pigeon Point Lighthouse Panther Beach.

Must See Spots In Italy That Aren't Tourist Traps. To get to know Italy on a deeper level, you’ll have to venture outside of the big cities (and very “touristy” areas) and travel to much smaller, more authentic towns. My husband and I were able to explore five cities in six days. It was a grueling vacation schedule, but so worth it! Italy truly is a magical land jam-packed with ancient buildings, relics, and delicious food and a beautiful scenic drive if renting a car in Italy is your kind of thing! Rome is divided by the Tiber River (aka Fiume Tevere). For the first day of the vacation, we stayed on the east side of Rome. Get A Taste of East Rome’s Magnificent & Ancient Architecture Rome is completely designed with ancient buildings, statues, and structures.

Don’t Fall Over While Seeing The Leaning Tower Of Pisa! If you are uncomfortable driving in Italy, there are plenty of other great transportation systems for you to utilize, such as bus routes and trains. Fun Facts: The Leaning Tower is a freestanding bell tower of the cathedral.