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Aimless Travels follows the adventures of Shelby and David as they visit the many beautiful places around the world. Come start the Journey with us!

How To See Kaaterskill Falls...The Right Way. New York has much more to offer than just New York City! With the Catskill mountains located just 3 hours from New York City, it has become a popular destination for many people around the east coast. The Catskill mountains offer hidden waterfalls, water holes, campgrounds, and beautiful hikes. One of the most beautiful sights is right by Hunter Mountain in the eastern section of the Catskills, which is known for their skiing/snowboarding during the winter. The Kaaterskill Falls are a two-stage waterfall on Spruce Creek, totaling 260 feet in height. The Kaaterskill Falls have become a popular destination for people to go for its beauty, accessibility, and watering holes to cool off in after a hot hike. And, it’s definitely a destination you should add to your bucket list! The Parking Is Going To Be Tough! Parking for Kaaterskill Falls is a bit of a nightmare.

To find the parking, you can use the GPS coordinates: 42.18983, -74.07401. Fair Warning: Not Much Of A Hiker? A Word Of Caution: Incredible Pictures of Kaaterskill Falls in New York. Kaaterskill Falls is located in Spruce Creek in the eastern part of the Catskill Mountains of New York. It’s a beautiful two-stage waterfall that is just a simple hike away. This makes the Kaaterskill Falls such a popular location and sight to see in the Catskill Mountains.

We hope you find these pictures of Kaaterskill Falls to be just as remarkable as seeing it in person! If you’re interested in knowing more about the Kaaterskill Falls, how to get there, and where to visit around the area, check out our other article, here! With campgrounds all around the Catskills, Kaaterskill Falls is an easy drive for most people living around the east coast! Kaaterskill Falls most likely gets its name from early English-speaking colonists from the early 18th century that butchered the name “Catskills”. To access the hike for Kaaterskill Falls, you’ll have to look out for the lower trailhead parking lot. You start the hike walking along Route 23A to get to the beginning of the trailhead. Must See Spots In Italy That Aren't Tourist Traps. To get to know Italy on a deeper level, you’ll have to venture outside of the big cities (and very “touristy” areas) and travel to much smaller, more authentic towns.

My husband and I were able to explore five cities in six days. It was a grueling vacation schedule, but so worth it! Italy truly is a magical land jam-packed with ancient buildings, relics, and delicious food and a beautiful scenic drive if renting a car in Italy is your kind of thing! Rome is divided by the Tiber River (aka Fiume Tevere). For the first day of the vacation, we stayed on the east side of Rome. Get A Taste of East Rome’s Magnificent & Ancient Architecture Rome is completely designed with ancient buildings, statues, and structures.

Don’t Fall Over While Seeing The Leaning Tower Of Pisa! If you are uncomfortable driving in Italy, there are plenty of other great transportation systems for you to utilize, such as bus routes and trains. Fun Facts: The Leaning Tower is a freestanding bell tower of the cathedral. Planning Your Daily Escape To New York City. There are TONS of things to do in New York City, I mean, it’s called the Big Apple for a reason, right? New York City should be on your bucket list for sure, and even if you’re just passing by for a quick day trip, an exciting night, or a quick getaway weekend in NYC, you’ll be sure to have an outstanding time! Grab Some Authentic New York City Street Food For Lunch One thing you gotta love about the city is that there are food carts all over the place! You can’t really walk around without smelling and craving those soft pretzels and hot dogs. If you’re looking for something aside from the basic kind of foods, we would highly recommend Halal Guys.

They started out as just a standard “hot dog” cart in the city, and have now become a world-known chain! The reason we love this place is for their delicious gyro and their infamous white and red sauces! Go Take A Relaxing Stroll Through Central Park You can’t possibly make it a day trip to New York City without going to Central Park! Quick Tip: DZone. How To Get The Most Out Of Santa Cruz. Great surfing, beautiful beaches, warm sunshine, and an exciting boardwalk: There really are so many things to do in Santa Cruz with kids, couples, or friends looking for an amazing vacation or weekend getaway. Santa Cruz makes it tough to want to go anywhere else! Indulge Your Inner Kid At The Santa Cruz Boardwalk You’ll find plenty to do at the California’s oldest standing amusement park. If you’re a thrill-seeker like us, you can venture over to the rides, which features the famous wooden roller coaster, Giant Dipper.

On the western end of the board, there is a pirate-themed recreation center, Neptune’s Kingdom, that has an indoor arcade and miniature golf course. Love Marine Life? Do you love the world’s oceans as much as we do? Visit The Barking Sea Puppies (Sea Lions) At The Santa Cruz Wharf We love Sea Lions and seeing them as much as we can around California! Figure Out What’s Behind The Mystery At The Mystery Spot Get A Work-Out In With Sea Kayaking Fun Fact: The Garden Of Eden.

Enjoying San Francisco On a Budget - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. When you think of San Francisco, what do you think of? The Golden Gate Bridge? Or maybe a movie or TV show, such as Rise Of the Planet Of the Apes or Full House? Whatever it may be, San Francisco, California is one of those cities that everyone has on their bucket list.

San Francisco can also be very expensive. But, what if I told you there were just as many exciting activities and ways to experience San Francisco without breaking the budget? We experienced San Francisco in a day for under $20, and so can you! Like Flowers Or Art? The Japanese Tea Garden is located in the Golden Gate Park. The Japanese Tea Garden allows its visitors to experience beauty, tranquility and harmony in a Japanese-style garden. Yes, There Are Actually Bison Roaming in San Francisco They’re roaming in a paddock, that is. Originally, there was a bison cow and bison bull transported from Wyoming and Kansas to the Golden Gate Park. Check Out Muir Beach Getting A Little Hangry? Fun Fact: Well, you’re about to. 53 Remarkable Pictures Of The California Coast - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide.

We were able to capture so many beautiful images of the California coast during our road trip from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, California. These were some of our favorite places to visit while on our road trip. We hope these pictures are just as jaw-dropping for you! Looking for some awesome spots to sight-see on your way to Santa Cruz? Check out our previous article to discover all of the best areas that not everyone knows about!

Muir Beach Devil’s Slide Fitzgerald Marine Reserve San Gregorio State Beach Pescadero State Beach Pigeon Point Lighthouse Panther Beach. How To Get The Most Out Of Santa Cruz - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Pictures from Cancun That Will Make You Fall in Love - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Oh, Cancun…It’s one of the most common vacation destinations in the world for people looking to get away. A tropical paradise, sandy beaches, warm weather, sunny skies, mojitos…what really is there not to love? My desire to venture to Cancun grew back in high school when I heard about a lot of my friend’s going on family vacations there.

David and I even took a trip to Playa del Carmen together again in 2017. The following vibrant pictures from Cancun were taken back during my sophomore year of college in 2015. I had the privilege of staying at Club Med Cancun with my wonderful family for about 10 days. It was a beautiful all-inclusive hotel that offered so many attractions including wakeboarding/waterskiing, unlimited cold beverages, trapeze school, sailing, snorkeling, and so much more. Cancun’s Notorious Spiny Tailed Iguanas I had to start the photoset with these beautiful creatures.

Quick Tip: If you like reptiles, these guys LOVE veggies and fruits. Looking To Try Something Daring? Enjoying San Francisco On a Budget - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. 4 Things You Need To Know When Backpacking Near NJ - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Growing up in New Jersey really limits many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, specifically camping and backpacking. Of course, there are a lot of campsites around the tristate area that you can pay a small fee to rent out, but they are usually right next to other campsites (and people). While that is nice, do any of you prefer the style of camping that allows you to really live off of nothing and just appreciate the outdoors? I sure do! Many people assume backpacking around New Jersey is impossible. Unlike out west, many areas around here forbid backpacking, camping, and open fires unless it’s at an official campsite. During the summer of 2017, we did some research to look into areas that allowed backpacking.

Harriman State Forest is located in New York and allows backpacking within a certain distance to two lean-to shelters-Bald Rocks and Tom Jones. Tom Jones Shelter area: Both offered different hikes. Quick Note: Our favorite time to go camping is definitely the fall. . #1: Water. Aimless Travels on Vimeo. 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Baltimore National Aquarium - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide.

Baltimore, Maryland is a fantastic city filled with great restaurants, hotels, and easily accessible transportation. What’s even more great is Baltimore’s National Aquarium that offers it’s visitors a great experience with its beautiful design and educational exhibits. We decided to take a trip to Baltimore, Maryland to celebrate my birthday and Valentine’s Day. We are beginning to get into the habit that, for every year around this time, we try to visit a new aquarium around the country. Since the Baltimore National Aquarium was only about two and half hours away from us in New Jersey, we thought it’d be the perfect destination for our mini vacation! 1. The Hotels Baltimore has so many beautiful hotels for you to choose from, even if you’re on a tight budget. Quick Tip: If you sign up for the Kimpton Karma/IHG Rewards Club, they’ll give you a discount on your booking. Memorable Moments: Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to have a giant adult bubble bath?

2. 3. Quick Tip: 4. 5. 6. Pacific Coast Highway: Road Trip From San Francisco To Santa Cruz - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Do you only have a few days in California, but are really interested in doing one of those traditional scenic drives along the California coastal highway? We look forward to sharing with you our road trip planner with all of our favorite (and not so favorite) spots that you should definitely hit if you’re thinking of a small road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. Driving Highway 1, or more commonly known as the Pacific Coast Highway, is something that everyone should have on their traveling bucket list (it’s definitely on ours)! But, we get it. Sometimes, life gets in the way and prevents you from making that kind of committed drive. If you only have a few days, consider flying into San Francisco and renting a car to drive to Santa Cruz.

The drive, without stops, only takes about an hour and a half. Stop 1: Muir Beach Muir Beach was our first stop during our road trip. Fun Fact: We actually came across this beautiful beach by mistake. Our Opinion Of This Stop: Stop 2: Devil’s Slide. What Makes The Japanese Tea Garden Special - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. The Japanese Tea Garden is one of the most popular features in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in California. It features 5 acres of land with various Japanese-inspired styles of paths, koi ponds, trees, plants, sculptures, buildings, and, of course, a tea house that is located in the central part of the garden. It has become known as the oldest public Japanese gardens in the United States! When Is It Open/How Much Should I Plan On Paying? Good news: It’s open year round! From March 1st through October 31st, they are open from 9:00am-6:00pm. From November 1st through February 28th, they are open 9:00am-4:45pm.

Some bad news: It does cost money to enter. Quick Note: Make sure to arrive early in the day, as parking and traffic can be a nightmare during the afternoon. The Backstory Of The Japanese Tea Garden This beautiful garden was originally built in 1894 as a feature of the California Midwinter International Exposition. Peace After World War II What Can You Expect To See? The Tea House. 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Baltimore National Aquarium - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. 6 Reasons Why Lake Tahoe Is Perfect For Spring Break - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Lake Tahoe, California is known for having amazingly warm and mild winter weather while offering deep snow drifts and spectacular scenery, combined with technically challenging ski terrain.

We decided to spend our Spring Break during March of 2018 in Lake Tahoe, and we weren’t disappointed. You may be thinking: “Wouldn’t you want to spend spring break somewhere warm?” While somewhere warm might be enticing, Lake Tahoe, California is a Spring Break destination sure to win winter activity die hards all around. 1. Since Lake Tahoe is in the mountains, you may assume the weather there is always cold. Our third day at Heavenly reached over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and that was at the PEAK of the mountain! Quick Tip: If it’s predicted to be sunny and warm during your visit to Lake Tahoe, definitely invest in sunscreen, especially if you plan on hitting the slopes!

On the fourth night we were there, it had snowed at least 12-13 inches. It was such an amazing experience! The snow didn’t stop there. Fun Vacation Ideas in Salt Lake City, Utah - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Have you and your friends been looking for a great spot to go on vacation with a group of friends? Salt Lake City, Utah may just be the perfect destination for you, that you may have never thought about. Back during August of 2014, David and a few of his friends decided to take a road trip across the country after they graduated college.

We had just met a couple months before he left for his trip. We talked throughout the month he was away, and he threw out the idea that my friend (who was dating his friend that was also on that same trip) and I should fly out to Utah to meet up with them. My friend met her boyfriend at the same time we met. So, of course, you’re probably thinking: “Did you actually fly out to meet up with someone you barely knew? Wakeboarding Utah was a beautiful state, especially during the summer. If you’ve never tried wakeboarding or wake surfing before, I highly suggest it! Quick Note: Memorable Moments We have a tendency to get injured when we’re around each other. Why Playa Del Carmen Is Perfect for Couples - Aimless Travels. I’ll be honest…I was probably an incredibly naggy girlfriend to make this trip to Playa Del Carmen to happen.

But, I’d say it was the perfect kind of couples retreat. The Hotel: Paradisus La Perla Paridisus La Perla in Playa Del Carmen was the perfect amount of boujee, upscale, and modernesque that we were looking for. Our room made us feel right at home, with a huge bed, large indoor tub and double showers, double vanities, and a small living room. The parameters of the hotel were surrounded by a pond filled with koi, goldfish, and friendly turtles that loved to eat anything you offered them.

Paradisus La Perla was also an all-inclusive hotel adults-only (18 years and older). Memorable Moments The Market: For night one’s dinner, we spent it at the buffet at The Market. La Palapa: Dinner this night was interesting to say the least, but one of my favorite stories, which I am so glad I get to share with all of you. The Pool Bars Quick Tip: Fishing & Snorkeling Memorable Moments:

World Travel Tips and Guide.