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The future of wearable technology is not wearables – it's analysing the data. The future of wearable technology in fitness and health isn’t about the fitness bands and health monitors – it’s about what can be done with the data they collect, according to the founder of health firm LifeQ.

The future of wearable technology is not wearables – it's analysing the data

​The Best Fitness Tracker for Every Need. Miten minulla menee? – terveystiedot pian omassa taskussa. Mobiilisovellus tuo terapeutin vaikka bussipysäkille. Suomi tarvitsee mobiileja hyötypalveluita – Perttu Hörkkö, Elisa Oyj. Sector Roadmap: Quantified Self devices and platforms. 1Executive Summary The Quantifed Self movement has been growing steadily beyond its Silicon Valley focus of late.

Sector Roadmap: Quantified Self devices and platforms

This trend is fueled by the growth in wearables, platforms for exchanging health and fitness data, and a general shift from expert knowledge to more distributed forms of health expertise. Consumer electronics companies have entered the fray with the successful fitness trackers like Fitbit (see disclosure) and Jawbone UP, and Apple looms on the horizon. What is the best app for self tracking and Quantified Self? Two months ago, tired of juggling between paper questionnaires and Google Spreadsheets, I embarked on a quest to find the perfect mobile app for self-tracking.

What is the best app for self tracking and Quantified Self?

The objective was to identify the single app that would enable me to log any kind of personal structured data, in any domain of my life. By structured data I mean data that can be stored as a number or a short text (letter, word or two), as opposed to images, video, sounds, maps, and long texts; think heart rate, weight, responses to psychological questionnaires, etc. In my previous post, I described the search methodology, and how I reduced the initial pool of 185 tracking apps down to 11, applying the versatility criteria. Today, I will narrow down the results even further, and reveal the winning apps. The Future of Quantified Self Devices. I was sitting at the back of the API discussion at the Quantified Self Conference this Friday in San Francisco, and realized that there is something wrong with the current way these quantified self devices are built and marketed.

The Future of Quantified Self Devices

I don't want to buy a device and be trapped in the company's ecosystem of apps and be stuck in yet another social network. I want to use these physical devices as inputs to my own data store, and have a completely separate set of companies handle the social and aggregation of data from the data that I own. The Current QS Device Ecosystem In the current model, every device has its own app and its own social network, and most of them have an API. Each device wants you to completely buy into their entire world. Quantified Self: The Ultimate Beginner's Guideand List of the Best Personal Data Tools Out There) A transformation is happening.

Quantified Self: The Ultimate Beginner's Guideand List of the Best Personal Data Tools Out There)

People, like you, are taking control of something conventional wisdom has told us is not ours to understand: our health. Why are we fat? What makes us feel sluggish? What causes our disease? Quantified Self Guide. Digifit The Digifit ecosystem is a full suite of Apple apps that records heart rate, pace, speed, cadence, and power of your running, cycling and other athletic endeavors.

Quantified Self Guide

Data can be uploaded to the well established training sites Training Peaks and New Leaf. The ecosystem is is split up into the Digifit™, iCardio™, iRunner™, iBiker™, iSpinner™ and iPower™ apps. To utilize the full functionality of the app you must purchase the Digifit Connect ANT+ dongle and and the purchase of an advanced functionality App. Hakkeroi omaa elämääsi. The Best Quantified Self Site You Haven’t Heard Of. The retailer has been criticized for a photograph of a skirt hitching up to reveal a young woman’s buttocks.

The Best Quantified Self Site You Haven’t Heard Of

The real problem is a society insisting its youth grow up too soon. The shot shows a woman bent over a car, head unseen buried into its window: The focus is on her bare, colt-thin legs, and the ruffled base of a skirt teasing the outline of her buttocks. The articles condemning American Apparel for posting the image on its U.K. These Medical Apps Have Doctors and the FDA Worried. Miakievy/Getty Iltifat Husain has seen an awful lot of sickness and injury during his time as an emergency room doctor, but lately, he’s worried about something new.

These Medical Apps Have Doctors and the FDA Worried

He’s worried about the ill effects of mobile healthcare apps. There are hundreds of medically themed apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, and by most accounts, they’ve been wonderful tools for tracking, evaluating, and taking control of our personal health. Husain loves apps such as Draw MD, which lets physicians draw out surgical procedures for patients, and MicroMedex, a prescription drug reference encyclopedia. But he’s concerned about the emergence of untested apps that are marketed as replacements for legitimate medical equipment—apps such as Instant Blood Pressure, which purports to take your blood pressure by way of the iPhone.

According to Husain, a faculty member in the Emergency Medicine department at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, these apps could very well land someone in his E.R. Pow Health ® - Manage all of your health in one place. Google julkaisi Google Fitin ja Android Wearin. Mitä ne ovat ja mitä niillä voi tehdä? 7 Brilliant Ideas To Make Health Data More Useful. For the past few years, winners of the Knight News Challenge have produced handy tools for journalists, policymakers, and everyone in between. You may have heard of some of the best known ones, like DocumentCloud, a tool for analyzing public documents, and Safecast, a project that aims to build a network of air quality sensors. Now the Knight Foundation has turned its attention towards health data, with the seven winning projects of the $2 million Knight News Challenge: Health.

The winners, picked from more than 700 entries, span topic areas, but there are some trends. Many of the applications, for example, track community health patterns. Could wireless replace wearables? These days there's perhaps no hotter tech topic than wearable sensors.

Could wireless replace wearables?

Earlier this month, for instance, Apple announced a new “Health Kit” app for smartphones that tracks a person's health. But events such as Fitbit's recent recall of more than 1 million fitness bands over user skin irritations — and research published last week contending that health-trackers may be no more effective than a $25 pedometer — suggest that wearables have their drawbacks. Hs. - The Voice of Mobile Healthcare. Quantified Self: The Ultimate Beginner's Guideand List of the Best Personal Data Tools Out There) iOS 8 - Health. Quantified Self & Biohacking Finland.

Omahoito muuttaa terveydenhuoltoa - Mylab Technologies. #7 Biohakkerin podcast – Viidakkomies Olli Posti - Biohakkerin käsikirja. 8 Bad Habits You Can Quit Using Apps.

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10 Brain Implant Superpowers. Apple's new EarPods will have sensors in them, for heart rate & blood pressure. Also iBeacons so they don't get lost. They will require the lightning port, it's why the audio jack was moved to the bottom. Consumers look to Apple iWatch as a game changer. How successful Apple's device is depends on the features it has, according to Baig.

Consumers look to Apple iWatch as a game changer

Several wearable devices that are currently on the market, such as the Pebble and the FitBit, focus on fitness tracking. But many consumers will expect more versatility from an Apple device. Read More Apple's stock split: Nice, but where's the product? So far, no wearable device on the market has been a home run, said Baig, who called the first Samsung Galaxy watch a "dud" that turned off users with a difficult user interface and disappointing battery life.

But consumers are looking to Apple for a game changer, according to Baig. Watch:Samsung limiting wearable appeal: Pro About half of consumers see wearable technology as a fad, according to a poll by Harris Interactive last fall. Hs. Hs. Consumer Physics’ $150 smartphone spectrometer can tell the number of calories in your food. Would you like to be able to look up the calorie content of the specific apple you’re eating? You could take it to a lab and run it through a spectrometer, but accurate spectrometers are huge, expensive machines that are often only owned by institutions and require training to use. A new startup, however, wants to make it easy as running an app and pairing a bluetooth dongle. The SCiO is a handheld device that pairs with a smartphone through Bluetooth LE being developed by Consumer Physics, an Israel-based startup funded by Kholsa Ventures. Fitbit, Nest data: How the companies are making money off you. Photo by Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images This post originally appeared in Business Insider.

Companies like Fitbit and Nest Labs have realized there’s a lucrative business in selling the data collected by wearable devices and smart home automation devices. List of Digital Health Solutions. Wello by Azoi Inc. Biohakkeri sukeltaa kehon sisään - Viestintätoimisto AC-Sanafor. Biohakkeri tietää itsestään kaiken. Biohakkerointi - egoismia vai elintärkeää? Self Knowledge Through NumbersQuantified Self. CES 2014: Wearable technology becomes self-contained. Kuopiolaisfirman älyvaatteet huomioitiin maailmalla - Talous.

Puettava tietotekniikka tulee kovaa - mutta monen laitteen kohtalo on selvä. MeeDoc. Biohakkeri parantaa itsensä, niin teet pian sinäkin — Nyt. Urheiluhifistin housut ajattelevat - Talous. Wearable, Body, Metrics, Hexoskin, Mobile, Device, App. Diabetes Data Beamed to Your Phone. Google Glass Lead: How Wearing Tech on Our Bodies Actually Helps It Get Out of Our Way. Robby Macdonell on Tracking 8,000 Screen Hours. QS Gallery: Nick Winter.

8 digitaalista terveystrendiä. The big question: 'What will be the impact of the quantified self over the next decade?' Onko tulevaisuuden terveydenhuolto älykästä? Check my level - a new way to measure performance. Työasennon muutos – Nouse ylös. Pixel Health. Itsensämittaajien ja biohakkereiden miitti. Biohakkerin terveystestailu epäilyttää lääkäriä. Ota itsestäsi mittaa – Quantified Self & Biohacking Finland - Teemu... Quantified Self & Biohacking Finland. Näkökulma: Biohakkerointi enteilee terveysteknologian läpimurtoa. Animal study: 1000 IU vitamin D3 inhibits muscle breakdown in athletes. Syke kertoo yllättävän paljon terveydestämme. Quantified Self. Biohakkeri säätää kehonsa terveeksi - johonkin rajaan... Suomalaiset haluavat lisää sähköisiä terveydenhoitopalveluja.

Biohakkeri parantaa itsensä, niin teet pian sinäkin.