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Python. Ruby. Javascript. HTML. CSS. PHP. Drupal. Java. VCS. DevX. A Semantic Web Primer for Object-Oriented Softw... W3C Working Group Note 9 March 2006 This version: Latest version: Previous version:

A Semantic Web Primer for Object-Oriented Softw...

Hacker News. Low Level Virtual Machine. The name LLVM was originally an initialism for Low Level Virtual Machine, but the initialism caused widespread confusion because the scope of the project is not limited to the creation of virtual machines.

Low Level Virtual Machine

As the scope of LLVM grew, it became an umbrella project that included a variety of other compiler and low-level tool technologies as well, making the name even less apt. As such, the project abandoned the initialism.[6] Now, LLVM is a brand that applies to the LLVM umbrella project, the LLVM intermediate representation, the LLVM debugger, the LLVM C++ standard library, etc. The Association for Computing Machinery gave Adve, Lattner and Evan Cheng the 2012 ACM Software System Award for LLVM.[7] Description[edit] WOW Web Professional Education and Training opt... Facebook Developers.