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AIBridge ML offers cutting-edge services to its customers around Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and RPA with robust tools and proven processes. The firm plays a crucial role in crafting success using tools and methodologies that encompass the Industry 4.0 automation and intelligent forecasting capabilities. The firm has a footprint across the US, Australia, Canada, and India. We have a strong presence across several domains such as Media, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, and more.

AI can help Indian States to attract Businesses to set up in India exiting China. Artificial Intelligence will help Indian states to attract large businesses to set up in India exiting China!

AI can help Indian States to attract Businesses to set up in India exiting China

ByAjay Ray 19 May Indian State Governments have recognized an unexpected opportunity and are offering various cordial business plans to organizations leaving China to set up in India. Indian central government upheld the operation and issued a package of INR 20 trillion of financial aid, which is one of the world's largest package of upgrading economies as of today. Read full article on Linkedin: Share this post. How AI will help Agriculture and Farming post Covid19. Source Link While Covid-19 has impacted every business in the world, Agriculture & Farming stood firm and delivered essential food items to the world.

How AI will help Agriculture and Farming post Covid19

Post Covid-19, the world will need more agricultural output and it will be the focus area of every Government in the world. Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Robots haven already been used, but new world will start using AI & ML more aggressively in Agriculture & Farming. We will start finding more AI Systems & applications in agriculture. Since the development of robotics for this cause, agriculture has seen a significant boost in its popularity. Weed Control Digital transformation can make agriculture significantly easier and more efficient. Crop Harvesting. Your company needs Cyber Security tools developed on AI in 2021. Source Link The biggest topic that has arisen in recent years is definitely cyber-security.

Your company needs Cyber Security tools developed on AI in 2021

Both companies and hackers are in a constant battle for the available data. In the past few years, we have seen great technological advancements that have altered cyber-security. The most crucial tool for this change has been artificial intelligence. In 2020 and 2021, this trend is going to continue, so if you want to keep up with the latest achievements in cyber-security, you need to implement a machine learning system. AI led Test Automation giving an edge to Technology & IT Companies. Source Link Software Development has already gone through a digital transformation with many added benefits.

AI led Test Automation giving an edge to Technology & IT Companies

Despite this fact though, test automation has remained unchanged. This has partly happened because testing requires human judgment and expertise and up until now, there wasn’t a technology that could mimic the human conscience. Products like ‘aiMunshi’ and ‘Kofax’ make an accountant obsolete? Source Link Machine learning has found its way into many sectors, including the accounting and auditing sectors.

Products like ‘aiMunshi’ and ‘Kofax’ make an accountant obsolete?

In recent years, you can find many tools and technologies that aim to bring new solutions to accounting. Two of the most prominent tools used by a great number of companies are aiMunshi and Kofax. aiMunshi is an invoice data-processing tool, while Kofax is an intelligent automation platform. Both of those applications raise the question that digital transformation might make accounting and audit obsolete.

You can optimize your Healthcare too with Artificial Intelligence. Source Link Digital transformation in the health care system has been a dramatic one, as many researches are looking for new ways to improve it.

You can optimize your Healthcare too with Artificial Intelligence

The results of the changes that artificial intelligence can bring to the industry are beneficial for both the clinics and the patients. Many common practices will improve, while at the same time the cost for those will be reduced. In further detail, the health care system can be improved by machine learning in the following ways.

Predict Patient Demand Insufficient staffing is a common source of disappointment, patient discomfort, and heightened cost. Recommend the Most Effective Treatment Clinics have been using for years computers to store data on their patients, their symptoms, as well as their treatments. Contribute to Better Diagnosis. How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Impact the Job Market. Source Link.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Impact the Job Market

Facial Recognition! Why not have many takers in USA & Australia. Source Link Artificial intelligence has many uses in our daily lives, even in some applications that we have never thought they used such technologies.

Facial Recognition! Why not have many takers in USA & Australia

Digital transformation is around us, from the cities, the appliances in our homes, and all the working environments. One of the most popular applications is facial recognition. This technology has indeed brought a lot of conveniences, even though it is not globally welcomed. Namely, people in Australia and the USA believe that facial recognition is a technology that threatens their personal privacy. It may be Hacked If you take a look at your daily routine, you will notice that you deal with facial recognition very often. It can be used as a Surveillance Tool. Lost Customer Trust due to Cyber Fraud? Artificial Intelligence can help. Can AI help Healthcare to find a cure for Corona virus. Source Link The #coronavirus outbreak, that was first noticed briefly in Dec 2019 and officially in January 2020, is now fast turning into the world “Pandemic”, affecting over 90,000 as of today in several countries.

Can AI help Healthcare to find a cure for Corona virus

Coronavirus, or the COVID-19 virus, has traveled to many countries, resulting in further spreading of the pneumonia-like disease. Scientists are now called to find a cure to fight this virus as soon as possible. However, the drug discovery and production process are usually one that needs a significant amount of time. Avid reader? Would you care, if it is written by Artificial Intelligence. Source Link As an avid reader, you might find it confusing to read a novel generated by an artificial intelligence system.

Avid reader? Would you care, if it is written by Artificial Intelligence

Even though it might sound crazy, you might soon purchase your first book written by a machine. Many companies in the book industry are trying to develop an algorithm that can write fiction that the readers enjoy. Top 6 reasons for failures in Artificial Intelligence Projects. Source Link Deployment of an artificial intelligence system means the digital transformation of your company. You are hoping to enter a new era, where machine learning will boost all of your business’s operations. However, you have noticed that the system you have developed isn’t bringing the results you were expecting.

This might happen due to various reasons. Weather Forecast Industry using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Source Link Weather forecasting is one of the industries that have always relied on data in order to make predictions. In the past years, the meteorologists had to analyze all of the available data themselves, a thing that sometimes led errors and false warnings. However, today this industry has seen a digital transformation that made its predictions more accurate. AI will transform business models of the Financial Services industry in 2021. Source Link Recent years have seen great breakthroughs in the artificial intelligence technologies that have changed the way industries work.

Of course, this is the same for the financial industry that has gone through some dramatic alterations in the way that it’s operating. The business models of these financial companies have undergone a digital transformation, incorporating new solutions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Agriculture Technologies. Source Link Just a few years ago, AgriTech made its appearance in the world. Since then it is rapidly expanding, making it one of the biggest investments, especially in emerging markets. AgriTech has put into use all of the latest and most advanced technologies, making it one of the fields with the highest rate of digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence Transforms Oil & Gas Industry. Source Link. Check out how Machine Learning drives Next-Gen capabilities in the eCommerce Industry. Machine Learning enables systems to learn from experiences and results of past performances. With the emergence of powerful analytics tools backed by Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to deliver business intelligence, customer profiling, and sales conversion figures.

Check out how AI & ML can Transform Law Firms to become Agile and of course, Faster. Nowadays, we witness great leaps in Artificial Intelligence technology. AI and Machine Learning (ML) Driving Next Gen BFSI Industry. Invoice Automation For Modern Day Enterprises. When it comes to streamlining the finance function, one of the most crucial challenges is to embrace invoice automation. As companies seek to automate repetitive processes with Artificial Intelligence and RPA, specific invoice automation has also become one of the priorities. The need for automation came with new business requirements and the scope for quick turnaround times, along with the need to minimize the liability on back-office personnel.

Enterprises are swiftly moving ahead from digitization to automation in every functional area. Check out how Machine Learning Revolutionizes the Retail Experience. As retailers juggle with tens of thousands of items that are sold to a potentially large number of thousands or millions of customers, there are about billions of transactions – and enormous data is generated. Check out how Machine Learning Transformed Healthcare Services. Modern healthcare services are centered on large chunks of data generated at multiple customer touch-points that engage patients. Medical officers and staff would require timely data to take important decisions and crucial steps needed to complete the treatment of patients. Invoice Automation Management Software. As the global business scenarios evolve and the technology ecosystem sees a shift in paradigm with the age of AI, firms are ready to transform their functions with efficient data capture tools.

This will pioneer the rapid automation of day-to-day tasks encompassing payments, billing, and credit functions. aiMunshi has been rolled out as one of the most efficient and customized tools for data capture. By leveraging the aiMunshi invoice automation tool, users can seamlessly process and transfer data across file systems and documents. It will allow the workforce to focus on core processes and functions, accelerate processes, and enhance customer service.