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Digital Technology Institute Certification Day 7th May 2017. Certification DayDigital Technology Institute organised “Certification Day ” celebration for the passing batches for the week. Team DTI wishes all our trainees a bright career ahead. Digital Technology Institute is always open for you all. Have a blast !! DTI Trainee Miss Divya Suri sharing her experiences with team DTI and among students. She told other trainees about the scope & opportunities they have in Digital Marketing. Our Proud Trainee Mr. Tushar Sharma, For him the best part of DTI is trainers and the high-level training and course curriculum. New Batches Starting Soon.. Enroll now! Best Digital Marketing Course Delhi | Top Seo Institute Janakpuri. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through various digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. For establishing a brand it is very important for you to understand what will and will not work in regards to your digital marketing efforts.

These days you can waste a lot of time and money focusing your resources on failing marketing campaigns. Who Can All Do This Course? Unlike most courses that only a certain age group or a particular group of people with a certain qualification can do, this course can be done by anyone who has an inclination towards digital marketing. A bit more details about how this course would help people from all professional backgrounds: For Professionals:Getting the insight into the latest digital marketing trends would help you achieve managerial positions in your respective fields and boost your career opportunities to a great extent. A Bit About Digital Technology Institute: FAQs. Tips To Blog Your Way Into Digital Marketing.

Since the advent of Digital Marketing, there have been a lot of people who have started their blogging careers. Blogging, the term was coined a while back which was actually is the short form of ‘web’ ‘logging’ which technically explains what blogging is. There came in a number of bloggers, some who wrote about traveling, some who came in with food blogging, fashion blogging and many more. There are as many topics about blogging as you can think. Everything you know and think about is a topic that can be blogged about. Here we list some tips that should always be kept in mind when writing a blogging: 1. 2. When you get into a niche, you should be aware of all the pros and cons of that particular field. 3. The title of this point explains it all. 4. Including share buttons on your posts will help readers get updated about them on various social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 5. 6. 7. Social media, if used wisely can help your blog in a lot of ways.

E-Commerce Workshop at Digital Technology Institute. And here we are, to yet another workshop at Digital Technology Institute. In this custom of weekly special workshops for the students of DTI, it was yet another bright and cheerful morning, wherein the students with fresh minds and jolly hearts were busy amongst themselves, curious about what they would be taught. In the midst of all the discussions, came in the trainer in-charge of the Workshop, Mr. Prateek Maheshwari. He began by asking who all was excited about the workshop, in the reply of which there was a loud cheer by all 50 students present in the class. This lecture of Prateek sir began by explaining what WordPress is about and how one can use it to its maximum potential. One such plug-in of WordPress is WooCommerce, an open source e-commerce plug-in for WordPress, designed in order to provide ease in online selling for small as well as largely sized merchants. This plug-in was then taught about and shown with a live example.

Blogging in India. Blogging is not a very recent thing, not even in India, the term blogging comes from the term Web Logging, later was the term coinekd as Blogging. Blogging wasn’t always a trendy thing, later it came in to be something a bit more interesting. People started blogging about travel and food at first, telling about the things they were passionate about. After that it turned into a big income generating source.

In today’s date people don’t just generate income from blogs by selling their products or services but more things such as affiliate marketing and Google AdSense come into play and help the bloggers. How to Go About Things? Bloggers First pick up a niche, the type of things that they want to write about, later they pick up micro niches and all these help in generating traffic for their blog. India and Blogging Future of Blogging In India In India, there is a huge scope for Blogging. There are a number of benefits of blogging, some of them are listed below: User Gets Immediate Feedback 2. Top 4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For A Business?

Are you owning a business? Have you created its website? These days all businesses owns a website then you must have one. If you already have website have you ever tried to figure out that how’s its search engine ranking? Is it showing among the top results on Google SERP? If not, Then it’s time to take some actions for your website as world is getting digital and all businesses are approaching online even all the consumers are searching for goods and services on internet via their mobile phones or computer devices.

To make this approach in action a website should consist of few basic information such as: An attractive Home page.A Product or Service page with its complete description.An About us page comprise of company’s History.A Contact us page with complete contact details and contact form.The most Important a Blog Section. Now you might be thinking about why I have discussed about “Blog Section” Is it really important or not? 1.How Blogging Helps in Boosting SERP Rank of A website? 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Blogging. Article By : Rading’ Outa The term blog is easily one of the most popular words uttered every day, probably even in the same breath as google when referring to searching for something online.

It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that blogging is probably the most widely used form of content marketing today. However, we must first ask ourselves what a blog is. A blog is simply one’s personal site. Others have labelled blogs as the modern version of a diary where one shares content about what they are most passionate about. The law of the universe dictates that people are bound to outgrow certain things and habits. Love for Blogging As earlier mentioned, human beings love to share information and especially information on matters that they are very passionate about. Furthermore, 6.7 million people use blogging sites to blog while 12 million people blog via social media. Huge Impact on Businesses Readership. 5 Most Important Metrics to Focus On In Email Marketing.

Article By Alisa Bargrii, There are so many reasons why email is considered as one of the most effective marketing channels. First on the list is that email is highly customizable wherein marketers can easily tailor the needs of their customer. Second, it offers every marketer a chance to directly speak to their target customer anytime, which is convenient for them. And last, but not the least, emails are action-oriented, which means, as a marketer, you can use email as a channel to eventually drive your sales and send direct traffic to your site. But the question is, how would you know if your email marketing plan is effective? Deliverability Rate If you want to evaluate how effective your email marketing is, you need to focus on your deliverability rate.

. – deleting any email addresses that are invalid or incorrect; – removing soft and hard bounces; – updating your email list regularly. Open Rate Click-Through Rate or CTR Social Sharing Rate Unsubscribe Rate Final Thoughts: Google My Business Update | Video Upload Feature Available. Why Do You Need Google My Business Listing? For Building Prominence in Search Results:- Every Organization wants to grow in a sustainable manner be it online or offline. It is very important for any company to make an impact on the Internet in the 21st So they shell out a big amount of money to out beat their competitors online.

The most promising organic way to out beat any competitor online is Local Business. In order to build a noticeable impact, companies need to optimize the Local Business Search Results to reach the greater audience.It Makes Easier For The Customers To Find You:- A potential user of any product or services keeps on finding new trends. They search through their desired queries relevant to the product and services they need. Google My Business team recently announced that the video upload feature which was being tested is now available for business owners in the Google My Business dashboard. For Adding Videos to your Google My Business:- Conclusion:- 10 Things Google Doesn't Care about in 2018 and You Shouldn't Either. Article By Nick Campbell (content creator and marketer at Ahrefs), There’s been much talk about the complexity of Google’s algorithm with its 200 ranking signals and constant updates.

Latent semantic indexing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, – there are many processes shaping the way Google interprets users’ queries. At first glance, all of that may seem quite confusing. But if you explore search results, you’ll see that the engine’s algorithm isn’t as complicated as they describe it in the SEO community. In fact, the current algorithm is a simplified version of what we had a decade ago. In its early days Google was very strict about wording. Check out 10 things Google doesn’t give a damn about anymore. 1. The verbal match is the thing of the past. 2. The next thing Google skips when processing queries is the part of speech. 3. Google isn’t as strict about grammar as your English teacher. 4. 5. This is the aspect, in which users and Google are like-minded. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1. Best Marketing Analytics Dashboard for business. Article By Venkatapathi Raju N (Technical Content Writer at FuGenX Technologies) There is a figure of speech – “finding a needle in a haystack” – which basically defines the extremity of how difficult it could be to find something from an ocean of similar things.

And while finding an actual needle in a haystack could really be a headache, finding accurate information from the ocean the digital platform is, has become quite possible. In short, finding a ‘data’ needle in a ‘digital’ haystack is very much possible; possible with a tool that we know as web analytics tools. Over the time, we have seen online businesses leaning, more than ever, on web analytics tools for the simple reason that the degree of competition to secure a position from where a business can sell safely and consistently is just too high. In fact, not having a dynamic SEO strategy and still covering the market is as good as a myth.

Google Analytics Kissmetrics SEMrush Crazy Egg Moz Pro. Link Assessment - How To Examine The Quality Of A Link ? Article By Anthony Bergs (Project Manager At Writers Per Hour ) Link quality is indisputably a crucial yet most overlooked aspect of the link building process. When we are tweaking some links to our website or blog, what most of us are concerned about is the number of links rather than their quality.

It is a fallacy that plagues a majority of us; the higher the number of links pointing to our blog, the better its search performance will be. Well, it is important, at this point, to put our reason to test and ask ourselves how many of those links are actually good. Metrics for Link Assessment Unfortunately for SEOs, the world still lacks an all-encompassing definition of good links. . #1. Named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, Pagerank helps Google rank a website on the basis of trust and credibility.

Page Rank is measured on a scale from 0 to 10. . #2. When it comes to link building, no factor is as significant as page authority. Also Read: Mozbar has two useful functionalities: Planning Web Development | Digital Technology Institute. To have a good online presence one needs a good website. A website is basically a collection of WebPages that tells everything about what your business is into, basically the website of your firm, your work and whatever your business is indulged in, available to your consumers every hour, every day. It is your website, that is actually is the interface, which, in most cases is the primary platform for interaction between the consumer and you. In this module, you will learn how to create your own website from the very beginning.

You, yourself get to plan out everything, starting from the design of the website, to the actual look of the template to the minute details of the graphics and even the kind of content that will be on your website. Blog | Digital Technology Institute. Content Marketing Course | Digital Technology Institute. ‘Content Is King’ is a phrase that you surely will hear everywhere in the digital marketing field. Oh, and the statement is a hundred percent true. In the digital marketing field, the value of content is a lot. And content here refers, not just to the text that you type but more. Be it the images, or the video of any kind. Infographics, everything amounts up to be the content.

And so as to market this content well you will definitely need to know what type of content to put on which kind of medium. In the Content Management module, the students are taught a lot about what all that is important in this field. WordPress And Blogging | Digital Technology Institute. Undoubtedly you are already aware of what blogging is. Blogging, a word that comes basically from two different words, Web' and 'Logging' is something that has been in trend since the early 2000s. Blogging is not just a hobby for a people anymore. It has become a business too. One can easily differentiate between professional bloggers and amateur bloggers.

Here, in blogging, you don't just get paid by Google AdSense, wherein other advertisers place their ads on your website, but can also generate income using affiliate marketing, which basically means that you will link potential customers to the third party sellers such as Flipkart and Amazon and get paid a fair percentage of the sales. WordPress is basically a CMS (Content Management System) on which people can easily choose templates from to make their own website.

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