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Inside Intercom - Design, Customer Success, & Startup Blog. Discord Blog. The 7 Questions You’ll Be Asked at a UX Design Interview. Landing a job is hard work.

The 7 Questions You’ll Be Asked at a UX Design Interview

While it’s impossible to know (beforehand) the answer to every question that an interviewer asks you, there are a few common questions that you can prepare for. Nailing the answers to these won’t guarantee you a job, but they will improve your chances of success. Just remember to tailor them to each individual interview based on the job description and company. Below is my list of seven fundamental UX interview questions, along with tips and tricks on how to answer them. 1. What they’re trying to figure out: Do you have the basics down right? Even though this is a fairly general question, don’t provide general answers.

For the “why does this matter” question, use it as an opportunity to showcase your passion for the company’s approach to design. When answering the “How would you explain the UX design process? Tip: Focus your definition of UX design around empathy and the importance of understanding the people you are designing for. 2. 3. 4. How to Buy a Mac Computer at a Discount: 14 Steps. Steps Part 1 Finding a Discount Computer <img alt="Image titled Buy a Mac Computer at a Discount Step 1" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn" onload="WH.performance.clearMarks('image1_rendered'); WH.performance.mark('image1_rendered');">1Choose a model.

How to Buy a Mac Computer at a Discount: 14 Steps

If you're only interested in the latest models, compare them with Apple's online tool. For older models, check out buyer's guides from Mac Rumors and similar sites. Our Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2016. We use WordPress all the time.

Our Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2016

Over the years I have discovered many great plugins and wanted to share our favourite 10 plugins. The Ultimate Web Design Checklist - 128 tasks to create an amazing Website - BeeWits. A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites. When to use Flexbox : The Brolik Blog. Flexbox is a layout model that allows elements to align and distribute space within a container.

When to use Flexbox : The Brolik Blog

Using flexible widths and heights, elements can be aligned to fill a space or distribute space between elements, which makes it a great tool to use for responsive design systems. Flexbox has been around since 2009, and it’s beginning to be widely supported by all modern browsers. If you look at Flexbox on Can I Use? You’ll see that it has great support across the board. There are some problems in IE8 and IE9, but that’s to be expected. We also use the Compass @include function to get specific browser prefixes, which you can find in this Sass style sheet. Obviously, feel free to use these three files on your own websites. Freelance Designer NoVolume, Dave Ellis. Styleguides for the Web / Paul Robert Lloyd. The Auteur Theory of Design At this year’s dConstruct conference, John Gruber talked about his ‘Auteur Theory of Design’.

Styleguides for the Web / Paul Robert Lloyd

This states that: The quality of any collaborative creative endeavour tends to approach the level of taste of whoever has control For most web design projects the person who has control is the client, although when working with large organisations it is rarely one person but a number of stakeholders. In fact, I would argue that in most cases it’s individual members of the development team (often working within tight budgets and time constraints) that really dictate the quality of the final website. John uses his theory to explain why, whilst both Apple and Microsoft employ talented designers and engineers, it is widely accepted that Apple designs better products. Before reaching this conclusion, John made a comparison with the film industry.

In the studio era, no director enjoyed this privilege. 7 Tips and Techniques For Multi-lingual Website Accessibility. If you've ever worked on or built a multi-lingual website you will know there are a million and one things to keep in mind.

7 Tips and Techniques For Multi-lingual Website Accessibility

Sorting out domain names, web server configuration, URL structure, page layout and the translation of content are likely to be high on your 'to do' list. With all that keeping you busy, meeting the accessibility requirements for your website may slip to the bottom of the pile. This shouldn't be the case as making your multi-lingual website accessible is easy to achieve. What is a multi-lingual website? A multi-lingual website is a website where the content is written in more than one language. homepage shown in English (left) and Portuguese (right) 1: Language Codes The first thing to get right when working with multiple languages on a website is making sure the language is identified in the code of the page. The default human language of each Web page can be programmatically determined. Setting the primary language Using the wrong language code Links. 6 Free Sites To Learn About Programming in PHP. Advertisement Many websites just like this one, and sites like Wikipedia, utilize the power of PHP programming to create dynamic sites.

6 Free Sites To Learn About Programming in PHP

Code Simplicity. Joel on Software. Coding Horror.