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"EMedStore provides Online Pharmacy Platforms (Android App + iOS App + Website + Web Admin) on the name of your pharmacy shop to start online pharmacy work in your country. It provides a complete online pharma business solution with all features: - To receive payment online - Display offers to all customers/patients - To send an automatic reminder for monthly medicines - Upload prescriptions via app & many more to get in touch with all customers from anywhere all the time."

Things to Know Before Using an Online Pharmacy. What Is An Online Pharmacy. An online pharmacy also is known as mail-order pharmacy is a pharmacy that operates over the internet.

What Is An Online Pharmacy

Its stock of medicines are displayed over the internet, the customers can select whatever medicine they are looking for on an App that runs on their phone and place the order by adding the particular medicine to their shopping cart. To develop the App the company in question has to be a Pharma IT Company which is proficient in using various IT tools to develop the app and also has extensive knowledge of the latest medicines in the marketplace. EMedStore is one such Pharma IT Company. High ROI! Why is EMedStore the Best Healthcare Application. Pharmacies? Want Orders before You Open up the Shop? E-commerce has almost picked up the way we do business.

Pharmacies? Want Orders before You Open up the Shop?

The very alteration in exchanging things and money has come up with online shopping and ordering at the doorstep the things we want, and of course, it should be. No one wants to engage their time with long queues or traffic and making choices at different stores. Especially when you want things in emergency times. Yes, the spotlight goes for the title here. We know everything has altered with the ordering things with finger taps and getting it with no time. What can be the solution? Now is the time where we find everything from our mobile phones, and it has become one of the easiest and coolest ways to making things get done. Pharmacies should ensure the urgency of its customers to be fulfilled.

Learn what you need to know before starting an online pharmacy business. Have you been thinking of joining the cult and taking your pharmacy business online?

Learn what you need to know before starting an online pharmacy business

Are you looking to build an online pharmacy app but don’t know where to start? If your answer to these questions is a clear yes, you have come to the right place. Homeopathy Store App Development. Build online homeopathic medicines & remedies store and allow customers to order homeopathy product from your online platform.

Homeopathy Store App Development

With the growing number of diseases in the world where the majority of them are caused by our sedentary lifestyles or growing pace of work, it becomes essential to look for alternative ways to combat the stress and cure diseases. Homeopathy and herbal medicines are being increasingly accepted by people today due to their myriad organic benefits and lifesaving advantages for the human body. Surely, you have heard your mother or your grandmother speak many times about the term homeopathy but what exactly does it mean? Homeopathy is a medical, clinical, therapeutic and magical model that has been around for around 200 years. The substances that are used for their elaboration are extracted from vegetables, animals, and minerals.

How e-pharmacy is beneficial to customers. An online pharmacy store can effectively address various issues the Indian healthcare customer and system face.

How e-pharmacy is beneficial to customers

Let’s find out the most advantageous benefit it offers: Consumer convenience: The customer would most likely be able to order medicines in a quick manner, from their mobile phone or computer. This will fundamentally help patients who are as of now sick and not in a condition to go out to search for a pharmacy store.Consumer access: Online platforms can aggregate supplies, making generally hard to look out medicines available to customers across the country.

Offline pharmacy stores can just keep limited inventory, bringing about a customer requesting various stores to get his or her meds.Consumer education: Online pharmacies have the technology infrastructure to offer value-added information to customers, for example, drug interactions, medicine reminders, side effects, and information on less expensive substitutes. Why on demand pharmacy ordering and delivery apps. Medicines are an essential requirement of everybody's life.

Why on demand pharmacy ordering and delivery apps

Everybody needs it. But going to the pharmacy isn’t a fun experience. It is a fact that patients hate waiting in line for their drugs. And it turns out to be all the more disappointing when after holding up in line you came to know that specific medicine is not-in-stock. However a most recent couple of years, the Uber model of on-demand delivery being applied to offer door-step delivery of prescription drugs. How 4 Indian startups doing business in the medical delivery space. The Indian pharmaceutical market is relied upon to grow to the US $ 55 billion by 2020.

How 4 Indian startups doing business in the medical delivery space

But wait, would you say you are buying the real money? That's only one of the issues online medicine delivery startups are trying to tackle. Nearly 25% of all medications in the Indian market are said to be fake. Often individuals buy counterfeit or substandard products since they do not have a clue about any better or because they are less expensive and more easily accessible. The problem is so acute that nowadays doctors regularly caution patients about counterfeit drugs and propose they buy them from branded outlets. Times - Pharmacy Shop Business Are A-Changing.

Pharmacies nowadays are looking to adopt the online pharmacy app, development model.

Times - Pharmacy Shop Business Are A-Changing

There are various reasons for this. One is to get ahead of the competition. In any country, a vast majority of medical patients are unaware of the online mode of shopping and they are still used to making those arduous trips to the chemist stores to buy their medicines. But the ones who keep abreast with times are looking to buy the same over the internet and stats show the number of such customers is on the increase. Very soon pharmacies who restrict themselves to selling over the counter will find themselves lagging behind in the race. EMedStore is the Best Solution for Online Pharma Company? Laboratory App Development. EMedStore offers a perfect cost-effective solution for laboratories by developing mobile applications and websites.

Laboratory App Development

"Our cost-effective Laboratories app development services will help your organizations to better communicate with their customers and offer them more ways to interact with their products and services. " EMedStore stands for making the best and most comprehensive healthcare mobile Apps. Therefore, our newest innovation is to combine online pharmacy, doctors, lab appointments and lab tests together. The biggest problem faced by the healthcare industry today is not being able to cater to a wide range of patients.

EMedStore is your business solution to all those problems as it combines all the various aspects of healthcare such as doctors, lab tests and lab appointments on a single portal so that your patients do not have to look elsewhere for their medical histories and future medical needs. Pharma Company App And Website Development. Our Cost-effective pharma company app development services can help you to manage stock, inventory, pharmacy functions, and more.- Save your Time and Money and increase ROI.

Pharma Company App And Website Development

"Develop convenient mobile apps for your Pharma Companies to manage stock, inventory, pharmacy functions and more. "\ Are you a pharmaceutical company looking for distributors? Advantages of online medicine apps and ePharmacy app development. Medicine delivery apps offer many advantages to all the stakeholders involved. The customers and pharmacy owners have a lot to gain by switching to online pharmacies. In this article, let’s look at various benefits of online medicine apps for the customers and for the pharmacies. The compelling idea of taking your pharmacy business online is gaining more and more traction as days pass by because it is more convenient and offers a superior experience. And as a result, online pharmacy app development and ePharmacy app development services are on the rise. The services and products that we have developed and which have a proven track record of success all over the world, are aiming to solve the same problem that is faced by society today.

For Pharmacies: For the pharmacies, it is a great tool to beat your competition with minimal effort. Medicine Delivery App Replica Development Company. “We haved developed online pharmacy marketplace similar to 1mg, netmeds, yscart, medidart, CVS, mchemist, medsonway, pillofy, pharmeasy, zigy, medplus, mera pharmacy, buy drug pharmacy, pharmeasy, medlife, al nahdi, pillpack, rite aid, mydawa, practo, pluss app, etc" EMedStore also takes pride in offering you the online Pharmacy App replica development as per your wishes and desire.

If you have been using Apps like 1mg, Netmed, pharmeasy or another world level online medicine delivery Apps and felt that you want to adapt your business to their model, we can help you with that too. We can help you build a replica of these online pharmacy website or healthcare app development so that you can give a jump start to your business. Online medicine delivery app are the way to go given the increase in the number of users who enter the online market every day. So, do not get intimidated by the idea of plunging into a new dimension in your business journey. Benefits of Telemedicine in rural areas. Telemedicine is quickly cementing its place into mainstream healthcare in urban areas.

And it is set to transform rural healthcare as well. As with any new technology, it has many challenges to face, and many advantages to offer. However, the potential advantages offered by it outweigh the initial inconveniences. First of all, let us understand what does the term telemedicine means. ePharmacy market to grow up to 10-15% by 2025. India is searching for online medicine apps more than any other country, out of Google Trends, which is Google's analytical platform and a dominant internet search engine. Marketing of your Ecommerce website. With the gradual shift in consumer preferences, E-commerce platforms are on the rise. Pharma Mobile App Development, Pharma eCommerce App Development. USA Medicine (Drug) Database for Medical Professionals : EMedStore.

EMedStore Pro App features. How to Sell Beauty and Cosmetic Products Online. The market of Personal care and Beauty products is rapidly growing, and they are also witnessing increased contribution from e-commerce platforms. So, it is no wonder that most of the beauty products and cosmetics sellers want to be part of this enticing avenue and have their presence on e-commerce platforms. If you want to learn how you can sell beauty products online , this article will guide you on how to do it efficiently. Discover Role of Information Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Technology has helped the pharma industry immensely. Not just in mass production of medicines and health devices but also in improving healthcare.

And the role it has played in the research field is unparalleled. 5 Technological Trends shaping up Connected Beauty in 2019. Features and Cost to Develop Medicine Delivery App like 1mg, Netmeds and pharmeasy. The software industry is not only booming in a single direction, rather it is set to cover the multi-directional industry verticals. The health industry has also benefitted from the software development industry and there are some mobile applications, which are thriving well. Top 5 best features every Online Medicine delivery app development company should focus on. Pharmacy industry over the world is too counting on the advantages of being available online, via mobile application. 5 Digital marketing strategy for your Online pharmacy store. Digital has already transformed the pharma and healthcare industry in many ways such as greater levels of transparency, patient communication, and drug development.

In addition, due to its unrivaled cost-effectiveness, digital marketing strategies offer a variety of meaningful ways to connect and treat prospective clients and customers. Why does every pharmacy shop need an ecommerce website. Customers nowadays will not hesitate for transactions with a company which does not have a strong online presence on e-commerce platforms. In today's modern marketing domain, a website is said to be as a company's central hub.

If a business does not have a strong and adequate online presence on e-commerce platforms , one could be in fact missing out on sales! How to expand your Pharmacy business during COVID 19. When business analysts and experts alike warn that the market in general and consumer spending, in particular, will not be the same after the pandemic, We agree. It could be better than it ever was. "Post Covid-19, Digital solutions that limit people's movement, reduce cost, and yet increase productivity, such as video conferencing, telemedicine, and edtech, will become the norm. " ~ Saurabh Uboweja, founder, BOD Consulting. Which are the good companies to design ecommerce websites and mobile applications for pharmacy shops. Which are the good companies POST 1595395847. Online Pharma Application Development Company. Key features of our medicine delivery app development solution.