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Style and structure of the cover letter. Style What style works best to catch the recruiter's eye?

Style and structure of the cover letter

Be dynamic, clear and direct, and observe the following guidelines: Perfet Flatmates Role-play. Purpose and Audience: The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice talking about the qualities of good and bad roommates.

Perfet Flatmates Role-play

Target Language: Anxiety, Self Love, Open Minded. BBC Learning English - Search. The Flatmates - Language Point 184. Canada: My Study Abroad Experience. L'Auberge Espagnole - extrait - (2002) How the Heck Do I Study Abroad? (Ep. 101) I never studied abroad in college.

How the Heck Do I Study Abroad? (Ep. 101)

As a sort-of substitute for joining a study abroad program, I traveled to Japan for a couple of weeks right after my junior year ended along with a couple friends. The trip was absolutely amazing; I tried all kinds of crazy food, rode bullet trains, widened my perspective on the world, and played tons of DDR. The College of Global Studies. Amsterdam: A Love Letter Amsterdam’s is an unpretentious beauty.

The College of Global Studies

This is no Paris, Hong Kong, London, or New York, no grand capital of industry or sprawling metropolis of the future. Rather, this is a place of casual, unassuming magnificence. I was in love from my first glimpse… More. Guest Post: Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad. This is a guest post by Maria Rainier.

Guest Post: Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Read more about her at the end of this post. This post could also be titled, “Top 10 Reasons to Get a Summer Job,” or “Top 10 Reasons to be Super Nice to the Parents This Summer.” The best part about studying abroad in the US!