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Tom Foremski: IMHO. Real Dan Lyons Web Site » Blog Archive » PanderDaily is funded by the very VCs whose startups it aims to cover. What could possibly go wrong? » Real Dan Lyons Web Site. Here’s my new business plan: I will get Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola to fund my Android blog.

Real Dan Lyons Web Site » Blog Archive » PanderDaily is funded by the very VCs whose startups it aims to cover. What could possibly go wrong? » Real Dan Lyons Web Site

Richard Branson on Managing Your Business, Employees and More. Why I Go To CES. Every year my partners at Foundry Group and I go to CES.

Why I Go To CES

We aren’t boondoggle guys – our expeditions together are limited to a quarterly offsite, often at Jason’s house (10 minutes from our office), and one trip a year with spouses and significant others somewhere. So CES has been a nice tradition for us where we get to travel together for a few days, hang out in nerd and gadget heaven, and spend time with a bunch of entrepreneurs we work with who are here. There were two memes going around that I heard about CES earlier this week. Top Five Regrets of The Dying « smart=sexy. For many years I worked in palliative care.

Top Five Regrets of The Dying « smart=sexy

My patients were those who had gone home to die. Some incredibly special times were shared. Counterpillar. Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs? I’m often asked the question about why there aren’t more women who are entrepreneurs.

Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs?

On my blog I’ve been hesitant to take the topic head on. Somehow it seems kind of strange for a man to answer this question that obviously comes from a man’s point of view. But last week I noticed a blog post by a woman, Tara Tiger Brown, that asked the question, “Why Aren’t More Women Commenting on VC Blog Posts?” Cluttered desk = famous desk. Meet San Francisco Chronicle reporter Benny Evangelista, who writes about his messy desk appearing in the upcoming thriller “Contagion.”

Cluttered desk = famous desk

It might have made an appearance because it’s in a central location in the newsroom, Evangelista writes, but it’s also “Hollywood’s stereotypical idea of a reporter’s desk.” It is, he notes, “in a perpetual state of clutter. Journalism and the social media revolution. Jolie O’Dell of Mashable at “Journalism and Social Media.”

Journalism and the social media revolution

Last night I attended a nice gathering at the San Jose Mercury News, organized by Social Media Club Silicon Valley, called “Journalism and Social Media.” The organizers put together a powerhouse panel made up of: • Kym McNicholas, anchor/reporter, Forbes Video Network. • Jolie O’Dell, reporter and editor, Mashable • Chris O’Brien, business columnist, San Jose Mercury News • Julie Watts, award-winning consumer reporter/anchor, CBS5 • Brian Shields, online news manager, KRON 4 I got a few nice photos in this Flickr set, though in general did a poor job with the settings on my new Canon 5D.

Misadventures in VC Funding: The $24 Million Moz Almost Raised. Lauren Barnard. When do VCs make mistakes? - Passionate Intensity. Lately, entrepreneurs reading the VC press have been seeing investment announcements that leave their mouths agape.

When do VCs make mistakes? - Passionate Intensity

Press releases featuring giddy investors justifying nosebleed valuations have sent them scrambling to the lucky company’s website to figure out what product, team, and idea could possibly be worth that much. All this leads them to an overwhelming question: “WHY would anyone want to BUY that, much less finance it?” Let me tell you, VCs often have the same reaction. We too ask similar questions adding “WHO would fund this?” Trying to understand what our colleagues are thinking, followed by the inevitable “how will they ever make a return?” VCs’ thinking, in many ways, is more like that of a startup than like that of our larger cousin — private equity, who focus on the hard facts and the math behind the investment. If History is any Guide, You’ve Got Two Years. If you look to the past as a guide to the future, or if you believe in the cycles of history, then I think you have two years.

Two years to get enough funding to last for some time beyond then. How I’m Using Google+ It’s hard to believe that Google+ is barely over one week old. Already, it is the most vetted new social media platform to be yet introduced and it also self-evident that G+, as insiders call it, has pushed its way into the very top tier of social networking. Way back, on July 1 or so, there were only two major social networks–Twitter and Facebook. An ode to independence from Facebook. Happy Independence Day!

An ode to independence from Facebook

Continuing an age-old tradition, we patriotic Americans spent the weekend stuffing our faces with hot dogs, staring at firework explosions in the sky and spending a little quality time with family and friends, all to celebrate the day this country declared its independence. But, over the past week, I’ve been celebrating my own unique brand of independence: independence from Facebook. Evan Hamilton on Community-building. Note to entrepreneurs: Your idea is not special.

– Brad Feld is a managing director at the Boulder, Colorado-based venture capital firm Foundry Group.

Note to entrepreneurs: Your idea is not special

He also co-founded TechStars and writes the popular blog, Feld Thoughts. The views expressed are his own. @StacyZapar's Blog. Kate Scott. Harvey Gotliffe, Ph.D.: American Idle. I have no desire to be a teenager again complete with a face full of zits, a changing voice, sweaty palms around members of the opposite sex, and always wondering why.

Harvey Gotliffe, Ph.D.: American Idle

Perhaps I have been resurrected because I still wonder why. For instance, why is there such an emotional clamor to find out who the next "American Idol" will be? I wasn't the least bit concerned with the results, much less cared who was competing, but wondered what the fascination was that caused bloggers, mainstream print and broadcast media, and breathless pubescent children to get so concerned with the matter. Rebirth of the Wristwatch: Forget Tablets and Smartphones, I Want A Micro Computing Device Strapped to My Wrist.

Four years ago I noted that even before the recession hit wrist watches were dying. Who needs a wrist watch when every device you carry with you tells the time? Mozilla Firefox. Super LP ( Uberdata: The Hidden Cost of Cabs. What up humans?! Bradley Voytek here bringing the #uberdata back! The last post was a nice warm-up. This time I’m not pulling any punches. It’s about to get real. This is the post I’ve wanted to do since I first started here. You see, most of the time we here in the uberoffices are pretty happy. Which got me to thinking. NYC's Top VC Fred Wilson Fails To Avoid Media Spotlight. Posted by Tom Foremski - April 18, 2011 AdWeek reporter Dylan Byers published an interesting profile of Fred Wilson, the New York City based venture capitalist. NYC Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson Is Rich and Grumpy | Adweek It's not a bad profile, I learned some things I didn't know.

But Mr Wilson declined to participate in the article, instead, he wanted AdWeek to write a profile on one of his startups. Enterprise Infrastructure – What we are working on at Lightspeed in 2011. We continue to be very enthusiastic about the tremendous amount of opportunity in the Enterprise Infrastructure sector for 2011. Who Has Time For This? Disconnected in a Hyper-Connected World. Thyroid Cancer- “You Are Cured” Twenty three months ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 papillary thyroid cancer. Startup Boy. The Internet is forever. 13 hours to think. Do You Really Communicate, or Do You Just Tweet? Twitter PR chief unfollows journalist after unflattering article. Anjelika. Mei Mei Fox » Home. David Rose on Enchanted Objects & Storification. « TODAY, TEDxBerkeley Brings Leaders Together to Reveal World-Changing Projects that are Engaging the World | Main | Robert Fuller on Rankism: Humiliation is More Dangerous Than Plutonium » February 20, 2011 David Rose on Enchanted Objects & Storification In the first session on the TEDxBerkeley stage on Saturday, product designer and technology visionary David Rose talked about enchanted objects.

He showed us how you can build and program whatever you have ever imagined, talked about what's currently happening with game play, and demonstrated how the folks at MIT have been reinventing painting among other insights. Thoughts on breaking into VC. Startup Culture: Values vs. Vibe. I hear some form of the following question a lot from founders that are starting to have early success: Anatomy Of A Pirate. I like to buy music. Will there ever be a shake-out in the Venture Capital industry? A Wealth of Woman-Founded Startups, from a Twitter Shout-out. The Maverick Palate. Tami Smith - Tami Smith. Almost Savvy. How much seed capital should you raise - I was asked this question yesterday by a founder. I hear this question all the time so I thought I would write down my thoughts.

The short answer is you should raise a bit more than you think. The tension that most founders raising seed capital face is dilution. 5 Predictions for the Public Relations Industry in 2011.