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The Sketchbook of Susan Kare, the Artist Who Gave Computing a Human Face. Hello there!

The Sketchbook of Susan Kare, the Artist Who Gave Computing a Human Face

If you enjoy the content on Neurotribes, consider subscribing for future posts via email or RSS feed. Graphical interface pioneer Susan Kare, photo by R.J. Muna Point, click. The gestures and metaphors of icon-driven computing feel so natural and effortless to us now, it seems strange to recall navigating in the digital world any other way. How did we get from there to here? iPad photo by Ben Atkin, under Creative Commons license The Mac wasn’t the first computer to present the user with a virtual desktop of files and folders instead of a command line and a blinking cursor. The revolutionary ideas in Engelbart’s demo were further developed at Xerox PARC, where a 24-year-old Steve Jobs took a legendary tour in 1979 that convinced him that the GUI represented the democratic future of computing.

Steve Jobs, 1983, by Susan Kare Susan Kare joins the Mac team Eventually Kare earned a commission from an Arkansas museum to sculpt a razorback hog out of steel. And a symbol for “danger.” Mputer Arts - Vintage vector textures. Téléchargez les typographies du Commodore, de l’Apple, de l’Atari 400, de Acorn BBC Micro, du Sinclair ZX Spectrum, du Commodore 64, de l’Amstrad CPC et MSX… :-) Archiveteam.


The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history! The Million Dollar Homepage Poster. $22,500 worth of pixels!

The Million Dollar Homepage Poster

21 years old and facing a monster overdraft: it’s typical. We’ve all done it, haven’t we? But how do you turn from an indebted student into a self-made millionaire in a matter of months? Observe this quirky poster and learn – it’s a large-scale version of a legendary webpage that made its owner a mint from doing very little indeed, and it might just trigger off a genius idea of your own. Linny counts her ad revenue Measuring 60cm x 60cm and in full glorious colour, every detail is visible in this poster’s high-gloss finish – and the story itself has a finish that can’t be beat either. The tale began in August 2005, when Alex Tew decided one evening that he needed to solve his financial problems fast. ...another $22,500 slice of internet history! The idea was, like all the good ‘uns, awesomely simple. Four months later, the page had made a whopping $990,000. Sexy sushi. Les premières Homepages des géants d’internet. Facebook, Youtube et Google+ en 1997 !

Bonjour et bon mardi Ce matin je vous présente « Once Upon », un projet assez fou qui réinvente trois sites plutôt populaires, soit Facebook, Google+ et Youtube mais en les imaginant en… 1997 !

Facebook, Youtube et Google+ en 1997 !

Avec des tableaux, des bordures, des typographies toutes laides, des gifs animés et beaucoup de couleurs par défaut… à regarder dans Netscape bien-sûr ! On remarquera donc YouTube qui nous offre un choix de options d’encodage à sélectionner avant de regarder une vidéo, ou encore Google +, où les cercles de vos contacts sont affichés en fait… dans des carrés. De même, pour pousser le réalisme jusqu’au bout, la vitesse de connexion avec le site et limitée à 8kbps, dur ! Pour les plus nostalgiques, c’est donc par ici : Ces articles peuvent aussi vous intéresser: