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10 New Breakthrough Technologies 2015. Eye-Control Comes To Tablet Devices. Le monde digital, une révolution pour l'organisation des entreprises, Points de vue. Superfast rock-paper-scissors robot wins every game it plays.


Tech history. Augmented reality. FRAMED* — A Platform for New Art Forms. Square – Accept credit card payments with your mobile phone. Twimal: Super-Cute Twitter Toy Pet Reads Tweets For You (Video) Japan is crazy about Twitter, and today local toy maker Takara Tomy has announced Twimal (short for “Twitter Animal”) [JP], a super-cute toy “pet” that can reads out tweets loud for you.

Twimal: Super-Cute Twitter Toy Pet Reads Tweets For You (Video)

The white version does this with a female voice, while the blue Twimal uses a male voice. Takara Tomy says that once connected via USB to a computer (Windows XP/Vista/7 only), the Twimal is able to track and read your own tweets, replies, up to three hash tags, tweets coming from users on lists, tweets coming from specific users etc. It’s also possible to operate two Twimals at the same time and change the way their voices sound. Promo video (in Japanese): The Twimal will be available in Japan starting March 31 (price: $31) – if you’re interested ask specialized online stores like Rinkya or Geek Stuff 4 U (I am not sure how good the Twimal is in reading tweets in English though). 8 Bright Concepts for Portable Gadgetry [Slideshow] Technology helps you have what you need with you at all times.

Touchtable - When I hear DJ, I think equipment. There seems to be no end of the intricate turntables, headphones, computers, mixers and other devices used to mix musing. This Touchtable, designed by Thomas Mascall, is tiny, portable, and a fully functional turntable made using touch technology. – agnesdelmotte
8 Bright Concepts for Portable Gadgetry [Slideshow]

MORE/REAL Stylus Cap by Don Lehman. Hi Internet!

MORE/REAL Stylus Cap by Don Lehman

Thanks for checking out my project. I'm super excited to share with you what I have been working on for the past couple months. I think you will like it a lot and hopefully together, we can make it a reality. How Can I Recover Data from a Dead or Erased Hard Drive? China Could Supplant U.S. as the Supercomputing Superpower. China’s Tihane-2, the world’s top supercomputer.

China Could Supplant U.S. as the Supercomputing Superpower

Photo: Jack Dongarra Two weeks ago, Jack Dongarra flew to Changsha, China for a meeting with researchers at the National University of Defense Technology, home to the country’s top supercomputing program. He expected an update on their plans for a new mega-machine, but they had a little surprise for him: The system was already up and running.

It’s called Tianhe-2, and with more than 3 million processor cores, it’s the world’s most powerful supercomputer. It can perform more than 30 quadrillion calculations per second, easily dwarfing the runner-up, an Oak Ridge National Laboratories machine known as Titan. Chinese Supercomputer Is Still the World's Most Powerful. The world’s fastest supercomputer: the Tihane-2.

Chinese Supercomputer Is Still the World's Most Powerful

Photo: Jack Dongarra The Chinese supercomputer Tihane-2 still tops the list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. The latest Top500 list was released today, and the Tianhe-2, developed at China’s National University of Defense Technology, was the fastest system on the list by far, reaching speeds of 33.86 petaflop per second — quadrillions of calculations per second — on the Linpack benchmark. Your Next Computer Will Live on Your Arm. Thalmic Labs co-founder Stephen Lake building the Myo.

Your Next Computer Will Live on Your Arm

Photo: Thalmic Labs Forget about robots rising up against humans for world domination. In the future we’re all going to be robot-human hybrids with the help of wearable computers. We’ve already seen Google Glass, the search giant’s augmented-reality glasses, and now the latest Y Combinator startup to come out of stealth, Thalmic Labs, is giving us a wrist cuff that will one day control computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, and remote-control devices with simple hand gestures. Unlike voice-detecting Google Glass, and the camera-powered Kinect and Leap Motion controller, Thalmic Labs is going to the source of your hand and finger gestures – your forearm muscles.

Introducing the Leap Motion. NASA remotely controls Athlete rover with Leap Motion: 'let's bring a billion human beings into a holodeck' "Just for you guys today we're going to do something special, something that's never been done before" said Victor Luo, NASA human interface engineer.

NASA remotely controls Athlete rover with Leap Motion: 'let's bring a billion human beings into a holodeck'

"We're going to drive this robot, on stage at GDC, with a Leap Motion device. " In an unexpected demonstration at the 2013 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, scientists from NASA used the Leap Motion to control a six-legged, one-ton Athlete rover located at the space agency's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California.

Using his hands in front of a Vaio laptop on stage, Luo raised one of the Athlete's legs as the crowd at the Moscone Center watched along via a live Google+ Hangout. And while this demonstration was impressive in its own right, NASA's ambitions reach much further than the 383 miles to Pasadena. "It happened in this hallowed ground of the living room, a place we'd like to be again. " Nouvelles interfaces - Les Echos. TKR@tumblr.