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Joana Vasconcelos Joana Vasconcelos Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Joana Vasconcelos est une artiste portugaise, née à Paris en 1971. Elle vit et travaille à Oeiras, au Portugal. Vie et œuvre[modifier | modifier le code] En 2005, Joana Vasconcelos est exposée à la Biennale de Venise où sa sculpture La Fiancée fait sensation. En 2012, elle est l'invitée du château de Versailles pour l'exposition d'art contemporain[1],[2].
Joana Vasconcelos
Joana Vasconcelos Joana Vasconcelos Beginning on November 4, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (TAMA) exhibits "Lusitana", a monumental, site-specific intervention conceived specifically for the Lightfall, the central space of the Museum's Herta and Paul Amir Building. "Lusitana", ...the most ambitious work of the "Valkyries" series, gravitates in suspension, complementing the challenging architecture that welcomes it. Tentacular, the work projects from its central body various arms that reach the different levels of the building. The explosion of diverse colors and textures, patent in "Lusitana", offers a happy counterpoint to the aseptic surrounding of the Lightfall, now invaded by a spectacular flux of color that accompanies the cascade of light that characterizes this space. Curator: Ahuva Israel Views of the installation in process Photos: Shay Adam ________________________________________________________________