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W3C Declares HTML5 Standard Complete. More than four years ago, Steve Jobs declared war on Flash and heralded HTML5 as the way to go.

W3C Declares HTML5 Standard Complete

You could be forgiven if you thought the HTML5 standard — the follow-up to 1997’s HTML 4 — has long been set in stone, given that developers, browser vendors and the press have been talking about it for years now. In reality, however, HTML5 was still in flux — until today. The W3C today published its Recommendation of HTML5 — the final version of the standard after years of adding features and making changes to it.

Convertir du Flash (SWF) en HTML5 avec Swiffy. The Current State of HTML5 Forms · Wufoo. JavaScript and HTML5 Forms Testing for Support If you intended to write JavaScript to mimic the functionality of HTML5 forms, you may want to first test the current browsers capability and write the JavaScript as a fallback.

The Current State of HTML5 Forms · Wufoo

On the right is how you might test for attribute support. 10 Excellent HTML5 coding Tools Many Users Don’t Know About. HTML5 will radically change the way we make websites and web apps.

10 Excellent HTML5 coding Tools Many Users Don’t Know About

So here are 10 great tools that are amazing for simplifying and enhancing HTML5 coding. Initializr If you are just going to start with a HTML5-based website, then visit Initializr to get started. It will create a neat customizable template based on Boilerplate with all that you require to begin. Advertisement. 5 Reasons to Watch Out for HTML5. With more and more consumers adopting the latest and greatest tablets, smartphones, and laptops, having digital content that will reach and perform for your target audience has become increasingly important for many companies.

5 Reasons to Watch Out for HTML5

This is where HTML5 animation and content comes in – with increasing online engagement, marketing opportunities and shopping on mobile devices, it is important to adopt this robust technology for cross-platform compatibility. The Zmags Widgetizer provides an easy avenue to create HTML5 animations within a Zmag – no coding experience required! Simply adding some color and motion to your online publications can generate interactivity and engagement levels your brand has not experienced before. Zmags is always looking to add to and improve upon features and functionalities to the Widgetizer, so be on the lookout for new and exciting HTML5 animation capabilities in the near future. Pugpig beta. Our Research into Flash and HTML5: Which One is Right For Your Project? Typographic effects in canvas. My Background Ajaxian, describing the transformation matrix, inspired me to create my first Color Sphere (2007).

Typographic effects in canvas

Which immersed me into the world of colors, and graphic primitives; inspiring the creation of Sketchpad (2007-2008) in an effort to put together an application “better than Paint” in the browser. These experiments eventually led to the creation of the startup Mugtug with my long-time friend Charles Pritchard. We’re developing Darkroom in HTML5 <canvas>. Darkroom is a non-destructive photo-sharing app, combining the powers of pixel-based filters with vector-based typography and drawing. HTML5 Rocks - A resource for open web HTML5 developers. "Mobifying" Your HTML5 Site. Introduction Developing for the mobile web is a hot topic these days.

"Mobifying" Your HTML5 Site

This year, for the first time ever, smart phones out sold PCs. More and more users are using a mobile device to traverse the web, which means it's becoming critical for developers to optimize their sites for the mobile browsers. The "mobile" battlefield is still uncharted waters for a large number of developers. Many folks have existing legacy sites that neglect mobile users altogether.