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Google reveals Android Wear, an operating system for smartwatches Google is officially getting into wearables. The company has announced Android Wear, a version of the operating system designed specifically for wearable devices. To start with, the system is made for smartwatches, and Google is moving aggressively to make itself the key name in wearables. Google reveals Android Wear, an operating system for smartwatches
Make It Wearable Part 3: Human Expression When we last left off, our five part documentary series, Make It Wearable (in support of Intel's Make It Wearable challenge), dove into the possibilities for wearable technology to improve health and medicine—a look into how we can improve our insides with tech that comes from the outside world. For part three, Human Expression, we're looking at our exteriors, at how wearables are pushing fashion and clothing design into new frontiers. Fashion has always been an experimental field that drives art and creativity into places that could only be described as sui generis. With wearable technology, clothing isn't just getting enhanced for utilitarian means, but for new and innovative ways of self-expression. In our third part in the series, which can be watched above, we spoke to innovative designers about advanced intersections between fashion and technology. Make It Wearable Part 3: Human Expression
Washing Wearable Electronics Washing Wearable Electronics The most common question we get regarding wearable electronics is "how do you wash that?" This guide covers the most common ways to launder your DIY wearable electronics projects. First, and always: remove the batteries!
As Google and other companies begin to build wearable technology like glasses and watches, an industry not known for its fashion sense is facing a new challenge — how to be stylish. Design has always been important to technology, with products like Apple’s becoming fashion statements, but designing hardware that people will wear like jewelry is an entirely different task. In a sign of how acute the challenge is for Google, the company is negotiating with Warby Parker , an e-commerce start-up company that sells trendy eyeglasses, to help it design more fashionable frames, according to two people briefed on the negotiations who were not authorized to speak publicly because the partnership has not been made official. Google and Warby Parker declined to comment. They join other companies that are grappling with these design challenges, including big companies like Apple, Nike and Jawbone and smaller ones like Pebble, MetaWatch and Misfit Wearables. Google Looks to Make Its Computer Glasses Stylish Google Looks to Make Its Computer Glasses Stylish
Wearable technology, la technologie InStyle ! La Wearable Technology, tout le monde en parle, mais le concept reste encore un peu abstrait. D’abord parce que la technologie se perfectionne à peine ; 2012 a vu naître les premiers projets réellement aboutis, fonctionnels et commercialisables. Ensuite parce que la Wearable Technology, c’est bien, c’est beau mais c’est cher ! Alors entrons dans le monde merveilleux de la « technologie qui se porte » ! Le principe : intégrer la technologie aux objets qui ne nous encombrent pas ceux que nous portons, en opposition à ceux que nous transportons. L’idée est de nous faciliter la vie, en l’intégrant aux vêtements, et aux accessoires. mais la spécificité c’est qu’elle doit également être portable, dans le sens de mode, fashion, de bon goût… La technologie doit pouvoir s’afficher sans rougir et nous accompagner dans tous les moments de la vie (oui oui , même en public !) Wearable technology, la technologie InStyle !
tshirtOS :: The world's first programmable t-shirt
Internet-connected LED T-shirt lets you flash the world | Crave - CNET Internet-connected LED T-shirt lets you flash the world | Crave - CNET T-shirts have long been used to express opinions, assert individuality, and spread messages. The tshirtOS prototype is trying to become the first commercially available programmable, Internet-connected digital T-shirt. The shirt is a joint venture between high-tech fashion company CuteCircuit and Scotch whisky maker Ballantine's. I'm not entirely sure what a high-tech T-shirt has to do with a venerable Scottish alcoholic beverage, but I'm sure there's a marketing tie-in here somewhere.
T-shirts are great outerwear, especially in the summer. But they're just so, you know, analog. That may change, though. Ballantine's, the brand behind the tattoo-based "Human API," has a new idea it calls "T-Shirt OS." Would You Wear an Internet-Connected T-Shirt? Would You Wear an Internet-Connected T-Shirt?
LED Minidresses - The Hussein Chalayan Video Dress Contains 15,000 LEDs (VIDEO) We’ve seen laser dresses, fiber optic dresses and carbon emission-sensitive dresses that light up when carbon dioxide is sensed, but the Hussein Chalayan Video Dress is the latest addition to this niche fashion trend. The dresses are embedded with 15,000 LEDs apiece and project a video stream. You can see the Hussein Chalayan Video Dress in action above. LED Minidresses - The Hussein Chalayan Video Dress Contains 15,000 LEDs (VIDEO)
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The Future of Wearable Technology | Off Book | PBS This video is currently unavailable. Sorry, this video is not available on this device. Video player is too small. Watch Later as __user_name__ The Future of Wearable Technology | Off Book | PBS
Microsoft Hits New York Fashion Week With Twitter Dress at Bloomingdale's Microsoft Hits New York Fashion Week With Twitter Dress at Bloomingdale's fashion week Posted by Shirley Brady on September 7, 2012 10:35 AM Why is Microsoft at New York Fashion Week? It's on a digital date with Bloomingdale's, which has been getting increasingly interactive with its window displays to not only promote brands such as BMW, but even allowing passersby to stop and "try on" sunglasses or customize Havaianas flip-flops. The intersection of fashion, retail and digital technology was highlighted in a co-branded Fashion's Night Out event Thursday night, where Microsoft and Bloomies invited #FNO-savvy fashionistas on Twitter to tag #MSBloomingdales to see their tags show up on the "Printing Dress" — a wearable computing concept (at left) that replaces pleats with tweets. It's described as:
Microsoft's Twitter Dress Is Way More Appealing Than it Should Be Haha I know what you mean. I guess the point with fashion shows or concept work like this that some people don't realize is that they go over the top, to extreme lengths, and make things that are indeed impractical, but they try to emphasize concept, form, color, etc. since everything will eventually be toned down for the masses anyway. The things you see in fashion shows are sort of caricatures of the real garments. Everyone has seen goofy drawings of jay leno with an impossibly large chin, or angelina jolie with outrageously plump lips—it's not completely accurate, but it very obviously looks like the subject matter. It's emphasizing their best features/ideas. 8/11/11 11:52pm
Iris van Herpen & Daniel Widrig's 2010 collaboration with .MGX by Materialise TICKETS SOLD OUT!View the event on Livestream. As part of the Computational Fashion program series, Eyebeam presents an exciting event featuring designers and producers using cutting edge 3D printing techniques to push the boundaries of fashion. From the runway to the DIY hackerspace, 3D printing and rapid prototyping have become an increasingly popular and accessible way to produce objects that are both highly complex and easily replicable. Fashion Innovations in 3D Printing