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Les URLs en emoji, c'est (presque) pour maintenant. Vous vous êtes toujours demandés comment rendre votre url la plus sympa possible, tout en la rendant très compliqué à taper?

Les URLs en emoji, c'est (presque) pour maintenant

Il y a désormais un service pour ça. Fast Company raconte que l'on peut désormais utiliser des emoji pour des noms de domaine, et en profiter pour placer quelques emojis :poo: et :heart: en chemin. «La semaine dernière, GoDaddy a organisé un hackathon internet. Le vainqueur était un moteur de recherche d'enregistrement de noms de domaine emoji, ce qui permet à la fois de chercher et d'acheter des noms de domaine, entièrement composés d'emoji. Ils marchent comment n'importe quelle autre URL. Sur ❤❤❤.ws, on apprend –bonne nouvelle– que ce concept marche avec tous les navigateurs, que l'on ne peut pas mélanger caractères normaux et emoji, et on découvre aussi comment cela fonctionne: «Tous les domaines, sont en ASCII, même si vous voyez le nom de domaine presenté avec un emoji.

Encore quelques problèmes «Tous les signes sont là. The Original Emoji Set Has Been Added to The Museum of Modern Art’s Collection – MoMA – Medium. We are thrilled to announce the addition of NTT DOCOMO’s original set of 176 emoji to the MoMA collection.

The Original Emoji Set Has Been Added to The Museum of Modern Art’s Collection – MoMA – Medium

Developed under the supervision of Shigetaka Kurita and released for cell phones in 1999, these 12 x 12 pixel humble masterpieces of design planted the seeds for the explosive growth of a new visual language. From its founding in 1991 by the Japanese national carrier Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, NTT DOCOMO was at the forefront of the burgeoning field of mobile communications.

In keeping with Japan’s longstanding pioneering role in technological adoption, Japanese tech companies, and NTT DOCOMO in particular, were ahead of the curve in incorporating mobile Internet capabilities into cell phones. Early mobile devices, however, were rudimentary and visually unwieldy, capable of receiving only simple information about weather forecasts and basic text messaging.

MoMA acquires original emoji made in 1999. Oct 27, 2016 MoMA acquires the original set of emoji made in 1999 MoMA has announced the addition of the original set of 176 emoji to its collection. these earliest examples of emoticon characters were first developed under the supervision of shigetaka kurita at japanese national carrier nippon telegraph and telephone (NTT DOCOMO) and released for cell phones in 1999. kurita’s picture characters were an instant success among users and were quickly copied by rival companies in japan. twelve years later, when a much larger set was released for apple’s iPhone, emoticons emerged as a new method of global communication. this first collection of 12 x 12 pixel designs was the very first starting point of what is now a ubiquitous visual and digital language.

MoMA acquires original emoji made in 1999

Ascii Art Dictionary (Andreas Freise) Beck "Black Tambourine" Emojify's app transforms photo pixels into emoticons. Aug 20, 2013 emojify's app transforms photo pixels into emoticons emojify’s app transforms photo pixels into emoticonsall images courtesy of emojify the first and only app in the app store, ‘emojify’ published by singaporean-based studio voidworks brings emoji to ascii art, giving smart phone users the option to transform photo pixels into emoticons – creating unique pictures of whatever the subject chooses. the resulting images, rendered entirely with emoji icons are customizable by simply varying the number of the icons or by changing the contrast of the algorithm. the process gives people the option to share the newly created pictures via social media networks facebook, twitter, weibo or email. emojify also exports up to 16 megapixels so the resulted images can be printed as posters and displayed on walls at home. albert einstein emojified.

emojify's app transforms photo pixels into emoticons

Most Epic ASCII Art. ASCII Flow Diagram Tool. Unsaved Moving around.

ASCII Flow Diagram Tool

Desktop: Hold CTRL and drag the screen. Mobile: Drag quickly to move. Press and hold to start drawing. Pinch to zoom in/out. Draw boxes. Draw lines. Draw arrows. Draw freehand. Erase. ASCII Art Gallery, Text Pictures, ASCII Images, Pictures at Musings & Insights of the Curious.

ASCII Art Gallery, Text Pictures, ASCII Images, Pictures – agnesdelmotte


Welcome to Emojicons, your one-stop plot of internet land for every ლ(╹◡╹ლ), ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, ಠ_ಠ, and (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ you can possibly imagine. – agnesdelmotte

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ASCII art has been around since the 60s, but we're still using crappy PHP scripts to upload and transform images. – agnesdelmotte

ASCII Code - The extended ASCII table. For Moody Tweeps: The Emoticon Keyboard. It seems emoticons are taking over the world, doesn’t it?

For Moody Tweeps: The Emoticon Keyboard

I put one in almost every one of my tweets, and I just love them. It’s crazy to me how much emotion a person can convey in a few symbols put together. It’s like another language. I’m also noticing in so many social apps that I download it asks, “Would you like to set your mood?” And it gives a selection of emoticons to choose from. Soon you will be able to change your mood online as quickly as you change it in real life. This is conceived by a company called Lavateli. Rives nous raconte une histoire saupoudrée d'émoticônes. Le rideau de douche Emoticones – révisez vos classiques.

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