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Things To Do Downtown Houston - Our Top 3 Favorite Spots. I’m delighted to say I’m finally back home from my long-ish trip to Space City (Which some people insist on calling Houston, Tx.

Things To Do Downtown Houston - Our Top 3 Favorite Spots

For some reason) where we were meeting some of our newest Houston SEO clients. And even though it feels delightful to rub your feet in a familiar rug, I can honestly say I left a piece of my heart in that city. I got smitten as soon as I got out of the plane! The sheer size of its buildings, the variety of things to do, places to visit, and most important of all, the warmth and fondness of its people all caught me by surprise.

Anyhow, since all I’ve been doing over the past week has been talking and musing over the things I did and loved about the city, I thought I should make something productive out of it.