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Wet cough in infant, home remedies for wet cough. A wet cough in an infant can signal various kinds of diseases.

Wet cough in infant, home remedies for wet cough.

If your cough is not a relic of a past and healed illness, see your doctor. Otherwise, you can check out the proven list of home remedies for wet coughs below. Cough in an infant - is a doctor's consultation always necessary? The cough reflex is designed to clear the airways of any substances that obstruct breathing. Usually occurs with upper respiratory tract infections, colds, bronchitis, or flu. If your toddler's cough is accompanied by the characteristic sound of "tearing" airway secretions, you are dealing with a wet cough. Follow your child as soon as additional symptoms appear or there is no noticeable improvement with home remedies, and make an appointment with the doctor. Moist cough in infant. 1) Frequent feedingWhether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, try to feed more often. The doctor's word - how to treat a wet cough in a baby? Mom, no stress! Stress during pregnancy and baby health.

Pregnancy is as beautiful as it is demanding.

Mom, no stress! Stress during pregnancy and baby health

For the female body, this is undoubtedly one of the most important in life. He can be overwhelmed with emotion. What can you do to reduce stress and avoid being chased by bad thoughts? From the first moments, the baby absorbs all the emotions of the mother - both good and bad. Anxiety about the course of pregnancy, fear of childbirth and nervousness about everyday situations of chronic stress, which is also strongly felt by the child and has a negative effect on him.If a: you feel constant anxiety,you have sudden bouts of cryingyou feel anger directed at your loved ones,you notice a lack of appetiteand you have frequent infections ...

It is time to control your emotions and restore the emotional balance of your body. Pregnancy stress - impact on the baby. Proven methods for a cold in an infant. A runny nose in an infant is always a problem for parents.

Proven methods for a cold in an infant

Problems falling asleep, breathing and sucking are just some effects of a runny nose that make your baby cry. They encourage you to use the full range of home remedies to unblock your nose. Runny nose in an infant - causes Usually, a runny nose is caused by a viral infection, air pollution, or allergens. What vitamins do women and men need? Lack of vitamins often leads to disruption of metabolic functions.

What vitamins do women and men need?

It happens that some vitamins may not be enough, for example, due to insufficient varied diet and imbalance of nutrients. Because of their biological cycle, women need different vitamins and men need different vitamins. Differences in demand are also explained by the peculiarities of the structure of the body and the skeletal system.

The need for vitamins Some minor differences in the amount and type of vitamins required depend not so much on the different metabolic mechanisms of female and male organisms, but on different lifestyles and environmental conditions. Postpartum period after cesarean section. What do you need to know? Every birth is an extraordinary test for the female body.

Postpartum period after cesarean section. What do you need to know?

Depending on how you give birth, your body will repair itself slightly differently. If this experience is still ahead, I answer a few questions that are sure to worry you: how long will the birth take, will you have pain at this time, and when will you be able to have sex again. The postpartum period is an extremely emotional period: a mixture of joy, pain, fatigue and emotion. Smallpox scars in children - will they go away at all? Smallpox is a common disease that most children suffer at school age.

Smallpox scars in children - will they go away at all?

It usually takes up to two weeks, and the redness that remains after the pustules persists for some time. However, they sometimes leave behind deep and dark marks. Ointments, proper care and dermatological procedures will help get rid of scars. The key to a quick recovery will be regularity and patience, because the results can be expected up to several months. When is the best time to get pregnant? Time for big decisions... Research clearly shows that Ukrainian women decide to have children later and that more and more couples are faced with problems of conceiving a child.

When is the best time to get pregnant? Time for big decisions...

When is the best moment in your life for your baby? Then when you are ready for it.At family celebrations, many women hear an uncomfortable question: when will the baby be born? And when is the second one? Inquisitive mothers, aunts, uncles and grandmothers mutilate both married and single women. This is all part of a misunderstood concern for women's health: "because the biological clock is ticking. " Myth: Only women have a biological clock. Plum oil - product description; and use in cosmetics. Plum seed oil is one of the underrated ingredients in cosmetics. 100% natural perfectly moisturizes and regenerates the skin, at the same time it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky film on it.

Plum oil - product description; and use in cosmetics

Due to the content of many vitamins, it is a real nutritional bomb for our skin. However, his advantages do not end there, because he also perfectly cares for hair and nails, and besides, it has a wonderful smell of marzipan. What properties does plum oil have, and what can it be used for in our daily body care? Plum oil - what does it contain? The natural plum oil used in cosmetics is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the homemade plum, commonly referred to as the Hungarian plum. Plum oil properties Thanks to the aforementioned valuable substances, plum oil can be proud of its positive effects on our skin, hair and nails. The use of plum oil in cosmetics. How to work properly at home - physical and mental aspects.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most people to work remotely from home.

How to work properly at home - physical and mental aspects

While it may seem easier and more convenient at first, it becomes a huge burden over time - both mentally and physically. Armpit sweating and excessive underarm sweating - how to deal with it? The most common cause of increased underarm sweating is a genetic factor, as well as stress and increased nervous tension.

Armpit sweating and excessive underarm sweating - how to deal with it?

Hyperhidrosis can also be a symptom of diseases such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or cancer. Excessive underarm sweating requires hygiene, the use of deodorant and antiperspirant. Herbs and antiperspirant pills can also be an effective way of underarm sweating. Collagen Broth - Warehouse, Properties, Recipe, Preparation. No wonder our grandmothers recommended drinking a warm broth during illness. The nourishing broth not only relieves symptoms, but also accelerates healing.

However, in order for the broth to perform its health-improving functions, it must be properly prepared. The key issues are composition and preparation time. How to prepare collagen broth? What are its valuable properties? How to improve circulation and recognize the problem? Are your hands and feet still cold, do you feel stinging pain in your limbs, or do you have varicose veins and swelling in your ankles?

This can be a problem due to poor circulation. This disorder should not be underestimated as it can indicate a serious health problem such as atherosclerosis or heart failure. Unusual symptoms suggestive of bowel disease. Bowel dysfunctions and diseases are usually associated mainly with various abdominal pains and indigestion. Meanwhile, these important organs, called the "second brain", often manifest themselves in very different ways, associated with diseases such as migraines, depression, pancreatic diseases, kidney stones or rheumatism.

So how do skin changes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, or joint pains have to do with bowel disease? Bowel disease: pay attention to your skin Skin health is the body's best barometer, and this applies to the gut. Bromelain: benefit what does this popular enzyme do? Vegetables and fruits are rich in many substances that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body. The most common are those that grow naturally in our latitudes, less often exotic species are mentioned. One of them is pineapple, which has won many followers. It contains bromelain - a substance that will help with many ailments and improve the condition of the body. Cracked heel remedy: Soak your feet with milk and baking soda. Dry and cracked heels are a frustrating problem that many people face. Then the legs look ugly, and pain may occur when walking. To keep your heels smooth and soft, try proven home remedies that nourish and soothe your skin.

In this case, a bath with milk and soda is perfect. Neck pain: what caused it and how to get rid of it quickly? Neck pain is a very unpleasant affliction. Neck pain: what caused it and how to get rid of it quickly? How to choose and care for cut tulips? The weather in spring can be so capricious that the temperature outside does not pamper and does not prompt you to look for the first symptoms of the long-awaited season. This is why many people use floral accents, which, when placed in the home, improve the mood. What is most harmful to your teeth? The Worst enemies of teeth. Five reasons why it is best to avoid processed cheese.

Who among us doesn't gravitate towards processed cheese from time to time? Water allergy: an allergy that is difficult to overcome. What is the risk of excess homocysteine? Homocysteine is called "cholesterol of the 21st century" for a reason. An amino acid is essential for the proper functioning of cells in our body. Hummus: The Health Secret from the Middle East. Many people are keenly interested in the culinary arts, so it is very fashionable to cook dishes from many parts of the world. Arthrosis - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and care. Degenerative joint disease (arthrosis) develops slowly. However, while it was once considered a chronic disease of older people, it is now increasingly affecting even 20-, 30-, 40-year-olds. This may be genetically: in some, articular cartilage is weaker and wears out faster. However, these changes are usually the result of poor lifestyle choices.

Joints are damaged when walking on a hard surface. They also wear out faster if: we hold them in one position for a long time, for example, sitting, standing or lying; we play too intensely in sports (like running long distances for years), we burden them with hard work. The first symptoms of arthrosis In the cervical spine - pain and stiffness in the neck, weakness, numbness, stiffness in the shoulder.In the joints of the lumbar region - pain, most often when changing position.There is a slight swelling in the knee joint that impairs mobility.

Arthrosis care Diagnosis is by X-ray and ultrasound examination of the joint. Degeneration of the hip joint - symptoms, treatment, exercise. The first sign of this condition is pain and stiffness in the hip joint, most often in the morning after waking up. Brain fog: what is it? What does this lead to? The properties of goat cheese. How to make goat cheese yourself? Abdominal pain, burning, belching and flatulence - how to treat? Pelvic floor prolapse - symptoms and treatment. Home remedies for varicose veins and leg edema. Sexual intercourse after fifty - what to do to make it pleasant? Pregnancy after 35 - what tests and diet? Marjoram: Replaces salt, improves digestion and helps you lose weight. How to disinfect reusable face shields effectively? Avocado: Too Good Not to Eat.

Infectious diseases with rash in adults - how to recognize? Mumps - an infectious disease, diagnosis and treatment? Severe pain during your period? We know how to make it easier! Pimple, pustules, blackheads: where do they come from, how to deal with them? What are the remedies and medicines for herpes? What causes a runny nose? Discover our remedies for stuffy nose. A good diet for the liver. What to Eat to Make It Work. Incorrect body posture - what are the consequences? Pain in the lumbar spine - causes, treatment. Nickel food allergy - what to eat and what to avoid? Vitamin E is more than the vitamin of youth. Properties and consequences of vitamin E deficiency. 10 foods for healthy bones and teeth. How can you prevent osteoporosis? Exercise and diet.

Why drink sage tea? What are the medicinal properties of sage? How to get rid of the musty smell of clothes and linen indoors? How to make your skin firm and toned? How to get rid of bruises on the body? The benefits and effects of iodine deficiency on the body. Viburnum fruit tincture: what does it help from? Dizziness: symptoms, diagnoses and risk factors, treatment. What does heel pain indicate when walking? Low-carb diet: pros and cons. Paraffin: restores youth and has a beneficial effect on the skin. Signs warning us of an impending stroke. Cold allergy: causes, symptoms and treatment.

Knee pain: causes, symptoms and treatment. We debunk myths and present facts about dandruff! Unbridled craving for sweets: where did it come from and how to deal with it? How does sleep deprivation affect the immune, circulatory and nervous system? How is cataract treated? What eye treatments will save your vision? How to tell if your cat is sick: the main signs? How to properly care for your skin as recommended by dermatologists? Dry skin: symptoms of serious diseases. Chills: an important symptom of serious illness. What are the causes of water retention in the body? Plants that will cleanse your blood of toxins.

Acute conjunctivitis - symptoms and treatment. Psychogenic stress: causes, symptoms and treatment. Herbal inhalation for rhinitis and cough. Yellow, brown or black? What does the change in nail color mean? Drink lemon water instead of tablets. How to prepare lemon essence? How to prepare epilation sugar paste? How is rheumatoid arthritis treated? Healing herbs for stomach problems. Smoker's lungs are the best motivation to quit smoking. Pneumonia - the most common symptoms, treatment, complications. Nail fungus: where did it come from and how to deal with it? Homemade dry and wet cough syrup - how to make it? An easy way to cleanse the intestines - flaxseed and kefir. How to recognize an excess of toxins in the body? What can lower abdominal pain mean? Home remedies for bursitis and joint swelling. Foods to help lower blood sugar.

Abdominal obesity and myocardial infarction. Natural remedies for rheumatism. Does sputum color indicate our health? Colitis: causes, symptoms, treatment. Bowel-clogging foods. Liver pain: causes and treatment. Erythema on the face and neck: causes, symptoms and treatment. Home remedies for tinnitus. 5 ways to get rid of tailbone pain. Home remedies for intimate infections. Mycosis of the lungs: causes, symptoms and treatment.