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Asian Granito India Ltd.

Asian Granito India Ltd. (AGL) Established in the year 2000 & has emerged as one of the largest ceramic companies of India in a short span of 17 years. It's the India's first tile manufacturing company that offers Elegant & beautiful Design selections.

Black Tile Design for Floor & Walls. Black is the colour of mystery, but it adds the touch of elegance, class, and sophistication to any room.

Black Tile Design for Floor & Walls

In India, we people do not believe that black colour can add a wow factor to our home, and we couldn't be far away from the truth. In fact, many experts believe that adding black accents to a room can anchor a room with a distinct and intense statement. Brick Looking Tiles. The exposed brick walls that were outdated a few years ago; but are now back in trend, and we couldn't be happier!!

Brick Looking Tiles

The warmth and rustic colour that bare brick tiles add to the room is timeless. Who does not like that feeling when they come home after a long tiring day from work?? Brick looking tiles are the beautiful and durable alternative for your home. They are very versatile; you can install them in the bathroom, laundry room, library, etc. You can also install them on floors or make an accent wall out of them or even use them as a backsplash. If you are still not convinced about installing brick tiles at your home, maybe you will, after knowing about its advantages.

Let's have a look at the benefits of using brick tiles for your next renovation: One of the main reasons why you should choose brick tiles is their ease of installation. Apart from all these benefits, brick looking wall tiles add timeless yet chic allure to the home and makes it feel more homey. 2021 Bathroom Tile Design Trends. Transform your bathroom into an exquisite retreat with these practical yet stylish bathroom tiles.

2021 Bathroom Tile Design Trends

If you are renovating your home and would like to design your bathroom up with the latest trends, then you are up for a real treat. Today, AGL tiles are bringing you the seven-bathroom tile design trends for 2021. These tile design trends are ready to take Indian homes by storm this year. Select the Best Faucet for Your Bathroom. Just like you spend hours browsing through the internet to select the best tiles & colours & layout & textures of every corner, spare some time to do thorough research about the Faucets as well.

Select the Best Faucet for Your Bathroom

With a variety of styles, materials, finishes, and prices available in the market, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the best faucet for bathroom. And let us tell you that selecting the best bathroom taps for your space can be tricky. Most people overlook the practicality of them and just select one based on looks alone. Well, the look matters, but it is the last priority. 5 Tips to Create a Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom. Who does not like a timeless, warm Minimalist bathroom??

5 Tips to Create a Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom

Everyone dreams of a clean, sleek, simple, and modern minimalist bathroom that you might see in movies. And so it is no wonder that minimalist bathrooms are trending. Nowadays, people are leaning more towards living a minimalist lifestyle. 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Kitchen Countertops. 'Kitchens are made for bringing families together.' So make it extra special.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Kitchen Countertops

When you are renovating your house, you should make sure that it is classic and trendy at the same time. Every nook & cranny has to be thought upon and perfect. And the most prominent room in the house- Kitchen has to be the best. Kitchens are the centrepiece of our house and are as busy and cheerful as our life. When you are designing your kitchen, you should think of everything in advance- storage, cabinets, colour scheme, lighting, placements, etc., and the most important thing about the kitchen- Countertops.

Home décor mistakes to avoid - AGL Tiles. We all want our home to be a welcoming and cosy space where you'd like to relax.

Home décor mistakes to avoid - AGL Tiles

So why are some homes make you feel cosy, and some don't? It is because spaces have their own ability to do that. However, if you get some design basics right, you can channel this energy in the best possible way. Another way to look at this would be to prevent any fundamental flaws in interior design. The guide below on how to avoid décor mistakes includes layout ideas for a variety of rooms and spaces:

Trendy living room decorating ideas. You spend a lot of your time in your living room, so not only does it have to look nice, but it has to be functional and comfortable as well.

Trendy living room decorating ideas

Mastering this perfect combo may, of course, be a design challenge, but we have rounded out the most successful front room examples to inspire your own decorative projects. From sleek and formal spaces to open and rustic settings, there's an idea for the living room décor that you'll need to have in your home below. Continue reading for 8 trendy designer living room tips, ideas, and suggestions for spaces of any size. 1. Striking Simplicity A soft piece of furniture, dreamy lighting, and a soothing neutral palette create a welcoming environment for families to relax and enjoy. Best Designer Outdoor Tiles. Our guide to building a beautiful outdoor area will help you take full advantage of the warm weather.

Best Designer Outdoor Tiles

It doesn’t really matter if you have a small patio or an expansive garden. From vibrant tile design tips to sleek dining nooks, read on for chic backyard and patio ideas to try out in your own spaces. Fresh air and fresh style ahead: 1. Type of Tiles. Kitchen Tile Design, Trends and Ideas. While choosing kitchen tiles we need to create harmony between the subtle décor and vibrant features.

Kitchen Tile Design, Trends and Ideas

Whether it’s about injecting a bold essence into your Mediterranean-themed kitchen or complementing your Scandinavian-themed interior, AGL’s kitchen tiles perfectly fit into these ideas. Here are some unique kitchen tiles ideas of the present-day: 1. White kitchen tiles to create a seaside view. Monsoon Floor Tile. Home isn't just a place, it's a feeling. And keeping this sentiment of homemakers in mind, AGL presents an epitome of your home's security and protection that is a mixture of style and elegance as well with these floor tiles for your home for safety in monsoon!

1. Bathroom Cabinets & furniture. Make your bathroom an extension to your individuality by adding colors and bathroom décor the way you would like it. Décor expresses the inner creativity in us all, whether used subtly or flamboyantly. 1. Bring in nature Keep your bathrooms feeling fresh with little indoor plants. Best tile patterns to uplift your home décor game. After you have selected the proper designer tiles for your house, the way you arrange it on your walls and floors makes all the difference. Some very simple looking tiles will be stylishly arranged to look chic.

This is the time when you can bring in your creativity to the fullest. Enjoy a carefree monsoon with AGL. Tiles are used everywhere of varying types— Ceramic, Marble, Slate, Wood, and so on. But are they safe to be installed outdoors especially during monsoon? Despite the magnificence of these tiles, are these tiles safe to be used outdoors? In this case, anti-skid vitrified tiles work the best. They have an anti-slip floor coating to withstand high friction even when the surface is wet and soapy.

This prevents any possibility of slipping. Here are five reasons why you ought to use anti-skid vitrified tiles this monsoon 2020: Wooden flooring myth busters. Wood floors are more popular today than they've ever been before, so it is smart that more and more people are installing them within their homes and offices. After all, the majority love wood flooring for elegant look, toughness, and ease in maintaining them. However, while the general public associates wood floors as a perfect flooring option throughout the likes of lobbies and dining areas, some are hesitant about installing wood flooring in their homes especially in kitchens.

Safe and beautiful lifestyle. Discover a new way to design your home you have always wanted! A home that is safe for the entire family, elders or children. Choosing a home floor tile that is slip-resistant, durable and waterproof as also adds a unique personality to your home can make all the difference. Ceramic floor tiles ideas for dining room. Outdoor tiles for entryway. The entryway of your homes should be tiled perfectly because it sets the tone and magnificence of your home. You'll make an excellent first impression if you get the proper set of floor tiles within the entrance. It helps you, show-off, your home and style-quotient. Thus, it becomes increasingly important to think twice before investing to make your entrances look spectacular with the proper floor tiles. Consider the doorway as a peek into your personal world. Appreciating the presence of Mothers in our lives. We all know mothers out there are changing the world, right from their own living rooms.

Best bathroom tiles homeowners can use to liven up their space. Bathroom is no longer an area necessarily. It is now the classiest part of the house. But above all, it should always be deeply relaxing. So why not design it thoughtfully and with well-considered details especially about the floor tiles? Designing a bathroom means you'll have to be clever with every decision. Maintain employee motivation while practicing social distancing. Understanding the importance of quarantine and social distancing. As the coronavirus spreads into most of the communities, public health officials want individuals to take up the responsibility and help slow the pandemic. People should: 1. Practice social distancing2 .Quarantine themselves3. Stay aware of the circumstances. Vitrified, Bathroom, Kitchen & Floor Tile Manufacturer in India. Know how to flu-proof your space for a healthy lifestyle. Your home is probably the safest place on Earth, but is it?

Floor tiles & Wall tiles. There's an exact trend emerging within the world of tile over the past few years. And multicolored tiles have gotten downright sassy. We're seeing this trend across all kinds of homes and corporate spaces. Best kitchen faucet online. Latest Tile Design Ideas. Contemporary bathroom décor ideas. 6 creative ideas for reusing leftover tiles. 4 Things to keep in mind before buy and install Marble. Best Bathroom Vanity Countertops – Tiles or Marble or Quartz? Marble Floor Tile. Transform your home with AGL Large format tiles. What is the best way to clean your tile floors. 5 ideas on how to use AGL patterned tiles in your home. Great places to use tiles.

Bathroom faucets, Sinks, Bathware, Designer Bathroom Furniture Online in India. 13 Classy best bathroom tile designs in 2019. Best designer outdoor tiles online in India – AGL Tiles. 10 Benefits of tile flooring at home. Designer washbasin in India at best price – AGL Bathware. This Diwali beautiful black and white room ideas. Wall Tiles - explore bathroom wall tiles, living area wall tiles, and bedroom wall tiles. Best Bathroom Tile Designs, Trends & Ideas. Marble Floor vs. Tile Floor – Which one is better flooring option? Pooja Room Decoration Ideas for Navratri 2019. AGL Tiles - One stop solution to make your life beautiful. Buy Bathroom Cabinet & Furniture at Best Price. AGL Company Overview – Accomplishments.

Cool Kid’s room design. Choose the best flooring solution for your commercial property. A home as strong as your sibling bond. Bedroom Design. The friend for your home – AGL Tiles. Revamp your bathroom with AGL Tiles and Bathware. Western Toilets - Water Closet. 5 best kitchen countertops designs by AGL Tiles. AGL Bathware presents high-quality sanitary ware. Kitchen Design. International Yoga Day: Get the most from Yoga with AGL Tiles. Durability of floor tiles. Floor tiles colour for house. Living Room Vastu Tips. Amazing ways to decorate the wall behind a sofa. Choose Grestek Marblex for your floor. 5 Main reasons to choose digital wall tiles. Revamp your kitchen with these kitchen floor tiles ideas. Avoid mistakes while choosing floor tile and wall tile. Ceramic Tiles - Top AGL floor tiles options for your home. Decorate your Swimming Pool with AGL Vitrified tiles. Stay cool inside your home with AGL Eco Blanco roof tiles. AGL Blog- Tile Tips, Home Decor Tips, Tile Design Ideas & more - Remodel your bathroom with AGL Tiles.

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