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Pin by Gay Aida Dumaguing on Bloggers Tech. 7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review. I’ve been working online for years and one of my expenses is the computer mouse, because it gets easily damage with me.

7300 Car Shaped 2.4G Wireless Optical Red Mouse Review

I used to buy the wireless mouse, and as you might know if the wire gets damage you can’t use the mouse anymore and need to buy a new one again. A wired mouse usually last two (2) to five (5) months, I surely do torture a mouse that it may not last long enough. Even if I get the best mouse, the quality mouse like the Logitech and it still doesn’t last long enough for me. I say I’m a torturer to items, so if you want to check the quality of your product send it to me. Instagram. Gay Aida Dumaguing - SEO Specialist Cebu Philippines. – Eat, Tour and Be Like a Local. The best way to get to know a place is being like the local. – Eat, Tour and Be Like a Local

See what the locals see, eat what the locals eat and do what the locals do. And honestly, this is one of the things I love to do when I travel outside the country (alone or with someone) but then it’s hard to find someone whom we can trust to give us that (at least) a peak of what it’s like to live in their country. But then, I came across this site called wherein you can find and book a tour, activity, and get the chance to eat like the locals – be like the locals. Some of these hosts (can) even offer you their homes so that you could experience the kind of life that they have, plus compare to travel agencies I think the hosts services there are cheap.

What you can find at As of now, there are 7 Asian countries that you can find locals on the site, and I’ve heard that they’ll actually be adding the Philippines this summer – Oh! Eating with the Locals Tour with the Locals Activities with the Locals. The Winners of Best Cebu Blogs 2013. The 6th run of the Best Cebu Blogs, which was held in Avalon, was considered by both blogger attendees and the organizers as a success.

The Winners of Best Cebu Blogs 2013

Last December 8, 2013, the bloggers had the chance to meet fellow bloggers from other niches and had a good time! Without further ado, here are the winners for Best Cebu Blogs 2013! Top 10 Famous Cebu Bloggers Mr. Enje Godinez of www.gotecotech.comMr. HotelsCombined Affiliate Program Review – Yay or Ney? At first I don’t want to publish anything about the company since this is how I make money from my other blog.

HotelsCombined Affiliate Program Review – Yay or Ney?

I don’t want to share the idea since there’s only limited bloggers who take advantage of it but for the sake of letting everyone now what they do, if you should avoid it or not, and as a function and purpose of our Bloggers Tech blog, then here we go! Please note that I’ve been their affiliate since the first year I’ve started my blog and I’ve started blogging, and that is since 2011 - and I started blogging for the sake of practicing my English writing skills. I’ve been their affiliate for more than a year and then suddenly they cut me off for the reason I don’t understand. Blogger Interview - Lois of I’m not sure if I have mentioned since when I’ve wanted to travel.

Blogger Interview - Lois of

But pretty much I started traveling everywhere since I was little with my parents, but it stopped when I need to be serious with my studies. But that feeling came back when I started watching the TV show of ABS-CBN's “Trip na Trip”. This is one of the new segment that I just thought that we must have it now on the blog, but have already think of this since I started blogging.

It’s a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and share with you guys other great bloggers out there that you must know get to know too. Sole Sisters. Pinterest. Agigil : Ask your questions, anything... Bloggers Tech - Gadgets, Reviews, Tutorials, Blogspot Tips and Tricks. Instagram. Instagram. Exotic Philippines - Travel and Lifestyle Blog.

Instagram. Exotic Philippines - Travel and Lifestyle Blog. What You Need To Know About Guest #Blogging ? #blog ... Article Builder Software - Making Auto Blogs that Google Really Likes! I’ve been struggling for months in balancing my life in updating this blog, my other sites and my clients sites.

Article Builder Software - Making Auto Blogs that Google Really Likes!

Then I found the Article Builder software by Jonathan Ledger, where you can automatically improve your blog’s content. It's not a secret to everyone that content is THE most important aspect of any website or blogs like Bloggers Tech blog. Think about it and ask yourself, what makes ANY blog or website in the internet better or worse than any other website? Well, obviously the answer is the content. Better Than Private Label Rights. The Best Spinner - Limited Lifetime Offer.

Bloggers Tech - Pro Bono. If you have read my ABOUT ME page, then you already know why I have this Bloggers Tech blog.

Bloggers Tech - Pro Bono

So to serve the purpose, and since I'm way too puzzled which topic and which tutorial I should have first - not to mention my hectic schedule. But anyway, I was able to think of this idea (and I don't know why I just thought of this now) that I would like to call THE PRO BONO. The Pro Bono. Gay Aida Dumaguing. Bloggers Tech / #BloggersTech Pro Bono - #blogging #Blog #blogger. The Best Spinner. Grammarly Review - Proofread Online! I admit, I’m not a perfect blogger and just because I’m a blogger that does not mean I’m a great writer.

Grammarly Review - Proofread Online!

There are wrong grammars, wrong sentence construction and all on every post that I publish here on Bloggers Tech blog. But through blogging, I've been trying to find a way to improve my writing skills and of course at the same time be able to share what I want to share with everyone here. Social Media Influencers Summit 2013. Suncelldeals : Samsung phone for you,a tablet... Log In. The RSS Disadvantages. The potential problems of RSS feeds use are as a result of its being a fresh technology but some user- preference issues and they are the following. 1.

The RSS Disadvantages

Some users wish to have getting email updates via an RSS feed. 2. Graphics and photos really don't are available in all RSS feeds. For conciseness and easy publication, RSS feeds usually do not show you the photos with the original site in announcing the update apart from a few web-based aggregators 3. 4. 5. 6. There are websites that offer a summary of RSS feeds of totally different websites.

An aggregator also comes in two forms: a downloadable program also referred to as desktop aggregator together with online or web-based aggregator. Wedding Caricature for Wedding Favors. One of the problems of the bride and groom for their wedding day is what should they have for their wedding favors.

Wedding Caricature for Wedding Favors

And as some of you might be aware of I've got my other blog, Bloggers Tech, where I share and blog about techie stuff and there I have posted my Caricature Yourself service. Caricature is an art where it is drawn by a caricature artist, a portrait wherein a persons characteristics is being exaggerated to create a comic or cartoon grotesque effect. A lot of our customers in this service loves our caricatures and one of the in demand these days are the wedding caricatures - wherein most of them are planning to have it printed on the card or wedding invitation, or have it on their wedding favors for their guest and have their guests take home that unique gift for them. The World's Largest Domain Name Registrar - Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway.

FREE BLOGGER OPP: Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway. Photo by agigil. Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Live Streaming. As part of our tradition and as my way of supporting the Philippine champ, Manny Pacquiao we always have a live streaming here in Exotic Philippines on Pacquiao fights. So since today, we have the Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 as expected and have announced on our fan page we will have the Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 live streaming. I'll try to place the best live streaming available in this page and just in case it fails, I have back up links. So please, just REFRESH the page if loads so slow and check if there's a new video placed since I'll be updating this every now and then.

Here, you'll read the updates I have. World Blogathon 2012Dec08 B. Doggie Teached Me How to Doggie. No, I don't mean the Teach Me How to Doggie dance. Doggie is the closest dog in my heart whom I've shared more than 10 years of my childhood with. Doggie is not the one in the photo, but she looks like that. Black hair, white hair in the chest, brown eyes, lovely smile and with a wonderful heart. The Doggie Day. World Blogathon 2012Dec08 A. FREE BLOGGER OPP: Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway. Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway. Hotel Star Ratings Explained. As you may have noticed I do hotel reviews here in Exotic Philippines as a part of the whole purpose of this travel blog and an additional tips and guide for your travel.

But note, these are only hotels that I've been to or have someone I know tried already and wrote a review of the hotel. Also, I do hotel reviews for the reason that I also do have my own hotel search, compare and book engine as the additional feature, benefits and function of this travel blog. Yes, the one on the top sidebar is our very own hotel search and you'll actually be redirected to the result of your hotel search in our hotel search and comparison site.

The Exotic Philippines Hotel Search, Compare and Booking What? It is actually similar to Expedia, TripAdvisor and other hotel booking sites but the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search Engine has features that every traveler should and could grab the opportunity to save more! Photo by agigil. Photo by agigil. Exotic Philippines - Getting to Know More About the Philippines. Sponsor the Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway. Exotic Philippines will be turning 2 this January 29, 2013 and I would like to celebrate it with a bang through having a cash giveaway on the blog. We've done this last year and I wanna do it again! So if there are any businesses who wish to be a part amazing event here in the blog then we would love to invite and join me in making this event a success. Promo - Bloggers Tech Job Board. Free Blogger Giveaway Opps. Free Giveaway Blogger Opportunities. 10 Funny Photos of Pets on Pinterest.

5rr. Benefits of Having and Joining a Giveaway Event on Your Blog. You might already notice that we have giveaways here in the blog recently, usually more than once a month. 5 Effective Tips How To Manage Time With Your Blog. Do you have that passion to create a blog where you can express your feelings, thoughts, and personality to many people? Are you afraid that you may not be able to spend lots of your time to it? Blogging is one of the greatest and most effective ways to share what you've learned, thought, and felt in the internet world. The Cost of Being the IRONMAN. The Standard for Influence.

Klout. Introducing Google Page Rank And Alexa Rank. There are some bloggers who tries to get in touch with me asking me about SEO, page rank, alexa, why they have to rank and so on. Blogs to Riches Club VIP Membership Giveaway. Social Media Image Sizing Guide - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ Bloggers do need to have a social media account - personal or not - for many reasons. Blogger News.

The Evolution of Blogger. Promote Your Giveaways. Exotic Philippines Music Video. Untitled. What I'm currently #working on. Another feature of the # 5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Blog Guest – Part 1. iPad Users Guide and Tutorials Video. Log In. The Birthday Giveaway – 2012. Wednesday Hump Day 50: May 30, 2012. Free Blogging Websites Comparison Part 2: Why Blogspot Won MY Heart Over Wordpress? Bloggers Tech / #Free #Blogging #Websites Comparison Part 2: Why #Blogspot Won MY #Heart Over #Wordpress ? Mother’s Day Special: What I learned Last Year? Bloggers Tech / #Free #Blogging #Websites Comparison Part 1: #Wordpress vs. #Blogspot. Free Blogging Websites Comparison Part 1: Wordpress vs. Blogspot. Philippine Hot Weather Wear Tips, Pinoy Style! Bloggers Tech / 12 Vital #Steps to be a #SUCCESSFUL #Blogger : Part 5 #blog #blogger. Bloggers Tech - Sharing FREE Blogspot Tutorial, Tips and Tricks.